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  1. You don't need to explain how exited you are, at least not to me! For years, I've been wanting to see him undertake Lovecraft's Mountains of Madness. Never thought I'd see the day, yet here it is. Finally, after long last. Del Toro, Cameron and Lovecraft in one sentence. This is going to be incredible.
  2. Yup, lots of good stuff happening! Just to bad we still have such a long wait ahead of us before we actually get to see any of them on screen...
  3. As I said back then, I didn't want to spread rumors that very well might have zero truth to them. But the rumor which was in various Dredd discussions back then, was that Tom Jane was a contender. He was certainly my ideal choice for a young Dredd, but I think Urban will do this more than justice. The script by Garland is absolutely fantastic. It's gritty, hardcore, violent, high octane and any other synonym for kicking ass you can think of. Unless it's watered down somewhere in the process, this movie is going to own.
  4. I think Karl Urban will do very well in the role. Here is a photoshop manip of what he might look like as Dredd using a still of him from the movie "Doom" and a promoshot from the Judge Dredd fan film "Judge Minty": Storywise, I was very worried that they'd fuck this up - up until a few days ago. But if the script is any indication, it's off to a damn good start! The script is intense, thrilling, and kicks all kinds of ass. I can see why they want Pete Travis to direct, it has all the intensity of Vantage Point and them some. If they don't tone it down in the transation from page to screen, if they give us all the brutality and nudity present, this is bound to be a cult classic.
  5. The animation you refer to is of course "Red Nails", the only movie adaptation of an original Conan story in existence. They were making three versions of it, one more family friendly, one with blood and guts, and one something in between. Sadly, the production company behind that animation is in shambles, so the whole thing has been put on ice for the indefinate future. As of now, it looks unlikely that it ever will be released. Sadly. Could have been cool.
  6. I've read King Conan: Crown of Iron, but as a fan of the original Robert E. Howard Conan, I am honestly happy it never got made. While the Milius movie was excellent in its own right, and the best sword and sorcery movie made thus far, it is a disaster as a Conan adaptation. Crown of Iron looked like it would be more of the same. While the new movie has many things going against, the Conan characther will at least be more like the original source material counterpart. Here is by the way another picture that just popped up online:
  7. The new Conan movie does indeed have an uphill struggle, no argue there. Momoa may not be dream casting, but I think he'll deliver. Other issues worry me tho. The leaked draft in comparatively wide circulation left A LOT to be desired, but was plagued by being in the middle of the transition between Ratner and Nispel. Word is that the shooting script is substantially rewritten, with Ratner influence taken out and Nispel's take put in its place. If that is good, bad or worse can be discussed. From the leaked pictures, I can help but thinking the whole production looks...cheap. It being made by Avi Lerner's Nu Boyana certainly doesn't help matters. All of which is really disappointing for Conan proper and REH fans, as here they had a shot at making a REAL Conan movie - yet from what we've seen, it looks like they blew it. Here's to hoping looks in this case are decieving.
  8. I saw that movie a few months back - it is pretty awesome, but this is one movie where expectation is everything. Go in expecting something Werner Herzog could have made, and you'll LOVE it. Go in expecting something in the vein of Apocalypto...and one might end up a tad disappointed.
  9. The first official (and as such, first clear) image of Jason Momoa as Conan:
  10. I saw it a week ago...it still gives me creeps. Can't wait for the sequel! That doctor is possibly the scariest, creepiest, most deranged mofo I've ever seen on film...
  11. Instead, they went with this look: For a young Conan, that ain't half bad, but his hair should have been straight and jet black. They will appearantly make his eyes blue in post. Ratner is off the picture by the way, Conan has been shooting in Bulgaria for a month, helmed by Marcus Nispel. Sadly, it has appeared that Millennium head honcho Avi Lerner managed to wrestle creative control away from Malmberg and the other guys at Paradox. Here's to hoping Millennium delivers a good Conan movie despite some troubling things.
  12. Great news, it's just do depressing the great Frazetta did not get to see this. http://www.aintitcool.com/node/45169 The highlighs:
  13. It is so sad he didn't live to see this, but it seems Robert Rodriguez might deliver a tribute in the form of a most welcome movie: A live action "Fire and Ice".
  14. Those rumors are hard to find because they only appeared where hardcore Dredd fans fare, and they are also very hearsay in nature and should as such be taken with a massive grain of salt. I'd rather not say too much for fear of spreading rumors that may not have any credibility to them (but I sure hope they do, cause he'd be awesome in the role). But if you read between the lines of my above posts...
  15. Aw, you remember me! You'll be glad to know the poster Jeri had you sign for me at comic con is proudly on my wall, where it forever shall remain! I left all boards where Punisher discussion might come up a week or so prior to the opening of PWZ - as I myself wouldn't see it for a long, long time yet, not being located in the US. But few things will make me come back here as much as a kickass poster promoting another character I love every bit as much! Fingers crossed the vague casting rumors I've heard for JD are true, so that for the next poster you'll be using a more familiar model to this board for the jawline...
  16. Digg the new Judge Dredd poster!!! Especially as Dredd is one of two comics (the other being Conan) I possibly enjoy even more than The Punisher, it is really cool to finally see some class Dredd poster art! Q: Does your contractor want any more images in the future? For instance one with a certain actor which vague rumours would have it might be attached behind the helmet for the upcoming movie?
  17. Sorry to hear that. Best wishes for everyone involved.
  18. First reviews are in: Nomad's mini-review on the imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0450314/board/nest/124213822 followed by the first online review so far: Full review here: http://www.themovieblog.com/2008/12/punisher-war-zone-review Sounds pretty darn good to me, I'm just pissed I have to wait for months still!
  19. Good call, I personally hate that movie with a passion. I went in hoping it would be something like the excellent "Quest for fire", but boy was I wrong on that one. The horror that is 10.000 BC even gave implicit support of Graham Hancock, the greatest hack and liar the field of archeology has ever known. But anyways, 2012 looks set to have breathtaking effects at least. I'll be checking it out for sure. But I can't help but thinking it looks awfully similar to the iminent "The Day The Earth Stood Still" remake effectswise.
  20. The "Punisher: War Zone" main theme is now online, curtesy of Micheal Wandmacher Myspace page. Thanks to 'Punisher04' on the imdb for the heads up. http://www.myspace.com/michaelwandmacher Now that is more like it, for the first time ever (in my opinion anyway) The Punisher looks set to have a proper theme!!!
  21. I can't wait to see the context of the line "this is just the beginning"; whoever was groaning offscreen was in a lot of pain!
  22. Inherently, dying like a dog would be something I consider to be quite neutral. I didn't even think about it the first three times he used it, but the next dozen became really tedious, repetive and downright stupid. On screen it probably would have meant "revolve 180 degrees, look blankly into the air for a second before falling down forward", but reading it, I kept thinking 'what does he have against dogs', or 'isn't that term about a 150 years out of date, at least in the western world?' It's not a big issue, far from it. The real issues have been adressed already, but I just found it annoying and repetitive.
  23. I'm really glad we finally got a picture of Soap, to think he virtually hasn't even been shown in trailers so far...and this is one of the charathers I am the most anxious to see on the big screen!
  24. Yeah, that is pretty much it. Marvel Knights is the Marvel comics equalient of 'rated R'. MAX is the Marvel comics equalient or NC-17.
  25. Very true. Just to avoid any misunderstanting though, I detest Hensleigh and The Punisher '04 (despite having it in both my DVD and Blu-ray collection). Jane, I have but the highest respect for. Fearembodied and myself are among the ones consistenly defending Jane and his perfomance when attacked on the imdb. And now for something completely different and more relevant to the current discussion: Interview with Jonathan Barton http://www.comicus.it/view.php?section=rubriche&id=1258 Sounds good to me!
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