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  1. I refuse to! Why ruin the movie for myself? Just thought some might find it of interest.
  2. Getting closer! I had the preview copy at the Kansas City show this past weekend and it went over huge! I'll have it at the Emerald City con this weekend if anyone's in the area.
  3. Thank, big guy!!!! These books are fuckin' HUGE! LOL At least you can truck yours down to Comicon. I'm starting to save NOW for the shipping fees! :-)
  4. Well, that's a hell of a compliment!! THANK YOU!!!! I'm always amazed and flattered when someone finds something of value in the meager works I churn out. :-)
  5. Speaking of the book------ IT'S REALLY REAL!!!! I'm holding an advance copy of my art book that just arrived in the mail!!!!! I am SO psyched!!! It looks &*&^%$$##$ GREAT! (If I do say so myself!)! The color saturation is amazing and most of the value issues have been corrected. Aside from a couple of 'to be expected' typos (and an unfortunately dropped credit line for on of the introductions) I couldn't be happier. It's one thing to hold loose proofs in your hands and another to hold a fully realized book! I'm SO proud of this thing! It's on a boat from Hong Kong right now, so b
  6. I'm really curious to see it, too, but I couldn't help thinking it looked like a dark H R Pufnstuf. :-) I DO like the idea of the non CGI'd monsters, as it gives it a closer feel to the book.
  7. http://www.traileraddict.com/trailer/where...ngs-are/trailer
  8. Just finished going through my copy, big guy!!!! What a great book! I'm so totally proud of you, dude!!! It's one of the nicest books I've seen in years! (even if you did neglect to mention that I have that Gangland bathroom cover original hanging over the toilet in my guest bathroom)! LOL
  9. First review of the DVD is in and it's actually positive! http://www.bamcc.net/Movies%20DVDs.htm
  10. My memory of it is pretty foggy (probably not a positive) LOL but I remember it as being a bit of a chore to sit through. I'd have to watch it again as I haven't seen it since it's initial release. It couldn't have been as interminable as Waterworld or Wyatt Earp, though. Saw it at a midnight pre screening and walked out of the theater at 3AM in a daze. That "Aw, schucks" scene with 40ish Costner as a 16 year old swinging on the porch was jaw droppingly hysterical.
  11. I went to see the second one almost by accident as it got almost no promotion here and loved it. I was kind of surprised it was so universally reviled by the media. It seems every dollar they spent was actually up there on the screen. I, for one am definitely looking forward to another entry in the series!!!
  12. Methinks TB needs to print some one sheets up for the boys. I'd buy one.
  13. Dtto!!! That's an awesome poster, Tim!
  14. For sure, brother! Here are two more really insightful blogs http://groovyageofhorror.blogspot.com/2008...vampirella.html http://groovyageofhorror.blogspot.com/2008...rella-pt-2.html
  15. Well, at least we still have quality shows like The Bachelor and Supernanny.
  16. I'm really behind on Lost this season. Gotta catch up.
  17. I still can't believe they canceled this show. Tonight's episode was great. %%##%$#
  18. This is terrible news, as he was one of the artists I learned to draw women from when I was a kid. He brought class and glamour to a character that has been grossly misinterpreted in the decades since his tenure on the book. http://www.vampirella.com/ http://www.vampilore.co.uk/artists/gonzalezJ.html
  19. One of my favorite parts of the movie!!!! AWESOME!!!
  20. I have to confess I've never read the book (I know. Sacrilege), so I had no preconceptions to be shattered or met. I assume that puts me in the majority of the movie going public that will see it, although my involvement in and understanding of the genre still separates me from them. That said, I liked it. Didn't love it,but I liked it. It's a bit dated conceptually, as to be expected since "the broken or dark superhero" has become a cliche at this point. The audience was attentive for the first third of the flick but as it went on I heard more and more talking and snickering. There were a lot
  21. Depp looks cool here, but going through the last batch I can't help but lament how much movie posters just suck these days. >sigh<
  22. I thought it was a good show last night. LOVED Wolve...I mean Hugh Jackman. That DEFINITELY wasn't Wolverine! :-) Thought the show flowed well. I expected the five star suck up fest before every major award to get old but it was pretty tolerable. At least they tried to do something different this time around. The actual awards could've gone a bit differently, but majority rules.
  23. Here, here, brother!!! If you don't mind, I'm gonna appropriate this and post it on my site.
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