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  1. I always thought that Catherine Zeta Jones and Diane Lane could play sisters. A MILF sandwich!
  2. I think it's great that "KILLSHOT" is getting some decent reviews but it's too little too late I think. Let's hope it can find an audience. None of this of course will help Diane Lane
  3. “KILLSHOT” is also available on BLURAY disc for those interested. I’ve got and the film is EXTENDED by 11 minutes and plays much better than the “online” version. THOMAS, MICKEY ROURKE and DIANE LANE are excellent (the other characters less so). DIANE LANE quit showbusiness after this movie. A shame… she was a classy, talented and beautiful actress who was vastly underrated and often overlooked. Link to bluray: http://www.amazon.ca/Killshot-Blu-ray/dp/B...7795&sr=1-1
  4. I got the Canadian bluray today and "KILLSHOT" looks great! Almost 3D!! The film is fine. Very straight-ahead 80's style action thriller. Nothing amazing but certainly deserving of a wide theatrical release. Tom Jane is great as Wayne Colson and he shares some excellent moments with Diane Lane. Mickey Rourke is also good. I though Joe Gordon Levitt was a little OTT and Rosario Dawson was underused. A shame this movie has been treated this badly. Go for it and buy the bluray or the DVD. Worth seeing!!!
  5. "The Mist" and "Killshot" are infact BOTH from the same studio, The Weinstein Company. In fact, it is the Weinsteins who screwed-up the release of BOTH films. I think "Killshot" was intended as a Diane Lane vehicle, but now she has quit showbusiness and Rourke is hot again they are giving him as much of the promotion as Diane Lane. I have seen the movie and it is not bad at all. Rourke, Diane Lane, and of course, Thomas Jane are all great in it. I'm not convinced about Rosario Dawson or Joe Gordon-Levitt though. They are good actors but I don't think they were well casted or s
  6. Was just about to post the amazon link too!
  7. Fab! Where can I order it!!!???
  8. Any pictures of the DVD artwork yet?
  9. Cool. Any links or coverart you can direct us to?
  10. Apparently, Harvey Weinstein doesn't like the movie.
  11. These guys - http://www.filmcolony.com/ - who are a production house for "Killshot" reckon it's showing on 5 screens in Phoenix at best! Now that is what I call a LIMITED release - 5 f**king screens! Apparently, Harvey Weinstein doesn't like it and won't release it (yet spent a shitload of money casting, shooting and re-shooting it!) Tom man... You heard anything buddy!?
  12. NEW TRAILER FOR "KILLSHOT"! Loads of new scenes, loadsa Lane, Jane, Rourke and Levitt! No Knoxville at all. He's definately gone. Here it is, and it rocks! : http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi1505755929/ http://www.worstpreviews.com/trailer.php?id=318&item=1 Mickey Rourke said (in typical Rourke style) that the problems with "KILLSHOT" started when "they hired an actor and he sucked. So they cut his scenes out and then realised it didn't make sense. They screwed up the ending and, so were left with a thumb up their ass." I guess he is talking about Johnny Knoxv
  13. Thanks Thomas. Are you gonna make anymore movies with the Weinsteins? They don't seem very reliable to me. I guess they pay you though.
  14. I think all the posters and ads featured Diane Lane initially (they still might). I think it was probably devised as a starring vehicle for her (even though it has a kick-ass ensemble cast). I know that director John Madden asked expressly for her to take the lead role. I guess that's why she was so hurt by the film being shelved and therefore quit (although the exact reasons are all rumours). I guess because she was billed as "the star" it's her career that's been hurt the most. I dunno.... At the end of the day... I'm just pleased to be able to see it. It's a great book and has a great
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