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  1. Thanks for the shout out, John. Sorry that I'm late to the party lol J. OB
  2. All of his albums are actually quite invigorating and demented. I love 'em.
  3. I haven't read the new CONSTANTINE comics brought on by THE NEW 52. Though, I have checked out JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK, and all I can truly say is that making JOHN CONSTANTINE a young chap with a lot of snazzy dialogue mixed with magic has me coming back to see what happens next. This is mainly due to the fact that they have an ensemble cast in the mix for him to interact with. It is worth a look if not for the artwork alone. Alright, another question. I might have asked it before, but I've always been a big fan of the people you get to model for your covers (I've always wanted to be involved
  4. Lately a lot of my friends have been asking me to make them mixes because apparently I have a knack for introducing people to new things (or to the old). So, of course I am more than glad to oblige. Also, I have a big obsession for instrumental bands and scores/soundtracks. ONLY GOD FORGIVES (OST) by CLIFF MARTINEZ. - Just an unbelievably graceful yet chaotic score that is constantly on repeat when I'm writing or just driving around through the night. STOKER (OST) by CLINT MANSELL. - This was another that really peaked my interest, especially with the HITCHCOCKian vibe and the mixtur
  5. Tim, What are your thoughts on the fact that HELLBLAZER, sadly, is officially gone. And has been rebooted in a younger form? I've been a fan for quite awhile, and have read the NEW 52 bits. They're aren't too bad. I... Vampire has a true spark to it, especially with how Constantine is intertwined. It just isn't the same. Jim
  6. Ah Tim, I've been M.I.A. from the boards for awhile now, trying to get film school started but I am scheduled to see this film Jan. 4th, and you can bet your ass I'll have a full write up on this puppy. I've been waiting to see this film even before it was being made, back when I read the short story when I was a wee lad. Until the 4th I just have to sit and stew, sucks, I want to see this now! All in good time. JO
  7. Dude, it has the Mickey Rourke in it, we know it is goin' to be badass. So we gotta come up with something else and we came up with making fun of that no-talent-ass-clown 50 Cent. JO
  8. Haha, no shit. Agreed. JO
  9. Just proves that people who drive-bys don't know how to do two things. 1) Aim 2) Shoot a man 9 times and have it be fatal. That's pathetic. I'm going to get off this subject because its pretty touchy and if anyone was offended by what I just wrote, I apologize in advance. JO
  10. Yes, but it won't be real LOL. JO
  11. Shall do, Tim. Yes, only released in Criterion. This is the film that Kubrick saw and made him cast Malcom in A Clockwork Orange, Malcom didn't even audtion. This film was the sum of Kubrick's deepest desires for Alex. JO
  12. Oh dear lord, please tell me you're joking... JO
  13. I, personally, loved the first Saw film. The way it was shot, the score, the darkness, everything. I only watched the sequels for Shawnee Smith (Who I'm a big fan of) but after they got rid of her I said, "Fuck this franchise." JO
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