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  1. Hello, this is my first post on the internet, (no joke) Its a little late here and I’m tired but hey finally working up the nerve to rant to others the horrors you know is worth it, apologies for any horrible spelling or grammar mistakes in advance. I’m from Montréal, I know several people who were involved directly or indirectly with the film, I even got to see and yes read a shooting script. ( Not a pre-production script a shooting script.) On top of that I witnessed how the film got brought to Montreal and why. Oh and yes the shooting script changed.....due to locations and budgets not because of say a genius idea the writers or director had, needless to say most of what you have read or had access to online is what the shooting script was. And more importantly I really have to say something about the Punisher Warzone rant above. (The long one posted by Nomad) It sucks. Your friend’s explanation sucks. Not only does it suck but is has a few large logic holes that it leaves out. 1) This film is not going to suck because of the script, editors, crew, actors, studio, or even the director its going to suck because all of these people working together created a perfect storm of crap. On their own all of them are talented artists, together like those annoying kids on captain planet the formed a vortex of crap so large that not even Shiva destroyer of worlds could compare with its awesome powers of destroying our hopes of a good punisher film. The unbelievable part is we ditched the western to do a Ennis style movie and we got instead a fantastic four or even spider man 3, pile of crap, Don’t believe me? Mute the trailer and watch and compare that with the last ten minutes or so of the first punisher, and while your at it find shots of jigsaws face and costume and shudder in horror, that should seal the deal, if that doesn’t work remember that people online at other sites have actually thought Steven Seagull is doing this film from press photos....if the fan boys goes into the forest but nobody else goes, does the forest still make money? 2) Seriously LionsGate you dropped the ball. When people are still arguing on whether this is a reboot or not ( the fan boys don’t matter they know without you telling them what blood type the punisher has in his last comic series, the others are still wondering if this is a sequel, prequel, crapathon, or whatnot cause you have NOT MARKETED THE FILM!.) Oh and viral marketing only works when your Harvy Dent. Period. 3) How the hell is it Thomas Janes fault??? The one thing that got people renting the last one was his performance, not the script. Thomas Jane wasn’t needed to do another film granted but You didn’t listen to the actor who made the first one sell decently on DVD and he left so shut up move on and realize you got yourselves to blame. 4) If you like this film trailer then you liked hitmans trailer, and for those who saw hitman and played the games we all know that’s bad ( by liked I don’t mean “ hey that was a great pop corn flick worth $12 once or even a rental or cheap buy.” More of a “ HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS I HAVE NEVER THOUGHT FILM COULD TRANSCEND MY LIFE TO THE NEXT LEVEL OF EXISTENCE I THINK I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO ENJOY LIFE IF NOT WATCHING THIS OR BLADE 3 EVERYDAY OF MY LIFE FROM NOW ON.”) This my friends are rabid fan boys, they are scary if only because all logic, truth and reason will forever be ignored by them since if the trailer has explosions, women, or explosive women with a nice score underneath the trailer their sold. 5) Sweet god your friend makes it sound like she burnt a few bridges let me tell you a funny little story, everyone in Montreal is still talking about the train wreck that she was in charge of, plus she managed to piss off not one not two but all four major film unions in town with her antics. She didn’t burn bridges she nuked entire cities in her wake. She fired the same guy THREE TIMES from her unit and then when he transferred to the second unit she fired him AGAIN....not saying he didn’t deserve it but How the hell do fire someone three times? 6) Have you ever heard of Boondock Saints. Great Movie. Cult Classic, some strong performances from a underrated but talented cast, tight script, and hell they even had a hanging-from-the-ceiling-shoot-out between the saints and the Russians. What does that film and Punisher warzone have in common. The epic story of how two directors given a gold plate with all the right pieces screwed up and how big name producers walk over their corpses to survive. 7) If any of you have ever read a work by Nick Santoraaaa whatever his name is, or seen his website you will almost immediately understand why it’s bad that his name is still on the script..... On that note I need to sleep perhaps watching green street hooligans or reading punisher truth rants about Lexi being a victim will put me to sleep but alas most likely i will settle for Batman Forever, Until this film comes out. ~KROMTAR SMASH!~
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