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  2. Merged! "Talked about" may be an understatement wow...this is great. I'm sure this has been talked about but I just had to laugh when I saw this.... So when's the Special Edition of PCU coming out with a sticker saying "starring the director of Iron Man as Gutter"?
  3. Go for it Tim! Plus I was disappointed that Max Martini (who plays the Police officer friend Joe) wasn't in the marketing, his name's not even on the poster. and he's got one of the most pivotal roles in the film.
  4. Truly a frightening movie. Fantastic and should be seen by everyone! Bill Paxton's directorial debut.
  5. This is a smaller (and somewhat compressed) version of the one that I'm referring to. As I mentioned in the PM I'm looking for a jpeg of this as well to display as my desktop wallpaper. There used to be one online but I don't know what happened to that. Thought it was on one of your pages but can't find it anymore.
  6. Perlman was great in "The Last Supper"
  7. Just watched this and was pleasantly surprised. odd that it was a STV. There's lots of crap movies that get theatrical releases, and yet this didn't. It was renamed to "The Lazarus Project" Stars Paul Walker (Fast and the Furious), Lambert Wilson (The Matrix Sequels), Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly) and Shawn Hatosy (Alpha Dog) Very good flick. Moves a bit slow a times but nothing wrong with that.
  8. Yeah it's kinda like that. Kinda like a light hearted hit man comedy. Think Grosse Pointe Blank but Irish. lol
  9. Just saw a *ahem* Promo copy of this last night. Very funny quirky comedy. I would think it'd be rated PG-13 in the USA as it's rated UK12 overseas. Very little cursing, and aside from a ridiculously hilarious sex scene that comes in second only to the one in Shoot em Up, I think as for most ridiculous in recent cinema, there's not much to warrant more than a pg-13. It's called The Baker and stars Damian Lewis (NBC's Life, Dreamcatcher, Band of Brothers) and Michael Gambon (Harry Potter, Ali G Indahouse and a ton of other movies).
  10. I have the complete series on two discs. I also have various other shows that aren't on anymore. NOTE: with the exception of Wonderfalls and Voyagers, none o fthese are released on DVD. At least not in the complete set form. A few (like Stooges) are in various volumes or whatever. All of these are authored by various people that I've acquired them from over the years. EDIT #2: Oh yeah and the Pilot to LA Confidential is on the upcoming Bluray for LA confidential, and I BELIEVE it was packaged with other unaired pilots into a dvd. Including: Wanted (TNT cop show) Thief (FX Crime show) The Master (Lee Van Cleef Ninja show on USA in the 80's) New York Undercover (Fox cop show) The Three Stooges (complete set) Dennis The Menace (Complete Series from the 60's) Saved (TNT show about paramedics) Wonderfalls (quirky Fox show) Voyagers! (80's sci-fi show. Finally released on DVD and I got it! lol) John Doe (Fox show starring Dominic Purcell from Prison Break) Hotel (Twin Peaks-ish type show) Haunted (Matthew Fox supernatural show) LA Confidential (Pilot with Kiefer Sutherland and Eric "Brother of Julia" Roberts) Lucky (FX show about a gambling addict. Stars John Corbett) and a few others.
  11. several shows that I really really liked got cancelled prematurely. Shows like: John Doe Touching Evil (USA version) Carnivale Wanted (not related to the comic book/movie) And some shows that I like that are current are: Lost 24 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia The Unit Burn Notice Eli Stone Heroes Prison Break (starts back up tomorrow) Terminator Chuck Life and some others.... I really liked The 4400 and Journeyman but they got shit-canned.
  12. Yeah I saw Closet Land on cable when I was in high school and thought it was pretty good. I rarely find anyone who's even HEARD of it much less seen it. As for Jarmusch's films, the only ones I've seen are Night on Earth, Dead Man, ghost Dog and Coffee and Cigarettes. Didn't care for Dead Man, but I really REALLY liked Night on Earth. I liked Coffee and Cigarettes as well. Glad to see him use Isaac Bankole again (the French driver in Night on Earth, talking to the blind woman). Ghost Dog was cool as well. I'm a hip hop fan so it was nice to see that. Tim, have you seen the movie Two Girls and a Guy? Written/directed by James Toback. Robert Downey Jr. is BRILLIANT in that movie. I thought he should have been nominated, but as others have pointed out his role (much like his criminally award-deficient role in Less than Zero) he seemingly is "playing himself". Fantastic movie though. Hopefully it'll get released to bluray but I don't hold my breath over that.
  13. lol, I'm not sure why Affleck gets hated on so much. I actually think dude's pretty funny, and he's a decent actor. Not GREAT, but I think he's been pretty good in a few films (Bounce and Good Will Hunting are two). Chasing Amy as well. Plus he did a damn good job directing Gone Baby Gone last year.
  14. Here's some that are kinda hard to find. If you can find them, do yourself a favor and get them. 1. Night on Earth (Winona Ryder, Rosie Perez, Giancarlo Esposito, Armin Mueller Stahl). 5 Cab rides all over the world happening at the same time. Written/directed by Jim Jarmusch (Dead Man, Ghost Dog) 2. Closet Land. Stars Alan Rickman (Die Hard 1, Harry Potter) and Madeline Stowe (Unlawful Entry, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves) as the only two actors in the movie. Stowe is a children's book author who is kidnapped in the middle of the night and dragged to an unknown location where she is being accused of writing books to subvert children against the government. Rickman is her interrogator/torturer. Total mind fuck. VERY difficult to find this movie in video stores. 3. Death and the Maiden. Stars Ben Kingsley (Transsiberian, Ghandi, Sexy Beast) and Sigourney Weaver (Aliens). Weaver plays a woman in another country who is paranoid and afraid to go outside of her house. Her husband who is in politics has a car accident on the way home and a stranger gives him a lift. The stranger (Kingsley) comes to the house with him, and upon hearing his voice, Weaver believes this is the man who made her the way she is. Who tortured her and raped her and beat her years prior. Sure that he is the torturer, and the cause of her being the way she is, she takes him hostage and decides to turn the tables on him, demanding that he confess. But does she have the right man? All three are indie movies. Not wide releases, and not very easy to find. I'm sure they are all (mostly) on Netflix.
  15. I first saw him in Dirty Pretty Things, and then Inside Man. He was fantastic in Children of Men which I felt shoulda at least been NOMINATED for Best Picture. It was only nominated for a few minor awards (screenplay and cinematography) and lost both of them. That movie was CRIMINALLY neglected by the masses.
  16. Redbelt is fantastic! Just got my Bluray in the other day. I thought the trailers and the poster gives WAY too much away in the movie. I don't know of another trailer that gave THAT much away. Glad you got to see it Tim!
  17. I have a request that while I look at it as small, it could be a big one. Back in the early 90's I happened to a comic convention. I'm not big into comics or anything, but it was a comic/sci-fi convention or something. I can't even remember HOW I got there, but what I do remember is that I had found a poster (folded twice into a square) that when unfolded revealed your piece for Vampire the Masquerade: Love at Second Bite. Now I had this for years, I even built a frame for it out of this reddish black wood and it looked amazing. In the process of moving across the country it got damaged heavily and was eventually tossed. I've spent years trying to find a copy of this to no avail. Is there any way I can acquire a poster sized copy of this? I'm talking of purchasing here, not asking for a freebie. lol I can't even find a decent sized copy of it online. I think there was a copy on your website awhile back but I just tried going to your site (the timbradstreet.com) and it said I didn't have permission. I would greatly appreciate any help you could provide me, sir. Thank you very much, Gary Ohio
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