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  1. Sorry Mr. Jane.Just keep your head up and don't think about the past or the present.Think about the future:)Best wishes to the both of you from your pal KT
  2. Damn I love that ideal!!Ray as The Punisher,Tom as Nick Fury and Garth writing the script, that movie would ROCK!!
  3. I 100 agree you,even though I hear the pasting is a little off at times. Nomad hun,I'm shocked (not really)
  4. Hi Tom.I don't know if anybody ask you this yet,but have you saw the rough cut of Give Em'Hell Malone yet?If so what you think about it so far?And if the movie is a success, would you like to make a sequel?BTW,I saw the teaser and it looks great:) It has a throwback 70's action,crime,film noir ,feel to it.Which is very sweet:)
  5. If the Punisher would had a pink dress on,I will be very pissed off.Because I'm a hardcore fan.And stop butting into people conversations,when nobody is talking to you.It's very rude
  6. But you can tell that PWZ is based not only on the MAX comics,but it's also based on some classic Punisher comics as well. OT Is Jane filming Malone yet?
  7. Oh I know what it means You better look up pointless and clueless,because that what your argument always seems to be about And guys I was talking about classic Punisher when I said fancy moves and not MAX.
  8. Well we know there will be some fancy moves.But we don't know about the editing,slow motion(except one scene) or camera tricks.Until we watch the movie and the 04 was very cliche and cheesy at times.But it wasn't a bad film though And I don't mind the fancy gunplay,because he is the Punisher.Plus he does all kind of stuff like that in the comics:)
  9. I agree with you:)And come on Mike,the 04 film was pretty good but it was cliche too.Oh yeah Frank Miller always been a little weird,surprise you guys never notice.Especially when he did the the SinCity commentary.He's weird,but the man is great at what he does:)
  10. Well you need to throw everything you have Frank Miller away.Because I think he really enjoyed it
  11. It sure do LOL! And yeah Mike the man was hurting but he never lost his good taste {pervasive strong brutal violence,language and some drug use}I'm loving this rating
  12. I have to agree with Mike and Fred.He kinda did got it together at the end(the drinking part and emotion stuff, not the killing bad guys thing).
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