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  1. Not everyone is saying this film is going to be rubbish! From the Los Angeles Times: And ScreenRant: From ComicBookMovie.com: Well it looks like i'm not the only one thinking this might turn out alright! What... you don't?? aarghh! Saying that, I much prefer Cameron in The mask, same with Angelina, liked her in Gone in 60 seconds, but seriously scrawny thereafter! But thats just a looks thing, as actors I think Cameron has been superb, Jolie.... not so much! But yeah, I get your point. It seems you have to be some kind of Super Actor to get away with playing a normal human being these days. They're all starting to look kinda generic gym dudes or Playboy centerfolds! Anyway, you look quite sweet Amy Though I think you're possibly lying about your age....
  2. He don't look bigger to me! Rollins is 5'9, not so big Rollins is an awsome performer, I think Blag Flag were a good band, but I really got into Rollins much later. And yeah he's one intense guy, and he's certainly no unknown! He's gotta lot of films under his belt, I really enjoyed his appearance in Feast, I think we should get Coach from Feast and Buzz from The Tripper to do a movie together! But Rollins for a Punisher movie? Maybe 10 years ago, and even then, although I agree he has the intensity of character in real life, i don't think he would make a better Punisher than Ray or Tom, although I think he probably would of given Dolph a run for his money. And why do these actions stars always have to be uber buff? Seriously!?! I get kinda sick of Hollywood representing even the average guy as a gym nerd. Every movie when the guy strips down its like "Oh look, another "average guy" with a six pack!" Military guys are usually lean anyway, since most of the training they do is aimed at stamina, not strength. And did I read that right Thomas? You weren't impressed with Ray in Rome? I think Rome ranks right up there with Deadwood (by the same team I think) Dexter, and The Wire as some of the best TV i've seen in a long time. And for me (and an awful lot of other fans) Ray really helped to make that series. Still looking forward to PWZ! By the way, did you notice that of the 4 TV series I Mentioned, 3 of them have actors in PWZ?
  3. I'm looking forward to your review too. But I think i'll wait until i've seen the film first, I reckon there's gonna be way to many spoilers in it! I hope I enjoy it just as much as all the negative reviews I read of 300 and Starship Troopers! I loved both those movies and got a real guffaw at the pure indignation some reviewers had for them. At least I hope I get that kinda fun, i'm still rooting for Warzone. But I didnt like what Lexi had to offer in her clip, I hope to hell that isn't a full scene as if it is, its badly edited. Also I'm not sure about the shots, some seem to lack real tension, but then again the scene where Frank approaches the room full of thugs is classic comic frame ( Although I know the gun nuts are a bit put out by the ensuing explosion, never seen a grenade that does that before. Hope they explain it somehow). I'm also no big fan of Lexi, I didn't rate Hooligans at all. I had the unfortunate pleasure of living amongst some of "Englands Finest" (One of the scum killed a guy in my local pub). I have no time for glamorising those kind of street thugs. But I am a HUGE Ray fan! I get the feeling that even if this film leans a bit much towards the cheese counter i'm still gonna get a kick out of watching Ray do some punishing. I remember all those less than impressive Arnie films (Commando, Raw Deal, Red Sonja, Running Man, Red Heat... there are a lot) But I enjoyed them anyway, cos Arnie kicked ass (and I was a lot younger!)
  4. HEY! Great, more Warzone discussion... No, my mistake. Just more pointless offensive posts from TL. I thought you'd called it a day after Jane failed to back you up on how awsome Punisher 04 was? That musta hurt!
  5. Since there aint much PWZ gossip to be had at the moment, heres a bit off tangent. I just saw a movie with Tom Janes in it. Every scene he was in I expected him to burst into the chorus for YMCA! Any guesses as to what it was? Boogie Nights! Thomas fucking ruled every scene he was in 'dat flick! Nope! The film in question was a rather amusing little slasher film called The Tripper. Tom plays the role of the Village People cop! Complete with dodgy porno tash! I wasn't expecting him as he's not listed as being in the film with IMDB. But he plays one of the main characters and it was a pleasant surprise. (Correction, Tom is listed in IMDB, just not on the first page for some reason. Same for Jason Mewes)
  6. Since there aint much PWZ gossip to be had at the moment, heres a bit off tangent. I just saw a movie with Tom Janes in it. Every scene he was in I expected him to burst into the chorus for YMCA! Any guesses as to what it was?
  7. Well theres sod all news on PWZ now. Except it now seems that Marvel are releasing another Ennis run of the Punisher called... wait for it... "Punisher Warzone". It looks like artistically its a return to old white boots punisher stuff. Has nothing to do with the release of the movie except in name. Oh and this six part series is due for release in December. Bit of a tie in there. check out the story here
  8. What rating did they secure with Evil Dead 2??? That was hard R all the way! guy hacks his girlfriends head off with a chainsaw! Triple R in my books!
  9. Eastwood has talked about this a lot - that Leone was not aware of these conventions and therefore didn't play by the same rules that everyone else had to in the past. Sometimes not knowing the rules lets you play better!
  10. That would be incredibly lame if they had to touch up the fake heads with CG. But if it works, who cares? Its only us obsessives that would notice the difference!
  11. This film is molded from the MAX comics, there's absolutely no way it could show what the comics contain and be anything less than R rated. I'm glad they went with that image than any other. It makes no sense to go backwards. Bring on the ultra violent deaths I say!! And theres only 2 clips in the redband trailer that I didnt like, the chandelier (corny) and the exploding head. But it depends on how its used in the film. They may look better in the film than the trailer (But I doubt it personally). Even TDK has some moments of cheese (The bike running up the wall before trurning for one). But TDK had a very good story and Heath Ledgers' Joker. I doubt that PWZ will have the story, but it may make up for it by allowing me to enjoy some really excellent moments of violence. But we'll see in December.
  12. Isn't Logan an actor/writer? I'd be thrilled to see him get splattered all over the news, as long as its for his work. Then I could say to my mates... "See that guy just released that cool new movie? He once called me an ASSHOLE!" lol Mind you, I think he called me much worse when I first turned up!
  13. Tom Jane, your the fucking man! And your bang on the money regarding The Punisher. I didnt like Punisher that much, I think the script really hampered my appreciation. And I thought it reflected in some of the performance. I didn't buy into the character, didn't get the feel of your grief and the grim determination for justice. But I blame the script, the locations, John Travolta! lol And I totaly agree your point on not doing Warzone, The first wasn't well enough recieved and it would have dragged you down to do another, especially where its heading. I think you got off that at the right time. Thats not to say that I think Warzone is going to be shit, I think its going to be a completely different film. It needed to be rebooted Logan also has a point, I was not particularly aware of you prior to Punisher, but it made me check out your back catalogue, (So I must have seen something I liked!) and when I checked out Stander you can see the quality in your performance there. That makes Punisher look less effective because in Stander you can totaly buy into the character and the events surrounding him. Brilliant all round. And you deserve better material because of it. Anyway, I hope you get some good material to work with, whether its offered or you have to go drag it up yourself. It was a real pleasure to see you in The Mist and I hope I get that pleasure again.
  14. Did anyne else have a problem with Batman blowing up things with his bike cannons? It kinda seems wrong when he says he only has one rule then shoots the crap out of the place. There were kids in that car. He coulda killed them! Other than that I really enjoyed the film.
  15. Nolan, thanks for the synopsis... very entertaining. I concede your point! And the rest of your reply was balanced, fair and considered. By the way... Do you wear those? Or did you just design the box?
  16. As are yours And your still refusing to answer anything I put to you... Heres where we stand: I HOPE (I don't know cos I aint seen the film) that its a good movie YOU HATE PWZ Just because! Most people on here have been either optimistic or doubtful of its quality. Your the only one who says "I KNOW" Makes you look like a jerk!
  17. (ok, so there goes my relatively respectful tag!)
  18. Where have I bashed Tom Jane? Show me. I said in my very first post that I loved The Mist and Stander in particular. I haven't tried to sell Ray, I've tried to point out when people are being biased/unkind or insulting about him. I'm not from IMDB You reply that everything was shot down, those are facts. They don't make a film good. But they would definitely be a help. It would help me understand your reasoning if you actually replied to my points in favour and why they have been shot down, by whom etc. Where did I say "I don't see what's so cheesy"?? I listed cheese as a reason it would possibly be a failure "I dont know anymore" I never claimed to know in the first place. Your last post is a complete pile of shite!
  19. Ok, lets hear you make those two films sound the same... should be fun. Wasn't Walter Hill involved with AVP? and Alien 3? not forgetting Red Heat! So yeah he can produce the goods, ie Last Man Standing, Deadwood (and many others) but he's not free of blemishes (Didn't he win a Razzie?). As for the difference between Ray and Tom, how long has Tom been a Punisher fan? 4 years? I was under the impression that he got into the comics on getting the role. So same difference with Ray. The only thing Ray lacks over Tom that is undeniable is a hollywood resume. Everything else is speculation until the film comes out. Not many actors aren't hired, it's a bonus if you get to make the films you want and to star in them. Tom Jane can do that. Tom should know his stuff, this forum is (in general) about Tom and Tim's work together on comics and film. Its kinda obvious that he likes the material. And yeah "God bless him" and "nothing more than" are insulting, its bellitling the guy. What gets me about the critisism here is that it is often derogarory of those involed on the current film. So lets look at why it MIGHT work: Its got a decent director in Lexi who seems really enthusiastic about it. Its got a quality (if relatively unknown in America) Actor in the lead role. Its got a quality bad guy who knows how to have fun with a role (I guess you need some levity in this somewhere). The script has been adapted by the pair that produced the screenplay for Iron Man (A big bonus in anyones books.) Its ultra violent, which is a damn necessity in a Punisher film. And why it might NOT: The director is rumoured to have clashed over the production with LGF It contains cheesy moments (Only 2 scenes from the trailers made me think that though) LGF don't look like their behind this (due to some issue with this Drake guy) I guess you lot will be able to give me a fair few more reasons why it won't work, but most of it is opinion and speculation. And no, Tom Jane not being in it is not a good enough reason for it to fail. He wasn't in The Dark Knight and that did ok! lol
  20. I doubt PWZ is going to tarnish Ray any more than Punisher 04 tarnished Tom. After all, Toms film was not a success and has generally low rated reviews. I doubt PWZ will fare much better, what I'm hoping is that 'I' like it. Thats not a forgone conclusion. Rays reputation in the states is based purely on HBO's Rome. Have you seen it. Do you have an opinion on Rays performance from it? As for Janes outline, my thoughts on this were posted earlier, to recap: Toms vision: Punisher wipes out half the mob upsetting FBI who arrest him, then release him when Jigsaw goes after them. Lexi's vision: Punisher wipes out half the mob upsetting the FBI when he kills one of them, then goes to rescue the victims family when Jigsaw goes after them. To be blunt its a similar outline, and until its fleshed out on screen I can't, (and neither can anyone else for that matter) make a call on how good this would be, and since were never gonna see Janes vision were not really gonna be able to make a true judgment on it. I wasn't figuring ways out to annoy you, I was stating that your opinion of an outline from Tom was very fanboyish. Instead of saying, yeah that sounds interesting. You pretty much declared that it was a masterpiece. Its like 5 lines of text!
  21. Logan it's kinda obvious your obsessing over Tom Jane as the Punisher, reeks of fanboyism! lol He gives you half a paragraph on how he saw the follow up, and you proclaim it a masterpiece!?! Ray was convinced by Lexi that they were making a good movie, so I doubt it comes down to making a living. In the UK Rays reputation is solid, he could do any work he wished and make a very comfortable living. I guess being asked to work on a movie with an oscar nominated, award winning director must of been a bit of a draw. Has anyone here actually checked out HBO's Rome? Its an excellent series and Ray as Titus Pulo is a scene stealer. Check out the bar fight! And the gladiator fight, and... well just check it out. Anyway, I'm glad he took the role, it suits him.
  22. Yeah, lots of sitting round, waiting for the pen to move.... NEXT!
  23. He has psychic powers?? Why wasn't he in X-Men? (Sorry, couldn't help myself either)
  24. Maybe we should let Tom judge the performance of Ray on the performance itself, we haven't seen the film yet. Lets all be fair on both Tom and Ray and wait until the film is out.
  25. As far as what Tom Jane said he wanted in the film, I can see simillarities in what Logan says in in Lexi's script. For Jane he wipes out half the mob and upsets the FBI who jail him and then release him when Jigsaw comes after them. For Lexi he wipes out half the mob and upsets the FBI by accidentally killing one of them, then goes to help them when Jigsaw targets the family. With Lexi's script they are able to give us a feel of the suffering Frank goes thru by watching the grieving family and reminiscing about his own. Since this is now a reboot, I guess they wanted some way of showing how he became what he is.
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