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  1. What can you tell us about the Judge Dredd poster on BleedingCool.com...? This is a Judge Dredd image by Tim Bradstreet that’s reportedly circulating Cannes as part of the current movie being pitched around the place. Could this be a mock up for a future movie poster? Is this true, Tim..? Lin
  2. Ha- that's my buddy Ronnie, my Bushi Tales partner Dave Beaty's little brother. I took it back at the 2005 SDCC I think. I do remember walking past TJ out front a little later in the day and asking Ronnie, "Hey, wasn't that Thomas Jane..?!" Ronnie replied, "Huh- where?!" and I said, "Dude- you're the one wearing the Punisher shirt!" We caught up to Tom and he was very cool and posed for a pic. I'll have to dig it up. Posted some 2008 SDCC pics here- http://rawstudios.invisionzone.com/index.p...c=564&st=20
  3. What a slacker! Hope Tom enjoys the down time. I'm sure he's earned it! Will bring my Bad Planets to get Jim's autograph. Got a couple other things for you to sign I didn't bring to SDCC the last time I went. Will you have any of your art books for sale at the con? Any new prints or other Bradstreet merch I can't live without? The PHX staff is awesome! I fly about 2,000 miles to be at the show and they make me feel at home. I consider it my "backyard" con, even though it's on the other side of the country. I run into Joe and his family and many of the other staff members at other cons. Great bunch. The Phoenix area is really a great comics hot spot- lots of creators and fans. I haven't heard where our table is going to be yet- but I'll be there for the film and/or Dark Country panel. Depends on how long I can get away from our booth Saturday. Lin See the film in room 154 at 1:30 PM, then come to this panel. Saturday 3:00pm - 4:00pm (CC158)
  4. Tim- just saw on the Phoenix Comic Con/Cactuscon site that you're going to be a guest! I'll be there- love that con. The staff and volunteers are great. It's been a not too big, not too small kind of con. Lots of face time with comic fans and other guests. It's been at the Mesa Convention Center and is moving to the PHX Convention Center this year- and tripling it's size. Looking forward to seeing you there! Lin http://www.phoenixcomicon.com/
  5. Hate I missed SDCC this year. Stopping by the RAW booth was always a great time.
  6. Few more pics- The free Goon sketch Eric did for me- sweet..! Eric and me with my signed "The Mist" DVD (look for Eric in the special features). Rambo and Eric. She and her Nashville roller derby team went on to beat the local Memphis team that night. Great seeing Eric in the M-town. Hope he makes it back again soon, and hope to get him up to Metropolis for a Superman Celebration some day. Lin
  7. Here are a few shots from the Eric Powell/Goon signing at Comics and Collectibles her in Memphis- Eric and Jason Negan. Eric and Fox13. Eric and C&C's manager Donnie.
  8. So far it looks like between the auction and donations they've raised over $30,000- and there's still more art that will go to an on-line auction! Some friends of mine were up in Jersey this week and had dinner with John and Mary. They're supposed to be back in town today so I'll be sure to ask how John is doing. He seemed good when I saw him in Metropolis back in June, so hopefully the surgeries did their job. John's a great writer, and an even greater human being. Just a super guy and a blast to hang out with. If you get a chance to go up to him and say hi at a con do it. Lin
  9. Not really RAW news, but important news regarding one of my favorite comic creators- John Ostrander charity medical auction at Chicago Comic-Con I just saw this link on the Comic Geek Speak boards and wanted to share- http://www.comix4sight.com/ There will be a charity auction the evening of Saturday August 8th at the Chicago Comic-Con to help cover John Ostrander's recent eye surgeries. I sent the link around to the media and comic contacts I had, and posted it on a few more boards. I'm contacting them to see how to donate some art for the auction. John’s asked that if funds are raised above his surgery needs, that any excess money is to be donated to The Hero Initiative to help them continue to help comic creators in their times of need. If I find out any other news I'll let you know. My friends and I have been very lucky to hang out with "Uncle John" here in Memphis and most recently in Metropolis. If you ever get a chance to take part in one of his writing seminars- do it! He's a great guy, a terrific writer, and a heck of a friend. Lin
  10. Dark Horse Comics' Eric Powell will be doing a comic signing here in Memphis next month. Friday, August 7th, 12-3pm Comics and Collectibles 4730 Poplar Ave. #2 Memphis TN 38117 (901) 683-7171 comiccollect@comcast.net http://www.memphiscomics.com/ Although eking out a meager living in the comics field since 1995, Eric didn't find true success until he launched his critically acclaimed dark comedy series The Goon. The Goon was subsequently picked up by Dark Horse Comics and boasts a diehard cult following. He has contributed work on such comics titles as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Hellboy: Weird Tales, Star Wars Tales, The Incredible Hulk, Black Panther, The Avengers, The Hood, MAD Magazine, Devil Dinosaur, Swamp Thing, the Avengers, She-Hulk, the Simpsons, Arkham Asylum: Living Hell and Action Comics. http://www.thegoon.com/ http://www.darkhorse.com/
  11. Tim- did you get the Bushi Tales soundtrack I sent? It's probably a bit more techno than you might like, but the first time I heard the main theme I got goosebumps! Especially when I heard the sword clashes. Joel nailed the feeling we wanted with it, and I like the different influences on the rest. It's always fun to put on while I'm coloring pages. Hope you dig it. Lin
  12. Damn you Tim and Tom! How can I pass this up..?! No pressure...no pressure...
  13. I know it's a bit early to ask about the score/soundtrack release...but can't wait for the news on that! Jazz, film noir, and 3-D...dude, I'm so there. Lin
  14. I posted this article in the "3-D Biz Is Boomin" thread, but thought I'd add it here in case you missed it. Found it in the Memphis Business Journal (July 25-31, 2008). It's on American Paper Optics, the 3-D company I use here for our haunted house glasses.
  15. Found this article in the Memphis Business Journal. Apparently American Paper Optics is doing ok!
  16. Gotta agree- Criminal Macabre: Cellblock 666 Part 3...creepy as hell. Great job! I think this is my favorite Cal/Jane cover. Lin
  17. "For Dark Country, however, Paradise decided to work with Iridas SpeedGrade—partly because Iridas was compatible with the CineForm RAW codec out by the SI-2K Minis, but also because it had a built-in feature to automatically flip one of the two eyes when stereo footage is dropped on the timeline." RAW..? Coincidence..?
  18. Heck- if they did show it in Nashville I'd make the drive. It's a straight shot from here up I-40 and only about 3hrs away. Would sooooo love to see this film in 3-D in a theater. As far as 3-D at home, I've got the Shrek 3-D and I know one of the spy kids movies was released on DVD in 3-D. I picked up some extra 3-D glasses and we watched the Shrek 3-D in my friend Tim's back yard TIMAX screen (about 15-18ft tall and 30ft wide!) TimHX surround sound. The kids got a kick out of it when we showed it before the main flick. Since they've been filming the DVD extras in 3-D I'd hope it would be on the DVD. So glad Tom's a fan of 3-D and got to make this film! Lin
  19. There was a store here a few months ago that got busted for selling bootleg CDs and DVDs. When I used to paint tees at a flea market you'd see an occasional bust here and there- especially rock shirts, fake designer bags, and all. Being in the shirt business back then (even sold some of Tim's vampire tees- legitimately of course!) I could spot a fake a mile away, and apparently the cops could occasionally. Heck- we've found bootlegs of our comic online. It could be downloaded from us for like a buck or two, but someone downloaded it and started sharing it online. I don't buy bootlegs. I'll pony up some bucks for the real thing. If I don't want to pay out the butt for a copy when it first hits I'll just wait until it goes on sale or put it on the Christmas/birthday wish list. I stay so busy I'm lucky to catch movies in the theater or watch them at home. And if I'm going to watch someone's head go across the screen I might as well be sitting in stadium seating with some good sound. Lin
  20. Dang- I really didn't get to spend hardly any time in artists alley. It was so hard to get away from the table and down to that end. Was lucky to snap that shot as I was heading back to my table. Hate I didn't get a chance to come back to the RAW booth to go take the Alien Pig Farm over to show Al with you. I remembered packing on Sunday night when I saw the comic! Did at least get to say hi to him at the airport on Wednesday while I was waiting for my ride. Great guy. Did a fun haunted house sketch for me at the Ohio State Festival of Cartoon Art a few years ago. Got to catch his panel there, too. I'll have to dig those pics up and post them. Would love for you guys to have stuffs for sale- I'd buy it! And any promo stuff is always appreciated. My buddy Dave's little brother Ronnie about crapped himself when I gave him one of the Mutant Chronicles posters you signed for me at the con. Thanks again, and glad you dug the photos. Had a blast talking to you, Tim, Todd, and the RAW booth inmates. You guys were great! Lin
  21. And if you want proof- C'mon- how many people can make goggles look that cool..?! Lin
  22. "In a nutshell, it's Combat! meets The Twilight Zone. And that's about as much information as we can divulge at this stage. Please stand by, all will be revealed in good time." You had me at "The Twilight Zone". Looking forward to this one, too. Man, one pic and big project after the other- do you guys ever get any rest?! Lin
  23. I really dug 'em all. (Hey, I had a lot of coloring to do!) Looking forward to the next one. Will you guys be talking about Comic Con in any future ones?
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