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  1. xNLx

    I JUST...

    I just made some headway on my Mjolnir prop.
  2. Have I ever told you your costumes are about 20 different kinds of bad ass?
  3. I don't know, as long as it stays in it's own little mini, I'm cool with insanely dumb set ups for Punisher stories. I still love the Archie/Punisher crossover.
  4. Or sepia toned. Dillon's work is pretty gritty and un-glamorous, it could use colouring to compliment it. Not taking anything away from the colourist, but the style is really just serviceable.
  5. I'd love to see it grayscaled or toned. I always thought the colouring on his work left something to be desired.
  6. Was a pilot ever filmed? I never heard anything about casting. Glad it's dead, but I have an odd curiosity to have at least seen it once.
  7. There was so much to love about the Hulk in Avengers.
  8. Nice! Way cool to see your stylistic flair applied to a completely different style. I can tell you had a blast designing it just by looking. Big thumbs up on this one!
  9. The Avengers was just a pure enjoyment film. Like Raffi said, it's not an Oscar award movie (aside from special effects I'd suppose), but not every movie has to be. It was a well done film for fans of the characters that didn't try to be anything it's not. Every character got their moments, with Banner/Hulk being the most satisfying (my opinion at least). Favourite moments (non-spoiler): Everything Mark Ruffalo did The Hulk and Loki's fight scene Thor's quips The second (I guess) end credits scene
  10. It makes me think of the Italian edition of Machine of Death: http://machineofdeath.net/italian-edition Sometimes the best cover is a simple image. It sticks in your mind very easily. Between both yours and Tom's busy schedule, it would be real easy to just throw out anything you can get. I love that you guy's aren't doing that; just putting quality first.
  11. The cover is shaping up very cool. Moody. My interest is definitely peaked.
  12. Just saw it. I don't think it's exactly a movie I can watch over and over, but I thought it was very dark and very good. I've read a few really negative reviews, really damning the movie, and that's fine. They have every right to hate it, and in their own way they hit the nail on the head. I personally don't subscribe to the belief that every film or show or book has to have a likable character, a redeeming story, or even something I can identify with. I like stories well told, and I like to be challenged. Some stories are bleak, and just get darker. The Road comes to mind (though while th
  13. How did they kill him this time?
  14. Holy. Shit. That is one damn talented man!
  15. Yes sir. There's a lot of elements there that worked out very nicely. Wow, just realized my original comment had a very poorly written second sentence. I'm kind of an idiot. "Chopping up different sources together created a really surreal look." There we go, that's what I meant.
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