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  1. Russell Mulcahy had a good filmography, so it is a good new, and I much loved "Ricochet" with Denzel Washington.
  2. The france is always late visibly... lol Oh ! thank you for information, I did not know it ! lol ! It's a family of artists.
  3. Do you speaking french ? lol In Blade Runner, I wanted to be Daryl Hannah ! lol And I am a fan of Aliens, I love this movies with monsters, extraterrestrial, etc...
  4. As I said in the topic "the mist", I sincerely believe that we should not to read reviews on imdb, whatever the topic because they are often too stupid, childish (and irritating...). In short, unfortunate. It does not merit to respond and even less our attention. I think everyone needs a minimum of recognition, especially when you work hard, but it's imperative to look elsewhere that on this shit of imdb if one wants to read a constructive criticism, because this is not there that we can be judge at our fair value. There, people mostly saying dirty comments gratuitously.
  5. I think that yes. "Human nature", this film seems to me ... very strange! lol For "Medium", in france, we saw the season 3 recently. This (very good) show is at what stage to the usa ? The actors and the characters are excellent and endearing.
  6. I saw again the movie last night and this is undeniable, I adore. Some people might say that we are not objective because we're fans of Thomas. And well not, I would have anyway loved this film, with or without him. Certainly, the film is even better thanks to Thomas and he gives a lot of charm and intensity to David Drayton. I read the comments on imdb, including the negatives, and I can't answer because they are so stupid (fortunately, there are positive rating). How to defend a film against people who have so little arguments (and who have no taste !). I rest on my positions : most p
  7. ahahaha ! for once that it's the opposite ! lol with Patricia, I think I have seen these only films: True romance Rangoon Stigmata As regards "Medium", I've never missed an episode !
  8. I think that he reminds me a little Aaron Eckhart (rather nice), Samuel Le Bihan and Christophe Lambert (but be careful, I wish to state C. Lambert when he was young, because now he looks more like much... ). but Thomas is still better than all these guys, at all levels. By the way, what are these glasses ? They remind me those of Abe Sapien in "Hellboy"...
  9. Lol ! It's not wrong ! (This is what I did to see "The Punisher"... ) But it depends on what period, I can't go on holiday whenever I want because I working... and as I hope to go to San Diego next year !
  10. It's true. Me too, but... I can't move country to see the film. lol
  11. yes, the problem is that it makes long time that it lasts ... for brazil, I think it is 2008 ... and so, there will be no to cinema, only a "directo dvd". as you say ...
  12. For now, imdb have put it : USA 2008 Greece 24 July 2008 Russia 7 August 2008 Brazil 13 August 2008 (DVD premiere) They will perhaps add Sweden, and other countries (I hope).
  13. Beautiful illustration ! I also think.
  14. "I think that special mention has to be given to actor Thomas Jane (who plays Drayton), as his performance is these final scenes is stunning. His crushing, guttural screams are punctuated with brief moments of jaded, accepting calm, and seem much closer to a state of total despair than any more classically theatrical turn could convey." Perfect actor, perfect playing.
  15. Murphy, you have perfectly summed up the situation, therefore I have nothing more to add.
  16. I liked Dardevil and Ghost Rider, but I admit that these films could have been much better, it was fun , but a little disappointing ... (Mark Steven Jonhson... ). I heard about a Ghost Rider 2 ! . Against by the director's cut version of Dardevil is better than the cinema version (with an additional intrigue, and a additional of 30 minutes). About Ghost Rider, I appreciated the special effects.
  17. I understand, but I don't think "to kill" the movie industry with at my active only 4 films downloaded to 6 years of internet, films that I went to see or that I will go see at cinema anyway, and that I buy anyway in dvd when they coming out in France. For those who download 36 films in a week (or who sell them !!!!), ok, but I do not feel concerned. For certain films, it is of the impatience, for others it is a lack of choice ! "Stander" for example is NEVER released in France, nor at cinema, nor on DVD... So, in this case, what choice remains for me ????? Find abroad in zone 2, i
  18. In my case, I can download movies when I can not wait for the exit cinema or DVD release (but it's rare, I have only 4 movies downloaded, and some sixty purchased), but then, I ALWAYS buy the DVD. And it happens that if I love the movie, I going to see him several times at cinema (my best score was 6 times for a same film), and I can buy several DVD edition of the same film (collector, Director's cut, etc...).
  19. Personally, I'm not going in a gym, I do not like to be watching. so I prefer doing at home (and it's free ... lol). and the guys are often "heavy" in such places... lol It would have been good to see them together again in "Killshot." But I like Diane Lane, so it's ok.
  20. Aurelia


    In this case, I am reassured ! I hope this will bring to you even greater success ! Your career will be even more grown up...
  21. Totally agree !!! By cons for the French version, I found that the dubbing was not always very good... Me too !!! I am a fan of tandem "Richard B. Riddick and Kyra" !!!!!!!
  22. I am an unconditional of Batman and I am a fan of Christian Bale (discovered in "The Empire of the Sun"). I would to see rather Thomas in a film like "MAX PAYNE".
  23. "and the GREATER Thomas Jane !"
  24. I have the film in its entirety, and impeccable quality. also if it is not the "final version", for now it helps me to wait. I could no longer wait at least 1 year again for to see him at the cinema or in DVD in my fucking country (and I'm not patient ... lol ). It is the ideal, and this is what I want !
  25. Aurelia


    That's right ! The advantage of a TV show is that we will see Thomas "each week". But it's even better to see him on the big screen, even if it is only once a year... (so if the series lasts a few years, we will not see him on the big screen for a long time...) Arfff, anyway, see Thomas remains a real pleasure, no importance "where", "when", "how"...
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