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  1. Hey everyone - Just a head's up that we're in the home stretch in VOTING DAILY FOR TOM, and The Mist, and Frank Darabont, for the SPIKE TV SCREAM 2008 awards!


    We have through this Friday, October 17th for our voices/votes to be heard/counted, so click away!! :D


    Here's the link to main site for SPIKE TV Scream 2008:



    and the direct links for the categories that Tom or The Mist is nominated in:


    Best Actor in a Horror Movie or TV show:





    Ultimate Scream:





    Best Horror Movie:





    Best Director:





    Best Screamplay:









    It's became my first gesture morning. :D

  2. i really end up liking both of them too (amazing how easy it has been for me to forget each of their "music" careers, that means these guys have acting chops).



    Apparently, Donnie is currently working on the return of News Kids on The Block (but not Mark... ouf, lol).



    And am i the only one who liked Rock Star?!


    Me too ! (except the look of Mark... scary, lol)




    For the end of "Dreamcatcher", he can place the tags "spoilers" ... ;)

  3. Me too, they're so dreamy :P

    Nah, Mark is fine, he does some really good stuff and lots of mediocre stuff, but I always really like watching Donnie, there just always seems to be more going on with him.

    Who knew there were so many Boomtown fans out there, had there only been more of us!!!!!


    I love Donnie for his talent, and I love Mark for his talent AND his physical... (I am a woman, we can't fight against our nature). :D


    Regarding Donnie, I think I've seen only in "Dreamcatcher" and "Boomtown"... Mark, I have all his films (except the first 2 of his career), and honestly, I loved them ALL (even if I have my preferences of course).




    Oh, and the book ending was a lot better, it all took place in the memory warehouse building and .... no, I don't want to spoill it for anybody, but read it if you get the chance!


    Snifff ! I want to know ! lol

  4. My sister had read the book (she is fan of Stephen King), and there are differences : the end, the characters (Duddits is a little more developed, and some details such as for exemple it's the character of Henry who wearing glasses, etc).


    The end of the film could have been better in my opinion.


    Regarding Donnie Wahlberg ("Step by Step, oh baby ..."), his reconversion has been very successful, like his brother (I am in love of him... lol)," Boomtown ", etc ...

    Personally, I adore the brothers Wahlberg. B)

  5. Cameron Diaz is so cool, I am sure that we would be friends ! but physically, bof (I prefer brown girls, lol)...


    Salma Hayek, she is beautiful, but with a style too "Latin".


    Parker Posey, I don't like as actress, too often "exaggerated" ( "Blade Trinity", "Scream 3"...).


    Selma Blair, she didn't seem to laugh often (when you look at the bonus of DVD...), pretty, but a little too slim.


    Christina Applegate, I like her.


    And Tilda Swinton has a style "androgynous", not bad.


    I give my opinion as a woman of course, lol, I prefer to talk of mens. :P

  6. more of a 'Name is Earl' style i'd say, where the humor arises from the material, as opposed to being forced with a laugh track or cued audience. Believe me, there were times when even the crew was cracking up. Thomas is naturally funny, the script works, so this should get a good audience.



    Oula ... "My name is Earl" is completely crazy ! lol

    Moreover, I don't like... it's like "scrubs", I am not fan at all...

    So... wait and see.

  7. but "Welcome Back Frank" didn't gain me any more respect than the Extended Cut won over a bit back.





    This Extended Cut is "different" or they have simply added a few scenes ?

    (I don't find this edition in France...)


  8. After this "incident" Thomas had a good reaction and I commend him for that.

    Of course, and I don't talk about Thomas in particulary, I still think that celebrities have "advantages". They have money, so they can afford very good lawyers... Unless to fall on a "nice cop" who merely given the lesson... lol


    After all, and I say this for everyone, in all the circumstances, good or bad, you can move you from "illicit substances", alcohol or other (it's my lifestyle since forever) .


    To meditate. ;)

  9. Arf, it happened to many people (including actors) after an evening a little watered for exemple... :P


    And I had already heard to talk that, it seems that he also had a suspended driver's license... lol


    It's not nasty, not good, but not nasty. There no had "accident", it's the principal. ;)


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