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    Joyce, It's easy to say be strong, it'll get better...we both know it's a lot tougher to get through than that. But, the fact that you said you "got done" crying is a good start. Most generally I get kicked around a bit. I put my head down I get pissed and I bull my way through the hard days, i charish the good days, and believe me you got some really good days coming, just find a way to get through the hard ones. I am a bit north of you in Michigan and I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, positive thoughts heading your way kiddo.
  2. No shit. I am currently, right now as I type listening to Rusty Blades, "I just can't win"...exceptional stuff. Give it a listen.
  3. I so love what I have seen on this so far. It is going to be fantastic. The art work harkens back to Warren Publishing in it's glory days and just a hint of Wrightson's black and white work. I totally get the need to add color to this, and the fact that it will be the G-man who does it gives me a good feeling about it. Can't wait to get my grubby mitts on this baby.
  4. irish46

    I JUST...

    I just hooked up to help out at this awesome group of Local film makers, POISON APPLE ENTERTAINMENT. We are working on a project for the Detroit 48 hour film festival...Please anything you could do to help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you everyone! http://www.indiegogo.com/48poisonapples
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    I JUST...

    ...Discovered that the Bollywood film "Song of the Blind Girl" in which I play the lead role, has just won film of the year at the American International Film Festival...also I was voted actor of the year for my role in that film. Very suprised. But happy! http://www.aiff2010.com/Winners.htm
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    I JUST...

    ...got a link to the Kid Rock video that I am in, at the 3:10 mark you will see my fists and rings, then I'm also at the 4minute mark, danc'n and grin'n like a fool. GREAT TIME IT WAS! http://www.cmt.com/videos/kid-rock/713731/...resley-ti.jhtml ...Oh yeah! This is a Mark Pellington video!
  7. I remember when this film came out. It was filmed at the old tiger stadium, right here in Detroit. Billy Crystal claimed in an interview that when ever relatives were on the set they got totally freaked out by TJ's close resemblance to the young Mantle. 61* will always be my favorite Thomas Jane movie, I loved Mantle, TJ was unfucking real in the role.
  8. I never pay much attention to this stuff, Noeland is the guy in the family who loves digging into films and disecting them frame by frame. I'm just an actor and dopey fan boy, just enjoying what is put in front of me by a whole lot of hard working people...so, imagine my suprise when it finally dawned on me that the Mark Pellington I had the great enjoyment of working with on Kid Rocks CARE video (not yet released) is the one and same Mark Pellington who directed I MELT WITH YOU. He was a blast to be around. The weather was brutal the day we shot, 35 degrees and raining, we had mud everywhere,
  9. Wow Tim, that Black Death piece is hands down one of my favorites, not that hot chicks with really big guns are easily over looked either, Jblood is fuck'n kick'n it man...
  10. Jones'n to do a DEATHLOK, so I did. I sort'a combined some of the elements from the classic version and the more modern ones as well. Then I used a couple of Thomas Jane photos for reference, so yeah, It's TJ as DEATHLOK...
  11. Yeah, Rose is the only thing original left in G&R. Diamonds and Rust! from the Unleashed in the East album is just one of my all time favorite Priest tunes!
  12. In 1963 Al Davis was hired to coach the Raiders...by 1965, I was in love with the NFL and the Silver and Black, Rest in peace Al Davis.
  13. Haven't drawn anything in a bit, but promised my niece I'd donate something to the Flint, Mi. BRING it FEST... here it is...
  14. welcome aboard GarryCharles!
  15. GOOD LUCK! Got my fingers crossed (and other stuff as well! ) that you get the Pesos together for this one. And if you are casting any old scruffy western types with long hair, bald heads and a fully developed handsome beard??? Then I'd love a crack at an audition!....Good luck! There ain't never enough westerns!
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    I JUST...

    Cool! Can't wait to hear more!
  17. Jeff Daniels Roddy Piper Danny Trejo Ray Liotta Jeffery Dean Morgan
  18. god, the trailer is hysterically funny, Thor, with an Uzi. And the voice over guy on the trailer...jesus.
  19. ah...but he said "no", like 10 times!
  20. Marvelous! Hey those skulls above the title sure look familiar!
  21. I'll have to check out the other 2, but I totally enjoyed THE BORROWERS>
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