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  1. Arf, it happened to many people (including actors) after an evening a little watered for exemple... And I had already heard to talk that, it seems that he also had a suspended driver's license... lol It's not nasty, not good, but not nasty. There no had "accident", it's the principal.
  2. Wouh ! Simply extra ! I admire people who have such a knack !
  3. It's ok, I have done my duty ! I will vote again later.
  4. oh great ! Can we vote "freely" ? I'll go see it quietly... but for "The Mist" and Thomas, my vote is already acquired, of course. and for the rest, as I am a fan of super-heroes, I have many choices ! no, you're not quite alone ... this movie disappointed me (far too long, too many Joker / H. Ledger and not enough Batman / Christian Bale... short, the film should be called "The Joker"), I much preferred "Batman Begins".
  5. It means that she has good taste.
  6. This one, I didn't dare to see him...
  7. I think that if they had done this, the movie would have been just "barbaric", with a scenario empty and hollow : just a guy who kills without batting an eyelid for two hours, to take revenge. Frank was to attract a little sympathy, to be more "human". Moreover, the movie would have been even more violent, and in France it was banned less than 16 years (which is much) and censored in some cinemas... the scenario of the movie seemed to me therefore more sought and more interesting, but less faithful to the comic.
  8. Is there a "director's cut" of "Punisher" ?
  9. I read in a magazine french : "MC should be released in France in 2009, if everything goes well because the film is in a drawer since 2006."
  10. I am a fan of the serie of "Die Hard", "Speed 2" was really useless, lol, and what I like in "Long Kiss Goodnight" it's when Geena Davis cut vegetables ... Yep !!!
  11. I don't like "Driven" but I like "The Long Kiss Goodnight" ("Au revoir à jamais" in french).
  12. arfff ... I hope that we will have entitled to DVD before the week of 4 Thursday (and in many countries...)
  13. In any case, not my home either. Aaaahhh !!! The France is not far, the France is not far !!! lol
  14. Aurelia


    yep, rightly, I clicked on the link. I saw much the TV Shows in which she played, and I don't remember at all ... lol
  15. Aurelia


    I don't remember this actress...
  16. LOL ! I thought to be the only to be harassed !
  17. I still try to find it in zone 2... I want to see ! I think that many people have known thomas jane in "the punisher", which is not my case, his presence in the film is the reason for I made so many miles for to see the movie...
  18. Me too of course ! Briefly, I hope that the distribution will not be as chaotic that for "mutant chronicles" and "killshot" ...
  19. The cast is great! By cons, I read on the Internet that the film will not come out in theaters, but only dvd ... http://www.toutlecine.com/cinema/l-actu-ci...tres-prive.html
  20. I did not know it, but why not ! By cons, I doubt that the black and white version will be available on DVD french (September 18), I don't even know if they will release a collector edition (as in zone 1, I believe).
  21. sorry, I don't understand... (my english ?) (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0102789/) I thought at the same thing !
  22. There is a version in black and white ? For the entire movie or just few passages ?
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