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  1. Thanks a lot Jen, the boys speak very highly of you. I know what you mean by "quality time". It's so hard to come by. Hope to see you around though, love your posts! Trudell
  2. Just the sort of reply I expected of you Fred. Easy boy. Trudell
  3. Thanks Tim and Thomas. I appreciate the trust you guys put in me. Tim actually contacted me several months ago to see if I could help out but we weren't able to work out the particulars until recently. I am also an administrator at another forum and manage more than a few major websites. I wasn't sure I wanted the added duty but in the end I just couldn't resist. By way of introductions I should first mention that I too am a big fan of film and comics, so I'll fit right in. In fact, film is most of my day job. But for the sake of keeping things simple I will not speak of my own work here. This is the land of Tom and Tim, of Film and Comics, and of all things Raw. I've been a frequent guest at the Raw forum for months now and have been following along with the "goings on" of things. I'm excited to finally contribute a bit. Like Tim says, I'm here if you need me, but I will also be taking a firmer hand with abusers. It's kind of a tough position to be in for Tom and Tim to have to make those kinds of tough decisions. They have enough to deal with without someone blaming them or holding them accountable for their own misdeeds. TB and TJ have dealt with certain members with a "kid gloves" approach, and I realize that part of that is because they are here as themselves. The boys have no secret identity to hide behind. I won't have that issue. You will find me to be fair and impartial but if you transgress I won't hesitate to send you on your way. I have a whip and I know how to use it Now I'm ready to get it on with you Raw types! Trudell
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