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  1. Great interview, Nomad. That, and even more so other interviews he's done, suggests that he get's the charather and what drives him perfectly. That's one of the reasons why those of us who support Ray embraced him so quickly. Where do you get that 40 day shooting schedule from? Might want to chalk it up in the misinformation category right next to the 'budget cut in half' rumour. "Punisher: War Zone" actually had a longer shooting schedule than the previous movie, the prinicipal shoot was from October 22 till December 14. After that, there were some additional days of shooting in January, in Vancouver I believe. None of us can really say anything with certainty about the current state of the script, as none here (at least those of us not involved in production) have seen the final shooting draft. But I am honestly not too concerned about this. I doubt very much it will be groundbreaking and win the movie any Oscar's to put it that way, but I'm pretty sure it will do the Punisher justice in a way neither of the previous filmed Punisher scripts did. Even the unfinished Lexi Alexander draft, which we know has been rewritten by the Iron Man guys since, outshines the scripts of both the 2004 and 1989 movies combined as is, and has the potential in it to be a real Punisher movie, faithful to the source material for once. Everyone has their idea of what the perfect Punisher story and Punisher movie is, so there is no way everyone will be satisfied no matter what. Hopefully, this movie will satisfy most fans though, even those wanting Walter Hill. By the way, what makes him so perfect? I'm not saying that he isn't mind you, I just wonder.
  2. Holy crap... Clive Barker and Tim Bradstreet? I had no idea such a collaboration even existed until I happened to browse this thread! I think I'll have to place and order with my retailer come Monday, I can't wait to read this!
  3. Thanks for the welcome, Street (that's what everyone else seems to say, hope I don't overstep any boundaries by adopting it right away). I'll stick around now that I'm here, maybe even go beyond the War Zone thread! Since the conversation was steered toward Hensleigh... As I said in my first post here, I consider the 2004 movie to be deeply flawed. This is due to a variety of causes, many of which are derived from Hensleigh's chosen take on the movie. First of all; I love the seventies cinema (even more than I love sixties cinema), in my DVD collection you'll find the complete Dirty Harry collection, several Death Wish's, Leone movies, Hill & Spencer movies as well as quite a few Blake Edwards movies. All of them in the best special edition version available, and all will be upgraded to Blu-Ray as soon as they hit that format. If Hensleigh were to make a tribute movie to the seventies style of cinema with a completely new and original story, I'd be all for it. But in my opinion, the 2004 movie was not so much a Punisher movie as it was Hensleigh's tribute to the cinema of the seventies forced into the Punisher mold. This, I do not appreciate one bit. As far as the writing is concerned, lets just say I appreciate that even less than the direction and leave it at that. What I want of the makers of any given Punisher movie is not that they try to make a comic book movie, or another "Death Wish", or "Taxi Driver" or "The Shield" for that matter, but that they aim to make a movie that is uniquely PUNISHER, and use whatever style of direction and writing which is best suited to achieve just that. I look more forward to War Zone than I ever did the previous movie for that reason. I am very intrigued by Gainer's MAX inspired cinematography, and the leaked early Lexi Alexander draft of the script is also the closest to a Punisher story of all the scripts I've read for all Punisher movies. As such, I am more exited about and more appreciative of what the makers of War Zone seem to be doing than what the makers of the previous movie did.
  4. There, I agree with you, Mike. Your suggestion is a Punisher line, the one in that particurlar draft of the script is not. Hopefully, that line will be more Punisher-ish in the final script, assuming the scene is still there.
  5. Since all the action seems to have moved over here, I'll emigrate too, despite being a tad pushed for time. I know what you mean, I'm like that do. I embraced Ray Stevenson even quicker that I did Jane, but for the same basic reason. Short version: I saw the potential there, just like I did with Jane. Long version: Way back in 2003, when Jane was announced, my initial reaction was "who? Oh, that guy from "Nemesis"" (guilty pleasure, alongside many other nineties sci-fi B-movies). I was hardly thrilled right off the bat, but decided to make it my business as a hardcore HARDCORE Punisher fan to check the guy out more to form an informed opinion about his casting. So I traced and rented "Thursday" - Okay, this could work. Then "Stander" - Fine, this guy can pull it off, no doubt about it. Based upon those two movies, approx 3 hours of footage, I saw the potential in Jane, and knew he had what it takes to be a Punisher. While not my first choice, but he would certainly do the role justice after some bulking up and dying of hair. From then on out, I became a defender of Thomas Jane as the Punisher, one of the few on the imdb against the hordes of anti-Jane crew, which were the vast majority back then. Hensleigh, I was not too sure about, but gave him the benefit of the doubt and supported him too. (Which in retrospect was a mistake) I consider the 2004 movie to be deeply flawed, which should be very clear from my posts both on the imdb and GPA. It had lots of problems, but Jane was not among them. He was excellent, as I always point out when discussing the 2004 movie for better or worse. When Jane left, I was bummed out. Big time. I was moping for weeks, and I wished nothing but doom, gloom and financial crisis over LGF for not being able to make one fucking Punisher sequel in the same time frame as they churned out three Saw sequels. I had zero faith in the sequel back then in the spring of 2007, and was more than ready to throw in the towel and give a damn about what happened to the franchise. Then the Lexi Alexander rumour surfaced. I immediately knew who she was; "Green street" blew me away when I first saw it two years before, and was sitting on my DVD shelf right there and then. Maybe there was hope yet? Then Ray Stevenson was announced. My reaction was the same as with Jane four years earlier, "Who?" Only I had no clue who he was period, given that I at the time had yet to see Rome, and he was not in any of those guilty pleasure sci-fi flicks. But when I told my friends that Titus Pullo was the Punisher, they all seemed enthusiastic and thought he would be perfect for the role. Of course I went out and bought the two seasons of Rome right away. And I was hooked. The show is one of the best I have ever seen, and Ray Stevenson; well here is the thing: I saw the same potential in Ray to be The Punisher as I did in Jane four years past, only much more potent. While I could see Jane doing an admirable job (which indeed he did), he was never my phantasy cast for the part. Ray Stevenson on the other hand, was even better than said phantasy cast. So the movie had a director I had faith in and an actor I considered spot on, but fat lot of good that would do if the script or general take is not up to par. As more info came out, all of my concerns were dealt with, one by one. The movie had more or less the same budget as before, it would be dark, it would be violent, the origin would be fixed, and as it turned out, the script was extensively rewritten, the only thing that remained from the Jane era was the most basic crude story, penned by Nick Santora. My hopes rose exponentially. As a fan of the Punisher as character first and foremost, "Punisher: War Zone" appears in my opinion to be the first movie to truly do the character justice, at least according to my personal principles of what constitutes a Punisher movie. If I'm wrong, I'll admit it freely. But so far, "War Zone" looks set to be the best Punisher movie yet.
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