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  1. Aurelia,

    I love your name. :)


  2. I feel badly that this happened (even though it obviously wasn't my fault.) It's sad, but the court outcome was favorable and hopefully nothing like this will happen again. All my hugs to you, Tom. I'm most surprised at the cops; here in Virginia, people get pulled a thousand times a day for stupid stuff (like speeding 10-15 miles over on the interstate, or in my awful case of reckless driving which I'll regale if asked.) We have checkpoints for no apparent reason and they make me so mad. So why did the cops let him go twice? It's puzzling and worrisome... I just wonder if it's like that for all celebrities...? Hmm...
  3. I'm confused: "One count each of misdemeanor drunken driving and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription were dismissed as a condition of the plea deal." That was on one of the sites. What controlled substance? This worries me. (P.S. I read these boards very regularly, but I don't usually post. I'm starting to change that.) Love, Charity
  4. Hey everyone! My name is Charity and I must say that I love this site. There's a sense of community here that is hard to find most other places. I'm glad to be here and feel free to stop by and say "hello" back!
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