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  1. More Iron man than Punisher, but here's the animated Iron man film trailer, Rise of technovore. Reedus sounds pretty decent as Frank. http://ca.ign.com/videos/2013/03/30/iron-man-rise-of-technovore-trailer
  2. This is kind of a pointless post, but doesn't this look Just like Frank Castle? I think this actor retired, but I remember seeing him in "The people under the stairs", and "Silver Bullet". I wonder what he looks like now? http://www.imdb.com/media/rm691572224/nm0569239
  3. Here's the Spaihts script. Haven't had a chance to read it myself yet though.
  4. Oh well, if there is no sequel, Urban should try out for Snake in the Metal Gear movie. I think he's be perfect.
  5. I believe it's estimated around $45 million. I think it's pulled in $12 million so far. I think it's been released by the same studio that released Punisher: War Zone, and that only made $10 million total. Of course it was a pretty bad movie, but still.
  6. I'm getting a bunch of people together to see it tomorrow, but that's all I can do. It's too bad, people would rather watch repeat pg-13 horror movies and those terrible resident evil movies than this. Oh well. It still has to open in other countries through the rest of the year, and maybe it will do well enough on blu ray. Probably not though
  7. Saw this last night and I loved it. Urban really nailed the role. Lot's of great action and scenario's. I recommend it for any action fans. Too bad it probably won't get a sequel though. Box office isn't doing too good.
  8. He was one of a kind. I'll miss him a lot.
  9. I think Dick was a cop for bit in the comics, but I'm not sure.
  10. I would like it to remain dark and some what realistic, but I would also like to see some of the more unrealistic characters, like Killer Croc, maybe clayface. Wouldn't mind seeing mr. freeze done properly. Kind of like in the arkham Batman games.
  11. Harry Brown wasn't anything too special, no. I do think it was better than Haywire, which I liked, but only a little bit. I have no real desire to watch it again.
  12. I think it was just a nod to the character, for the fans. I don't think it's really supposed to mean anything beyond that. I'm pretty sure he will just be donning the Bat suit. It's been mentioned through out the series that Batman is a symbol, a legend. I don't think the city would accept another crime fighter so openly. I believe that is why the Bat signal was fixed, in order to call on the next Batman, when the time comes.
  13. I thought The Horseman was a great movie. Very simple, but very effective. If you love revenge films, check it out if you haven't seen it. Harry Brown was also pretty good. Good to see Caine go back to his ass kicking roots, while also showing his age.
  14. I was a bit disappointed in it, but it was still a great movie. Maybe a bit too much dialogue for some people, but I enjoyed that aspect. I thought Bale actually knocked it out of the park with this performance as Bruce. The best he has been in this series.
  15. I think a pg-13 one could work. Look at Taken. Cut out some cheesy action and dialogue, and that's a Punisher story. I would prefer an R rated one, but if they could make the first one pg13, draw in an audience for the character, then they could make the sequel R rated, once they know they have an audience.
  16. Tim or Tom, do you guys have a favorite Punisher arc that you would bring to the screen if you could? And about the short, what was up with the claw machine? It seemed there something going on with that.
  17. Hypothetically speaking, if you guys were to make another Punisher film, would you consider making it take place in the 70's or 80's? Then move foreward maybe 5-10 years for each sequel? I always thought the vietnam war was very important to the character, and kind of made him who he is, but that's just my thoughts on Frank. Either way, I would watch another TJ Punisher in a flash. Unless he shoots rainbows out of his guns or something.
  18. Too late. Now I don't know math. Oh well. It's being a big bottle helps too. Is there anything Jack can't solve? Either way, really great seeing you back in the role. Haven't lost your touch.
  19. I don't know how anyone could like War Zone, as a whole, over either of the other Punisher flicks. It had some good parts. Mostly Ray as Frank, but it was very lame overall. Like a cheap straight to tv affair. I've heard people who like War Zone complain about the cgi blood in this short, which is strange. Did they watch an edited version of War Zone? If I was going to nitpick this, I'd ask questions like Why does the bottle not break? Why did he just throw his clothes in the dryer, and not wash them? That's just nit picking though.
  20. Loved it. Marvel better be watching. If nothing happens with it, at least we got a sequel to the Jane movie.
  21. Just a taste of what you're in for if you give into temptation. I did something similar by watching Batman and Robin last month. Oh, the bat credit card...
  22. http://www.superherohype.com/news/articles/171231-the-trailer-for-dredd-is-here Official Trailer. Looks okay. Karl Urban is always good. I\m still not fond of Lionsgate though. They have put out a lot of terrible films in the last 6 or 7 years. I like to ramble sometimes.
  23. I was disappoimted in this film, but I don't hate it. It seems to be another case of Lindelof thinking he's some kind of superior genius, so he can say things like "People just didn't get it!". Like he said about Lost. We got it Damon, we just didn't like it. Anyway, I love the look of the film, and how it strived to be different then the others, but I thought it was a little too different. There was little action, and what was there wasn't very good. There was nothing at all scary about it. I thought the cgi was pretty lame in a few cases, like the old man make up could have been better. The engineers seemed kind of off. I liked the direction they went with them, but I didn't like their final look. They looked way too clean and rubbery. I would have liked this better if we KNEW the next part was coming out next year. Right now, the sequel will probably come out in 2015 at the earliest, and I won't care as much then, but I'll still check it out. Overall, I'd give it a 6/10. It wasn't terrible, just disappointing.
  24. I forgot it was so close. It's only playing in my local theater in 3d though. Damn it. Oh well, it'll still look good. I'm just tired of 3d. Hate the glasses.
  25. Tyrell as in Blade runner? Interesting. I heard they were bringing Deckard back for the sequel as well. Can't wait if that is true.
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