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  1. Trying to fix that. In the mean time, if you have not, I strongly recommend going to the main page under comics and check out all the Lycan pics there!
  2. I just watched it on Netflix. Tom, once again is the best part. The direction was good, but the story was a little lacking. Honestly, the first 40 minutes with the documentary crew could have been done better or cut. It's just for set-up. The real meat for me was the interaction between Tom and the little girl. The scene where she's going to eat the sugar to be with him, just amazing. I feel the film ended where it really should have taken off. Still, its well done. Word is there was a script overhaul and a time crunch to shoot, but production value is there. Tom's amazing performance is there
  3. Damn, that's amazing! Definitely found the right guy. The new site looks good too.
  4. I did not get to see the raod show. I wanted to, but the closest was a 6 hour trip. I did get to see it last night though. Loved it for several reasons. First off, I was hoping this would have been a bit of a departure from QT's regular work, and watching the opening with the linger on Jesus on the Cross, it felt that way. All those beautiful Panavision 70 mm shots were amazing. It had a diffent look, but as soon was we came upon Warren, it was classic Tarantino. As soon as that happened, I was glad to be back in familar waters. QT is one of those creators who has his own world, an
  5. If you go solid white, I like the Dirty Laundry skull. If you distress it, LaRosa's looks pretty good too.
  6. Mike! Welcome back. Still a few of us hanging around. Looks pretty good.
  7. Looks like they fixed it: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Standoff-DVD-Laurence-Fishburne/dp/B017851BIE/ref=sr_1_1?s=dvd&ie=UTF8&qid=1450138936&sr=1-1&keywords=standoff
  8. Anyone watch it yet? I thought it was great. It's got a good start to it. I really dug the look. Reminds me a bit of Battlestart Galactica with a dose of Total Recall (the original). I see online the thoughts are split, and over the same issues. Some people hate the production values, some think they are good, blah blah blah. I've seen enough shows to know that the frist episode or two are no indicator of how it will end up. Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Hannibal... I didn't care for them so much at first, but I could see they would grow. The Expanse, I'm seeing the same way, but I r
  9. johnpweber


    No need to drink alone, Sir.
  10. Its also on vudu and Xbox live.
  11. Just watched it last night. It's not a bad film. I guess Tom made the comment that he hoped it would not come out; it's not bad. If anything, it's forgetable. I don't see it as the Thomas Jane film you will remember him by, but for me it's deffinatly better than Drive Hard and Vice. It's a good cast, really well shot. There is some bad CG, but not overhelming. Reminded me of the tenticle in The Mist. Just enough to pull you out for a few seconds, but not ruin the film. There was a lot of wasted shots that could have been used to fill in the story, hell, they wouldn't have been wast
  12. Really looking forward to this. I was glad to hear that he went through with doing this after the script leak. Great cast, and I'm sure as always, there will be great diolouge.
  13. Not sure why it's hard to post pics. I can do it on my home computer, but if I'm at work (don't tell anyone) it won't go.
  14. Very cool! This show/project is pretty damn neat.
  15. It's good casting. Sure, I'd love to see Tom back, but the last few interviews, Tom has kind of passed on the character. I think that he'll always have the love for Frank, but I don't think people are seeing it the way he does. I hope we get more "bootleg" outing though. That's the Punisher I was looking forward to. Daredevil was pretty good, I hope they let Punisher be as dark as he needs to be. So far the tone fits. Warzone had potential, but they went the wrong Ennis route. They took the MK version instead of the MAX version, and to be honest, I still can't believe Ennis put
  16. 3. I Melt With You I love this film, and you really get the feel that Tom just went all in for this part. In fact, after the initial spotting of Tom in this film, all I saw was Richard. You can just see it and feel it. Tom had left and Richard took over. Just great acting all around in that film. 2. Hung Noeland sums it up. Tom really gets to do it all in this. Sadly, that's part of why it failed on HBO. People just did not get life if funny/sad/depressing/joyfull all at once. This show really embraced life at its best and worst. 1. Stander Once again, I did not see Tom in t
  17. The writer is American, but Brian Trenchard-Smith is an Austrailian director. Not sure how he works, if it's mostly just from the script, or if he works with the material. I have yet to see it, but I have seen quite a few of BTS's films. To say the least, he covers a wide range, some good, some, not so much. Not to downplay your question Davvi74. Sterotypes never seem to die. Speaking of, I found this for your amusment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJwfyg27wHI
  18. If you have not seen it, you are MAD! Need to see it again before I say more. Too much beautiful cinematic imagery to take in at once.
  19. I'll have to find the link again, but its getting a limited release and a vod release soon.
  20. Sorry, Merav, but I removed the link for a few resons. Like Sinn said, it might not be safe. I personally don't trust those "Free Full Movie" Here links. Secondly, this goes way back to The Mutant Chronicals. The same thing happened where the film languished for a while, then a cut got leaked and finishing funds were not provided for the film because so many people watched it online. I know Grizzly has been in holding for a while, and if you want to see it illeagally, that's up to you. If links are posted on the boards, I will take them down. Just a heads up. I know this is n
  21. At this point, I don't see how it can not be good! The teasers and trailers are all amazing.
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