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  1. i would definitely be interested enough to watch this (if it happens). Reminds me of the idea John Carpenter and Kurt Russell had a while back about doing another 'Escape From...' as an animated feature, along with a video game. i was really jazzed about that idea, but unfortunately neither one got off the ground. Maybe if Mad Max works, it'll light that fire again. The idea for both projects is, in my opinion, way better than the proposed remakes, so here's hoping.
  2. Parker


    That actually only happened once--the scene where he actually takes the pic of his unit to advertise. Thomas was filming another scene, so they asked me to do it.
  3. Parker


    Too funny...too bad i didn't rate a percentage, being "Stunt Cock" and all, heh heh
  4. Finally got the chance to catch this movie this weekend, and damn, i'm glad i did. As we all know, Liam Neeson brings weight to everything he does, and it was refreshing to see kind of an old-school action flick with no CGI (or if there was any, it was so well-done as to not be obvious). Glad to see it's still doing well at the box office, despite being bumped by a re-make (re-imagining?) this weekend. Hopefully this might make Hollywood start to reconsider their suckling of the CGI teet.
  5. Yeah, i know it was a rip-off of a bunch of killer movies i grew up watching, but i really thought it was fun--and was hoping it would have found a bigger audience of kids who may not have been aware of that cool shit, and maybe have discovered classic stuff like Escape From NY for the first time. As for her acting in it, well i think she's one of the few who could read the phone book and make it watchable. Of course, this probably belongs in the Doomsday thread, so... She stays my number one choice for Lara Croft.
  6. i can't believe they didn't put Rhona Mitra on their list! She was the original live-action model for Lara Croft, fer crissake! Not to mention the fact that, as all of us who have seen Doomsday know, she totally kicks ass.
  7. i think everyone is still pissed off about the War Zone fiasco. i actually broke down and caught it during its lightning-quick run in theatres, and what a travesty... i would be interested to listen to her drunken commentary, but i'm not sure if it will amuse me or just make me more angry about the whole mess. My plan is to check it out from the library; that way it won't cost me anything but time.
  8. i've said for years, Thomas is like a new-school Steve McQueen. No contest. Russell Crowe? Daniel Craig?! Seriously.
  9. It's the 22nd of February (2.22)--he turns 40 this year, too.
  10. That was one of the most horrifying "reviews" i have ever read--complete right-wing drivel, seeming to come from the same minds that spewed forth the war in the first place. Inexcusable...thank you for posting it. It's always a good idea to read what the other side is up to. i hope people will get and stay informed.
  11. The Crow was the second date i ever had had with my wife (still have the ticket stubs). It was tragic, beautiful, and horribly prophetic. The only way to start this again is to go back to the source material, the original graphic novel. It was very different than the movie version, but otherwise this re-boot will be a waste and an insult to the entire 1994 film and to Brandon. Whichever direction they go, i still won't watch it, of course--i have my reasons--but it'd be nice to see them do it right.
  12. Ok, i have to admit--even though i am not a huge fan of this project, i caught myself today referring to someone as going 'all Looney Bin Jim on me'--so i guess it's infectious. i'm wondering if my subcounscious would be enough to convince me to see this...
  13. Damn--how could i have forgotten Max?! 'The chain on those handcuffs is high-tensil steel...' A sequence so classic, it was paid homage in a little movie we may have heard of called The Punisher--starring our very own bad-ass, Mr. Thomas Jane!
  14. That pic fuckin rocks! Hugh Jackman's Wolverine has got to be one of the baddest motherfuckers alive!
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