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  1. Wanted to like it more than I did. The makeup was okay, as was a lot of the set design. Hated the 'second werewolf so we can have a fight at the end' thing. I was hoping his mother was the other werewolf, actually. The asylum scene WAS great, but why couldn't they just find an old woman to play Maleva instead of someone with tons of obvious latex all over her face?? It was so distracting every time she was onscreen. The characters were not particularly engaging or likeable and Hopkins scene chewing got tiresome. Some nice carnage throughout. Overall, a 'B' just because I like the concept from the '41 classic and werewolves in general. :-)

  2. Linda and the kids have never seen it. It's "Liberty Valance Night" at the Jusko's.



    RAW DEALS is clearly the way to go.


    And if you exploit that Jusko image from his bodybuilding days and slap it on a bunch of goodies, you'll move lots of product. Even if you have to pay Joe a royalty, back up the Brinks truck and collect the dough!


    Just wish I could get his damn theme song out of my head. Every time I go to this site, the song pops on.


  3. He sent me drawings of Tarzan in gay bondage that looked like they belonged in a Tijuana Bible.


    "I paid $25 for this "art" and as you can see I did NOT get my money's worth which is why I want YOU, Joe Jusko, to illustrate my stories." LOL


    They were all about Tarzan involved in some benign situation that ultimately gets him drugged by paralyzing oil and tied up, only to break free by flexing his muscular calves! ??????


    There were about a dozen of them in all. I'll dig them out scan a few.



    Mike V said >


    Amen, that'd truly be a scream.


    Jusko Joe said >


    HELLO sailor!


    Dude, I'll never forget the story of your nutty fucked-up fan who claimed you painted/drew Tarzan to look "too defiant".

    The guy that wanted to commission the oiled up, chained, supplicated Tarzan painting. That story will NEVER get old.


    "My name is _________ and I have great taste in art as you can plainly see", or some such crack.


    What was his line?

    I have tears of laughter in my eyes just remembering this here briefly.

    We should take that conversation to another thread though ;)


    - TB


  4. My upper pecs are better than that (as you should know from all the times we were greased up and shirtless at your house. :-)


    Jusko said >


    Suuuuuuuure Joe, right. Lex Barker. Who is that supposed to be, like Clive Barker's weight lifter brother?

    We weren't born YESTERDAY you know!


    :) - TB


  5. OMFG!!!! This image is gonna haunt me forever. It's ON, Timbo!


    "This time, dude........right between the eyes." -Liberty Valance


    My vote is for RAW DEAL with one slight edit.


    To me it'd make more sense, ie, read better if it was RAW DEALS ?


    How about RAW SPOILS?


    I want a Tom Jane coffee mug. It should be a shot of you from The Tripper.

    Officer Buzz, crankin' the 'stache, wearing yer cop duds, and holding a black jellybean with that "Hmmm" look on your grill.




    Goddammit that makes me laugh.

    Absolutely would sell out.


    AND DUDE, TJ, buddy . . . Member those custom lamps I was freakin' out about at Long Beach?

    This should be our first design. The limited edition JOE JUSKO - TARZAN design!

    comes to be known as "The Ballad Of Jusko Joe"

    ^^^^^^^^^ Click link above to experience full effect. Simply listen to song while gazing at the below image!





    Feel the power, the sheer masculinity. Again, it IS the legend.


    - T fuckin' B

  6. Saw it last night in 3D. I had a GREAT time! Visually incredible, even though the story was lifted from a dozen different sources and pretty much seen numerous times in various forms. Linda thought it was the most "beautiful" looking movie she had ever seen and her 17 year old son couldn't stop talking about it afterward. As a fantasy artist I found myself just drinking in the depth of the visuals throughout the film. and after the first 30 minutes I didn't even notice the 3D anymore because I got so engrossed in the story itself. I give it 4 stars as a movie going experience and intend to see it again.

  7. I was never a big fan of the first one. It was Harryhausen's last film and he handed off a bunch of the animation to Jim Danforth and others. Even the stuff he did do seemed jerky and inconsistent (the scorpions are horrendous). I always wished he had stopped a film earlier.




    The trailer is online. Is that the transyberianorchestra they used for the music?


    300 meets LOTR visually speaking for me. I don't hate it, but I don't really love it either.


    Sam Worthington though, he's in everything!!! Did he make a deal with the devil two years ago?


  8. I think they made this movie already. He becomes the sheriff in Copland.




    I wasn't entirely bummed my friend. lol.




    See the only thing that worries me about the next Rambo film is, what can we do with him now? We know where he was 20 years later, we know how it ended. What can he do now? what problem will occur next? I fully support another Rambo but I don't want it to get repetitive or make me think that he shoulda stopped at Rambo 4 you know what I'm sayin?


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