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  1. Gunfighter? I wouldn't use such a term, gives me cowboy associations. And that is the problem, associations. It's one of those pesky emotional responses. I would be happy with the style of direction it was a period piece, a western movie, or a standalone tribute to the cinema of the seventies. But it is neither of those things. It is supposed to be a Punisher movie, but the chosen style of direction prevents me from seeing it as such. I see the movie as director Jonathan Hensleigh's personal tribute to a style of cinema he loves first and foremost, and as a Punisher movie only as a distant second priority. The movie works as the former, but in my opinion, not as the latter, and therein lies my problem with the chosen direction. Simple. It does. I wrote a post dedicated to that very topic a few pages ago. In addition to displaying the directors lack of respect and understand for the Punisher as a character, it takes a way a good chunk of his philosophical justification to do what he does. The Punisher has his own origin, one which is central to who he is. What is the purpose of scrapping it altogether in favour of a reference to another antihero movie? That's like replacing Batman's origin with Spider-man's. Pointless and adds nothing, save removing it even further away from the source material. I do no such thing, and I've never said I have. No, The Punisher was unfortunate to have a director who did not fully get the character, and who had a greater interest making tribute to other movies rather than doing the Punisher justice. While the movies said director wanted to incorporate themes from were both better and intelligent, his movie was no such thing. I would hate to see fucking Rob Zombie direct, but I fully agree that Hensleigh should have turned down the project.
  2. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Leone, I several of his movies on proud display in my DVD collection. The Man With No Name trilogy is one of my all time trilogies. I have no issue at all with his directing style, my issue is with applying it on the Punisher. Same with Mad Max. I love Mad Max, but I fucking hate that the Punishers real origin was scrapped in favour of a Mad Max reference. That particurlar style of direction did nothing what so ever for the Punisher, other than diminishing the movie. If Hensleigh had made an original tribute to the cinema of the seventies entirely of his own making, I would be all for it - but as it is, he forced the Punisher into this mold. And I don't think it worked at all. I love the Leone style western shootouts in "The good, the bad and the Ugly". I hated them when put in the Punisher.
  3. I think the scene on the left is one of the stupidest scenes in the whole Hensleigh movie, almost as bad as the burning skull. That damn Leone tribute is ridicoulous, a western style gunfighters duel has nothing to do in a Punisher movie. Chairs in eyes and bashed in skulls, that is more like it. I actually like the War Zone trailers better than Hensleigh's movie as a whole, come to think of it. I also fail to see anything "smart" in Hensleigh's Punisher script, let alone the movie. All I read was a fairly standard seventies style revenge story, only with severly lacking charachter development and with a ton of various references and repeated use of stupid phrases. "He dies like a dog..." I don't see how War Zone can not be better than the Hensleigh movie, despite LGF's best efforts to fuck it up.
  4. I have about the same respect for Hensleigh as I do any other writer of entertaining but ultimately paper thin nineties blockbusters – I don’t consider him to be any more than that. Sort of a hack, if you will. The movies that he had a hand in writing which were hugely successful were plot/action-driven, but devoid of any real character development, and made great primarily by highly visual and skilled directors like McTiernan and Bay. The success of “Die Hard with a Vengeance” and “The Rock” is largely due to them. Those movies would probably not been nearly as good as they arel in the hands of lesser directors. That Hensleigh made the move from law to nineties blockbuster writing is great for him, and I commend him for it, but he should stick to said blockbusters. From what I’ve seen of his work, simplistic action-driven stories are the only thing he is capable of writing. Depth and character development is not his strength, and based upon his Punisher, I’m not sure he even knows what character motivation is. That was certainly my primary bone of contention with his Punisher movie. As a filmmaker overall, I respect him more than Uwe Boll, but less than Paul Anderson. That won’t change until he impresses me, something which he hasn’t done for a decade. And to me it looks like his career has taken a nosedive. I don’t know that for a fact mind you, just looks that way from his current and upcoming projects. His post-Punisher directing credits include one movie to date, which was another tribute movie, and among the worst movies I’ve seen in my life. His post-Punisher writing credits are few and far between compared to his pre-Punisher writing credits. I question that he is all that influential in Hollywood in this day and age.
  5. The Daredevil Directors Cut is actually not that bad. It even borders on good, and is one of many movies which clearly demonstrate how badly cutting scenes from pacing reasons can hurt the movie. I am very glad that it is the DIRECTORS CUT that is being released on Blu-ray, the shitty theatrical/studio cut need never be seen again. Jason Statham interested in Daredevil? First I ever hear of it, while I really enjoy his movies, I just can't see him as Daredevil. There has got to be a better part for him the world of comics than that. John Constantine comes to mind...
  6. Back after two weeks of vacation, damn, things sure happen in a short span of time… But to stay on topic - Apart from the casting of Jane and Patton (both of whom were amazing and lifted the movie a great deal) as well as the end shootout, I strongly dislike and disapprove of pretty much everything Hensleigh brought to his (tribute to the cinema of the seventies masquerading as a) Punisher movie. I honestly don’t understand the praise he is given by some here. What I hated above all with his vision of the Punisher, was his complete and total butchering of the origin. The rest I could tolerate, but not that. How it can be possible to fuck up something which should be so simple to put on screen is completely beyond me. Scrapping the Punisher’s proper origin in favour of putting a “Mad Max” reference or two in its place destroyed the movie for me, and in the process much of Frank Castle’s philosophical justification for becoming THE PUNISHER in the first place was taken away. The proper comic book (MAX or otherwise) origin gives Castle a reason and justification to be the Punisher. While on a day out in the park, the Castle’s stumbled over a mob execution and suddenly become witnesses. It doesn't matter if they simply were caught in the crossfire or if they were killed after a panicked and desperate split second decision to kill off any innocent bystanders who happened to be witnesses. The point is that the shooters would have reacted the exact same way if it had been any other random jogger, couple, family or whoever else that happened to stumble into their affairs, it was just sheer bad luck and nothing else that it happened to be the Castle's. Had they not stumbled onto that specific location within a very critical time frame probably only lasting somewhere from seconds to minutes, they would have been perfectly fine. What happened to them could just as well have happened to anyone else instead. The outcome would likely have been the same if another family stumbled onto the scene within the same critical time interval, or if other shooters and mobster families altogether were involved. Crime destroys innocent lives randomly and indiscriminately. There is no justice, as was shown by the courts failure to convict anyone, despite Castle’s eager testimonial. It was but a random situation made possible by crime in general and organised crime in particular, and this is what gives The Punisher some level of philosophical justification to go after ALL criminals. In the movie however, this casual ambiguity and coincidence which is rather profound when you think about it had nothing to do with it. The Saint's weren't having a shootout with another group of mobsters, they were deliberately and actively seeking out Frank Castle and Castle only with the express intention of killing the entire extended family as a direct retaliation towards Frank personally for heading an FBI sting (why the hell give him so much blame anyway? He was just a pointman, he didn’t pull the trigger or anything). As such, what happened to Castle could never have happened to anyone else. For all we know, the Saints had never harmed anyone not already involved with organised crime. What happened to Castle happened for one reason only, Howard Saint had a score to settle with him personally, and Olivia Saint wanted Castle's wanted it extended to the whole family for the same reason. It was but personal vendetta, nothing else. This gives Frank Castle all the more reason go after the Saint's specifically, but it all but strips him off any justification to take out anyone else. Indeed, the decision to go after all criminals comes seemingly completely out of the blue. One moment he is contemplating suicide, the next he is determined to call himself the Punisher and kill criminals and rapists (yet he seemingly doesn’t care about the Toro bros). Why? What the hell for? What motivated him to devote his life to this purpose rather than committing suicide or putting his life back together? Joan is after all right there waiting for him; one would think Castle’s good memories would inspire him to go on with his life, maybe with her. I call that sloppy writing. Hensleigh’s script for the Punisher would have been okay as a standalone revenge movie, but as a Punisher script, I think it is nothing short of garbage. I don’t understand how Marvel could approve of it, and then have the galls to say “A tale that stays true to its Marvel roots” or something like that, when it does nothing of the sort.
  7. Guys, I think I know what is going on here. Having followed another LGF movie for some time, I've been afraid of this happening. Someone tell me I'm wrong. Please, for the love of god, let me be wrong. Don't let this be hwat is happening here. The thought has occured to me that the architect behind the bad press might be the fairly newly appointed LGF head honcho Joe Drake. Multiple sources inside of LGF have claimed that he is dumping a number of movies greenlit by the previous head honcho, in an effort to make the previous guy look like a monger who shouldn’t be in the movie industry, and pushing himself as a saviour who will turn things around with his movies. It would appear that PWZ is among those movies to be dumped, especially if the insanely negtaive IESB article is anything to go by. One of the movies dumped by Drake is Clive Barker's "Midnight Meat Train". MMT is a hard R horror movie which is quite original, and very unlike Japanese remakes, Saw and Hostel. The horror community has been looking forward to this for a long time. The movie has been given the seal of approval By Clive Barker himself (and he is known to be extremely picky), the trailer tested as the highest rated trailer in LGF history, and the movie itself has received reviews ranging from very good to stellar in advance screenings and at festivals. The movie has all the makings of a certified hit. However, its initial release date in May got pushed to an unspecified date for no real reason. According to LGF insiders, this was done for the sole purpose of removing competition from the Joe Drake produced movie that opened on the same date, "The Strangers". A new release date has been announced for MMT - tomorrow, August 1st. Bet most of you had no idea. No wonder, since what was supposed to be wide release is now being dumped into the contractual minimum 100 theaters with zero promotion - and all the theatres are minor ones, located well outside of the major moneymaking cites. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I think the IESB article, which is inconsistent with all the other alleged insider scoops, was fed directly by him or his posse to the most anti-PWZ site on the web simply to create bad press and ease their planned dumping of the movie. I think so because all other articles, even the first one from AICN, have consistently claimed that despite the final edit needing work, the raw footage is sold and there are the makings of a good movie in there. Here are some other tidbits: http://moviesblog.mtv.com/2008/07/29/punis...asy-adaptation/ http://movieblog.ugo.com/index.php/movieblog/more/punisher_war_zone_ne ws1/://http://movieblog.ugo.com/index.php/...ar_zone_ne ws1/ Excerpt from a comment of another insider: (no link, sorry) There are several more like that. IESB on the other hand, not only claims (in a very unprofessional manner) that PWZ is beyond all hope, but also explicitly acknowledges Joe Drake and recommends that he fire people. A sign of things to come? Seems very odd for a site like that to seemingly out of the blue comment on the internal politics of Production Company and give their support to Drake. Call me paranoid or delusional or whatever, but someone pelase confirm to me that this isn't so.
  8. I would have loved to be there. Sadly, being on the other side of the fucking atlantic put a torpedo in that plan, at least for this year. Still, I did get something out of it, my friend who did go managed to secure one of the 50 limited museum quality prints of # 60, signed just for me. I can't wait to frame it and put it up on my wall when I recieve it. Thanks, Tim. Would have loved to shake your hand, aswell as Jane's and Ray's; who seems like the perfect gentleman. Hope everyone had a great time.
  9. Yes, tell us, we can handle anything, short of not knowing! I was really down yesterday, but I feel a bit better now, after having watched the fantastic red band dozens of times. Who knew that trailer would have such a healing effect? Lexi or no Lexi in the editing room, the fotage is in the can, how badly can they possibly fuck it up? Also, check out the responses to the red band trailer on youtube. Critics might well hate it, but the audince loves it
  10. I've fucking lost sleep over this shit, it pisses me off that goddam much. Not only does it piss me off, it scares the shit outta me. I don't usally express myself in this manner, but this pisses me off so fierceomly I'll happily make an exepction. What are they thinking? Replace the score with a numetal soundtrack? A harebrained peice of shit idea that will do nothing butprematurely age and diminish the movie, but not the end of the world. I agree with TL on this one, the score may well be the least of our problems. What worries me the most, is what they'll do in the editing room. I'm afraid they'll cut it to bits in order to reach the 90 min limit in order to cater to stupid people without an attention span, ans sacrifice story and charatherdevlopment in the process. I'm not too concerened about the violence, that'll probably be left mostly intact...at least I hope so. Maybe it won't be all that bad. Maybe they know what they're doing. But that would be a first. Studio influence has so far, always, without exception, made for an inferiour product. Glad to see you finally came around to see how good a match Lexi would be for the Punisher, TL. Now, if only LGF execs would realize the same thing. It is beyond comprehension. Look at all the goodwill generated by the red band trailer, mostly of the boards I've seen are thrilled by it. Then word gets out LGF has pulled this stunt, something which causes even the most avid supporters to lose a good chunk of faith in this. Nice going LGF. Bloody nice going.
  11. Oh fuck me. This is depressing. I can't believe it. The Punisher has been handled by three shitty studios, first New World, then Artisan, and finally LGF. The Punisher has been helmed by two shitty directors (yes, this is what I think of Hensleigh as a director) and than finally, Lexi Alexander - a glimmer of hpe, the first director to seemingly understand the charather and actually want to do the source material justice - and the final shitty studio gives her the boot. I cannot believe it. How fucking stupid can they possibly be???
  12. Rambo was cartoony? If so, I personally consider that to be a good thing.
  13. Holy shit, what a day. First the Bradstreet poster, then a red band trailer, then a second teaser! War Zone galore! I love the red band trailer, holy shit, that's awesome. While the music is hardly my first choice, its far better than I had feared, and what music is typically put in trailers. But the footage, oh man. It almost looks like Rambo evel brutality. The second trailer, while cool in its own right and a vast improvement over the first released, was somewhat of a let down after seeing the red band footage. I have to watch again, in HD on my home theatre, to fully form an opinion about it.
  14. Some cool classics here! My all time favorite is "Kid Chameleon" for Sega Megadrive/Genesis, followed by "Quackshot" and "Vectorman" for the same console. Being a retrogamer rather than a gamer, those will never be beat as far as I am concerned.
  15. My favorites: Klaus Kinski Peter Sellers John Malkovich Peter Stormare Lance Henriksen Ron Perlman Milla Jovovich Mark Wahlberg Arnold Schwarzengger Jason Statham Thomas Jane Bruce Campbell Frank Zagarino Kari Wuhrer
  16. I'm waiting in exitement!
  17. Looks pretty cool! I've been following the development of Watchmen for years, and I was really bummed out when the Greengrass helmed did not go ahead, despite coming so close. But now, after seeing what Zack Snyder is doing...it was all for the better. Snyder wathches the watchmen, and seems to do so very well.
  18. Being a REH Conan fan, I'm also by default a Frazetta fan. The importance of his covers for the opoularity of Conan cannot be overstated.
  19. The vast majority of the IMDB regs are actually PUNISHER fans first and foremost, not necessarily Ray Stevenson fans beyond preferring him for the particurlar role of The Punisher, and being exited about the direction taken with War Zone. Give us some time, and I'm sure more will spread a bit beyond this thread. I know I already have, half my posts are in non-Punisher threads.
  20. That scene is my favorite scene in the entire,complete Rome series. Ray is absolutely stellar there, even more so when seen within context. That scene, more than any other, confirmed to me beyond all doubt that Ray Stevenson is dream casting for Frank Castle.
  21. I cannot wait for that movie. I'm not entirely sold on the director tho, hopefully he will pull it off.
  22. I'd be very, very happy with Tom Jane starring in the "Death Wish" remake. Stallone is too old and too big (how is that for irony) in it, but Jane would be spot on. Ideally, that could be made in the same style as the Punisher movie he wanted to make, and we would get one amazing revenge movie. Everybody wins. Now, Stallone just has to walk out of it...
  23. I had never heard about Outlander till I saw the trailer for it a few days a go. Looks like stupid, fun way to kill a few hours, can't wait to see it! I hated "Pathfinder", the original was a hundredfold as good, but "The 13th Warrior" was pretty cool. They even spoke norwegian in it! Hope this will be as entertaining.
  24. I'm new to the board and just browsing a bit around... ...and I've gotta say, Royo is fantastic. I have a framed Royo poster in my bedroom. I love his art.
  25. Wouldn't dream of it. In fact, I wish the whole movie had been more like Year One. Whenever I speak of Jane in context of The Punisher, it is to say that he did a fantastic job, no one could have lifted the movie any more than he did. I have nothing but the highest respect for Jane's portrayal of and commitment to the charather. There were many things wrong with the '04 movie, but Jane was certainly not among them. The script on the other hand was, at least in my opinion. Had the movie been filmed exactly as it was written, it would have made for a far better movie, I don't think anyone will contest that. But it would still be Jonathan Hensleigh's homage and tribute to the cinema of the seventies fit into the Punisher mold rather than a more accurate adaptation of the source material, and therein lies my problem with it.
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