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  1. In response to all comments about Thomas' drinking, i have to say i recently spent some time on set as his stand in and double. There were a few scenes where his character drinks--he was handed an actual beer on the first take, but after cut, he asked that it be dumped out and refilled with near-beer. And, he apologized for the trouble--very humble, but so fucking cool.
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    Okay folks, just wanted to let you know i had the distinct honor and privilege to be booked as Thomas' stand-in on this project. We shot in metro detroit (where i am unfortunately stuck for the moment); i interviewed on Sept 5 (which happened to be my birthday), and we shot our first scene the following day. Thomas walked right up and introduced himself to me, and we talked for a while about acting, government kickbacks, and The Punisher. He was such a cool, down-to-earth kind of guy, as opposed to some of the prima donnas i've worked with on other sets. i first took notice of him way
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