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  1. are getting on me about the ending of The Mist on IMDB.


    i mean, hell. an actor gets used to all kind of comments about his work, his back hair, his lousy fashion sense.


    and forget about it if you're an actress. my wife has the thickest skin of anybody i know (and the softest)


    i can take it if it's honest, i mean everybody's entitled, right? or if i've done something really stupid,

    well then it's time to man up and pay the piper.

    fair 'nuff.


    but i like this film.

    i like the chances it takes and i like the uncompromising ending.

    and yeah, i'm pretty proud of the acting too. i think the director took it all the way.

    i think that's pretty rare in these half way, are we in a war-not in a war, apathetic,

    i'd rather be playing Grand Theft Auto, i wanna-hear the record-but i'm-not gonna buy it-world.


    good or bad, we took a stand.


    if anybody wants to chime in here in defense of the film,

    check it out:



    you might have to log in to post comments there. don't let idiocy rule the day.





    nope. but i once started a club with an old friend of mine called the 'EXIANS.'

    we called DC/101 and got on the air, making the local DJ our first honorary member.



    thanks for the feedback, everybody. it's good to know that some people appreciate the film. i don't expect everyone to love it - if they did then i know that we really screwed up. i find that the world of intelligent criticism is dying, whether it's film or music or art (literary critique is still holding on by a thread, for obvious reasons)

    but gone are the days of Pauline Kael and the ilk. not that we look to places like IMDB for that, but as an artist there's precious few places to look for interesting feedback of one's work.


    a recent article in VARIETY lamented this fact, that most of the nations papers have FIRED their entertainment critics.

    you'd think this was a good thing, with all the shit we give them. nothing sticks in the mind like a bad review. i can still quote some verbatum from when i was first starting out. but like a lot of things that are a pain in the ass, a good critic can offer you something that every artist - okay, every person - badly needs - constructive, well thought out, dare i say intelligent feedback


    and we wonder about the state of films these days. the weekly numbers at the box office are the only reliable gage of how the work is received by the GP, and we all know that that number is subject to a hell of a lot more factors than 'artistic merit' (whatever that is) or fine craftmanship.

    it's a little like acting in a vacuum or a bubble that keeps getting smaller the more work you do.

    and we wonder why so many artists have one or two good pieces of work and then fall of the beam.


    the internet's been great, but like the television, i see it adding to the dumbness and the deafness. The attention span starts to crumble. the mind begins to die.


    and you thought you were here just to kill some time.






    As I said in the topic "the mist", I sincerely believe that we should not to read reviews on imdb, whatever the topic because they are often too stupid, childish (and irritating...). In short, unfortunate. It does not merit to respond and even less our attention.


    I think everyone needs a minimum of recognition, especially when you work hard, but it's imperative to look elsewhere that on this shit of imdb if one wants to read a constructive criticism, because this is not there that we can be judge at our fair value. There, people mostly saying dirty comments gratuitously.

  2. You're so lucky! Darn you! I hope they release this soon in the US! I've been waiting for this for years.


    I think that yes. ;)



    Those are certainly among her best, and some of my favorites, but she's got a lot of other great movies out there. Like


    Flirting with Disaster

    Human Nature ( I know everyone doesn't like this one, but I love it)


    Nightwatch (scares the pants off of me every time)

    The Hi-Lo Country

    Goodbye Lover

    And that's just off the top of my head. I love all of her movies.


    "Human nature", this film seems to me ... very strange! lol :lol:



    But Medium is tops on my list. I love that show. She's fantastic in it. Hope it stays around for a few more years. (You hear that, Patricia? ;) )


    For "Medium", in france, we saw the season 3 recently. This (very good) show is at what stage to the usa ?


    The actors and the characters are excellent and endearing. :)

  3. I saw again the movie last night and this is undeniable, I adore.

    Some people might say that we are not objective because we're fans of Thomas. And well not, I would have anyway loved this film, with or without him. Certainly, the film is even better thanks to Thomas and he gives a lot of charm and intensity to David Drayton.


    I read the comments on imdb, including the negatives, and I can't answer because they are so stupid (fortunately, there are positive rating). How to defend a film against people who have so little arguments (and who have no taste !). I rest on my positions : most people who post messages on imdb are idiots (and often hovering on the ridiculous, I read also some comments on Thomas, it's sometimes staggering !). I can't (and I don't want) to demean me at their level.

  4. Here's some great (and not so great) news for Patricia Arquette fans. One of her best movies (imo), Beyond Rangoon, is finally getting a release on dvd. But the bad news is, it's only being released in Region 2 format. :(



    ahahaha ! for once that it's the opposite ! :P lol



    with Patricia, I think I have seen these only films:


    True romance





    As regards "Medium", I've never missed an episode ! :)

  5. And, about Aaron Eckhart similarites...noooo...Tom is one-of-a-kind! laugh.gif



    I think that he reminds me a little Aaron Eckhart (rather nice), Samuel Le Bihan and Christophe Lambert (but be careful, I wish to state C. Lambert when he was young, because now he looks more like much... :unsure: ). but Thomas is still better than all these guys, at all levels. :P



    C'mon- how many people can make goggles look that cool..?!




    By the way, what are these glasses ?

    They remind me those of Abe Sapien in "Hellboy"...

  6. IMDB is wrong a lot. It's more reliable for past projects than upcoming projects, but even then, doesn't always get it right.


    It's true. -_-



    Even if this gets a limited release, I'll drive to another city if I have to, I'm seeing this sucker in the theater!



    Me too, but... I can't move country to see the film. :lol: lol


  7. Does that mean that it is actually going to get a theatrical release in the US?


    yes, the problem is that it makes long time that it lasts ...



    I notice that it lists a DVD release for Brazil, which has already passed, so I wonder if that's supposed to be 2009.


    for brazil, I think it is 2008 ... and so, there will be no to cinema, only a "directo dvd".



    Maybe this thing will actually see the light of day, and not get buried like "Killshot".


    as you say ... <_<

  8. "I think that special mention has to be given to actor Thomas Jane (who plays Drayton), as his performance is these final scenes is stunning. His crushing, guttural screams are punctuated with brief moments of jaded, accepting calm, and seem much closer to a state of total despair than any more classically theatrical turn could convey."





    Perfect actor, perfect playing. B)

  9. I've got a lot of sympathy for Aurelia. In the 7 MONTHS between when the Mist was released in the US and released in England (where I now live), I inevitably had the ending ruined for me when I read an interview with Frank Darabont when he was promoting the DVD for release in the US (over 2 months before it was even theatrically released in England... where we speak English and don't have to wait for dubbing/translations etc... WHY 'Dimension/MGM' WHY!!!).


    I finally saw The Mist (and loved it) when it was finally released over here, but I've always felt robbed that I never got to experience the ending as I should have (imagine watching The Usual Suspects but knowing who 'Keyser Söze' was all along!). As you can imagine, I was pretty p****d off about that and 'pondering' should I just have just downloaded it before Darabont of all people ruined the ending. When I finally saw it (Saturday mid-night screening.. sweet) I was glad I had waited for the full theatrical experience (seeing the massive creatures on the big screen was so ominous).


    Now, I have NEVER downloaded a movie and I don't plan to (not even from iTunes or whatever) as I'm a fillm nut and I want to experience films theatrically when possible, but the distributors do need to recognise the positions they put people in. Temptation can be awful hard when you aren't left with any real alternatives. Take 'Thursday' for example, I'd love to own a copy of that. At best I could order a copy from Denmark, but I'm not sure how legal that is (or if it's got Danish subtitles all over it). Now I appreciate the legal issues around Thursday with 'Polygram/USA' going bankrupt, but someone owns the rights to it so why are they not trying to make some money by selling it to us legitimately?


    I find it ridiculous when distributors wont sell a product to an audience that wants to buy it (which would make more money for all involved!). It's just bad business and they can hardly be surprised when people go down alternate routes. Now, I'm not blaming them for all piracy (some people are just thieving scum), but Distributors do have to take responsibility for their part in driving some people like Aurelia to it and address those issues, rather than just playing the victim.


    Speaking about things that I want to buy, but can't - The soundtrack to Danny Boyle's "Sunshine".

    Fox Searchlight, why wont you sell me a copy? Sort out a deal with 'Underworld' (who want to release it).

    Release it! Have Money, Will Pay! Make profit, everybody happy!!!



    Murphy, you have perfectly summed up the situation, therefore I have nothing more to add. 369669yr9.gif



  10. Please, don't mention the daredevil movie again, or Ghost rider. God those movies were almost as bad as Uwe Boll movies. I just hope this movie isn't complete crap, and we can at least get one sequel from it.



    I liked Dardevil and Ghost Rider, but I admit that these films could have been much better, it was fun :P, but a little disappointing ... (Mark Steven Jonhson... :unsure:). I heard about a Ghost Rider 2 ! :blink: .

    Against by the director's cut version of Dardevil is better than the cinema version (with an additional intrigue, and a additional of 30 minutes). About Ghost Rider, I appreciated the special effects.

  11. I understand, but I don't think "to kill" the movie industry with at my active only 4 films downloaded to 6 years of internet, films that I went to see or that I will go see at cinema anyway, and that I buy anyway in dvd when they coming out in France.


    For those who download 36 films in a week (or who sell them !!!!), ok, but I do not feel concerned. -_-


    For certain films, it is of the impatience, for others it is a lack of choice ! "Stander" for example is NEVER released in France, nor at cinema, nor on DVD... So, in this case, what choice remains for me ????? Find abroad in zone 2, it's not easy... and in french, it's impossible.


    Moreover, I think that for the Americans, they have fewer "problems" to find movies because they have the same nationality (and in the same language of course). For foreigners, it's another story, some films are very poorly distributed (or not at all) !


    Anyway, one could still fight for a long time on this subject... It's a sensitive subject. ;)


    But beware, I did not say that I support the downloading !

  12. In my case, I can download movies when I can not wait for the exit cinema or DVD release (but it's rare, I have only 4 movies downloaded, and some sixty purchased), but then, I ALWAYS buy the DVD. And it happens that if I love the movie, I going to see him several times at cinema (my best score was 6 times for a same film), and I can buy several DVD edition of the same film (collector, Director's cut, etc...).

  13. Personally, I'm not going in a gym, I do not like to be watching. so I prefer doing at home (and it's free ... lol).

    and the guys are often "heavy" in such places... :P lol



    Would there ever be any chace you would direct or act with your wife? I could really see you two doing a noir film , between your sensablities of the genre and her being a perfect fit for a femme fatal, it would be killer.


    It would have been good to see them together again in "Killshot." :)

    But I like Diane Lane, so it's ok.

  14. truth be told, i would not be doing this show if it interfered with my film career. it's a half hour, single camera show (meaning it'll be shot on film, like a movie, not with three vid cams.) it's 13 episodes, so i'll only be working 3 - 4 months out of the year on the show, leaving plenty of time for a film or two, and all the comic stuff we're doing with Raw, as well as the series i'm developing for sci fi channel - VOYAGE TO SAVAGE PLANET.


    In this case, I am reassured ! ;)


    I hope this will bring to you even greater success ! Your career will be even more grown up... B)


  15. Today I got the Limited Collectors Edition DVD and saw the movie for the first time. It's pretty good and I wasn't disappointed! I like the ambiguity of the mist's origin and the situation in the market provides for some good drama and also a bit humor. It shows how different people react to some kind of terror and how fast humans can become violent and insane. I don't know the Stephen King novel yet, but I think the ending of the movie is quite cool. It's shocking, it's unexpected...

    and suicide sucks




    Totally agree !!! :)


    By cons for the French version, I found that the dubbing was not always very good...




    Very solid performances throughout. TJ is very good, especially at the end. William Sadler is good too, very natural performance by Toby Jones and you just love to hate Marcia Gay Harden in that role ^^ As a Riddick fan, it was also nice to see Alexa Davalos again. The effects are okay overall, even though you notice the low budget at some points.


    7 / 10



    Me too !!! I am a fan of tandem "Richard B. Riddick and Kyra" !!!!!!! B)

  16. I have the film in its entirety, and impeccable quality. also if it is not the "final version", for now it helps me to wait. I could no longer wait at least 1 year again for to see him at the cinema or in DVD in my fucking country (and I'm not patient ... lol :P).



    Either big screen, or home surround sound theater.


    It is the ideal, and this is what I want !

  17. and see him starting getting the respect he has long deserved.


    That's right ! :)



    The advantage of a TV show is that we will see Thomas "each week". ^_^


    But it's even better to see him on the big screen, even if it is only once a year...

    (so if the series lasts a few years, we will not see him on the big screen for a long time...)



    Arfff, anyway, see Thomas remains a real pleasure, no importance "where", "when", "how"... B)

  18. this scene in the film had been criticized by certains fans of the character, because it seemed ridiculous that The Punisher torture a guy with an ice ...


    but the proof, it was in the comic book ! and toc ! :D

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