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  1. Thanks for the shout out, John. Sorry that I'm late to the party lol J. OB
  2. Noeland, I know that I was probably alone with the GOSLING opinion. But, all I can say to justify is it is that I have just been a fan of his since MURDER BY NUMBERS. I grew up loving BATMAN, and honestly I just always wanted to see GOSLING play a YEAR ONE/FRANK MILLER inspired BATMAN. And I know that it is a stretch, or a lonely opinion, but it was certainly worth the shout out Anyway, GOSLING wouldn't be the one I'd want for this though. As you said, age is an issue. With AFFLECK I just see him actually being like what he did with HOLLYWOODLAND in both playing the actor who portraye
  3. One thing that no one has even thought of is that this isn't a BATMAN film and this isn't a SUPERMAN film. It is a counterbalance. An equilibrium with both characters carrying their weight, hand and hand. One mustn't outshine the other. They must collide as FRANK MILLER wrote them. But, the route that is being done with THE AVENGERS sequel and the new X-MEN film (where two different actors portray the same character of QUICKSILVER) could also mean that BEN AFFLECK'S BATMAN could be one incarnation at the same time of another BATMAN flick or DC produced film that stars another actor as
  4. Simple. Not the same universe. Now, I've never been a big BEN fan, but I will say that what he did with THE TOWN and ARGO are beyond great examples of what he can do both on and off camera. ZACK SNYDER'S MAN OF STEEL has nowhere near the same probability or accountability that THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY has. They are two completely different breeds. With that said, you must have someone who is of the same mold has HENRY CAVILL'S Superman, seeing how in this universe Batman & Superman are the same type of hero and are heroes under very different circumstances. The idea is to capture wh
  5. All of his albums are actually quite invigorating and demented. I love 'em.
  6. I haven't read the new CONSTANTINE comics brought on by THE NEW 52. Though, I have checked out JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK, and all I can truly say is that making JOHN CONSTANTINE a young chap with a lot of snazzy dialogue mixed with magic has me coming back to see what happens next. This is mainly due to the fact that they have an ensemble cast in the mix for him to interact with. It is worth a look if not for the artwork alone. Alright, another question. I might have asked it before, but I've always been a big fan of the people you get to model for your covers (I've always wanted to be involved
  7. Lately a lot of my friends have been asking me to make them mixes because apparently I have a knack for introducing people to new things (or to the old). So, of course I am more than glad to oblige. Also, I have a big obsession for instrumental bands and scores/soundtracks. ONLY GOD FORGIVES (OST) by CLIFF MARTINEZ. - Just an unbelievably graceful yet chaotic score that is constantly on repeat when I'm writing or just driving around through the night. STOKER (OST) by CLINT MANSELL. - This was another that really peaked my interest, especially with the HITCHCOCKian vibe and the mixtur
  8. I really appreciate the feedback. I rarely show my artwork to anyone, and am very particular about the way I get the colors to blend. As I said before, I've had no training or anything. Honestly I've never even actually painted with brushes, this was all done with fingers and stencils.
  9. This is my artwork. I was never traditionally taught how to paint. Who cares. This is it.
  10. No luck whatsoever on that front, sadly. Everything is either trying to get me to buy something, sell something, or saying incorrect data. Email list it is. So, whoever would like to take a gander just let me know. No worries. Jim
  11. Noeland! What's up, man? Hot damn, been a long time. I'll check out photobucket to see what can be accomplished with it. If not I'll just get email addresses, and send it out to who wants a looksie. I'm on it. Jim
  12. Tim, What are your thoughts on the fact that HELLBLAZER, sadly, is officially gone. And has been rebooted in a younger form? I've been a fan for quite awhile, and have read the NEW 52 bits. They're aren't too bad. I... Vampire has a true spark to it, especially with how Constantine is intertwined. It just isn't the same. Jim
  13. Hey guys, It has been quite awhile since this bastard has been on this forum. Something I've regretted for a long time, but now I'd like to get back to it. I have written a screenplay, and would like to share it with you. Only problem is that I don't know how to do such a thing. Any help? Much appreciated, Jim
  14. The fact that Ridley wants to make a sequel to Prometheus already is a very good sign in my opinion. All of a sudden he's full of piss and vinegar again. Between a new Blade Runner trilogy and a possible Prometheus trilogy the man can do no wrong. Jim
  15. I've seen several clips and read through the graphic novels so my direct conclusion is that AMC will do for zombies what they did for style with mad men. Also it's Frank Darabont, the creepiness of the mist ringing in my ears. James
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