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  1. Predator review: CAUTION!!! Spoilers ahead.


    As a long time fan of the franchise, I've dug all the new elements brought by the other films (The AvP films don't count). The Predator is different, yet familiar. Black didn't go for a nostalgia grab, as some have hinted (there are nods to the previous films, but for a reason). This film is large, violent, and has the classic Black humor to it.


    I want to get a few things aired out now, and if you disagree, fine. You can. The bad reviews are getting a lot wrong. Let's go back to the third film, the Berserker Predator. People flipped out. "That's not Predator! That's wrong!". Now we have the new film, and very much to my liking, Black and Dekker (maybe it should be Dekker and Black...?) took the story and added to the mythos. Those that say the Predators would never "upgrade" themselves, and that's not how the Predators do it, I would like to know where you get that information from? The comics? Ok? Is that cannon? The thing I have always thought was this, reverse the roles: is every human a solider, or an electrician? No, we are diverse, and we don't see eye to eye. Even hunters are different. I know hunters who are straight up bow hunters, no tech allowed. You take a pack and go into the woods and hunt. I also know hunters with state of the art tech and high powered, tricked out rifles. So, claiming a whole planet of Predators are all the same is a load of shit.


    That aside, some of the characters in the film are just there for killing, and I'm fine with that. That's what we want to see the big guy do, right? Pretty sure he wasn't going to quote Shakespeare.


    Keegan and Tom are a great duo. (Damn you Black). They bounce off each other pretty good. I see you guys working again in the future. At least, you should. Get Black on that script! Sterling Brown was a good villian, just a straight up dick. My gripe there is I don't remember him biting the bullet. Boyd was another stand out. His attitude in the film was great.


    Now, look. You need to go into this thinking it's a fun film. So many negative reviews are setting it up as a failure for reasons I mentioned above, and because it's not trying to win Oscar gold. It is what it is, fun! Fucking lots of it too.


    Tom, I do want to ask, do you talk to Shane often? If so pass on, that my son is on spectrum, and how it was portraied in the film during the fire alarm scene is spot on. I appreciate that. I see my 6 year old go through that, and he catches flack at school when he gets overwhelmed. Tell him thank for shining even a small light on that.


    I say, go see it. It's different, but it plays in the sandbox. Of the three films, the have gone in order of favorites for me, but this slid into the #2 spot.

  2. I'll look into it. I know we've been getting hit with a lot of spam bots over the last year, I've obliterated hundreds already before they've hit the forums. The new members are more than likely berried in that mess. I'll find 'em!


    I'll be seeing The Predator tomorrow. I'm ready for it!

  3. I wouldn't worry too much. EJO is great, but I do have a feeling there are going to be too many characters. That was part of the issue with the last one. With all the reshoots, I know a lot of folks are getting worried, but honestly, I'm glad Fox is not rushing this. The could have said no, get it out there. Hollywood has a long history of cutting great actors out if films. Though, I'm still pissed QT cut Dick Miller out of Pulp Fiction

  4. There is another Con thread, its all on there. Looks like you guys had a blast! Sorry for the absence, but we just bought a house under, well lets just say, not the best of circumstances (shitty landlords, meth, domestic abuse... all on the landlords part. Then we found out its not even his house, so we were kicked out) We're in a kind of fixer-upper, but its not as bad as it could be. It'll turn out great, just needs some love but its been eating most of my time. It's getting there.

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