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    Cinema (Action - Fantastic - Science-fiction - Horror) / Comics / Super-heroes / Score-Soundtrack / Gothic-Fantasy<br /><br />And best groups :<br />http://www.within-temptation.com/<br />http://www.within-temptation.fr/<br />http://www.nightwish.fr/<br />http://www.nightwish.com/<br /><br />"Je pense que les comics sont notre derniers liens avec une façon ancienne de communiquer l'histoire. Les Egyptiens dessinaient sur les murs, aujoud'hui encore partout dans le monde on continu à transmettre le savoir par l'image. Les comics sont pour moi une forme d'histoire que des gens comme nous ont un jour vécu ou éprouvé." <br />- Elijah Price, "Incassable" -

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  1. Elsa Pataky... bof bof bof, they could find better, it seems to me... bof, lol. The rumors about Michelle Rodriguez are still relevant on the net.
  2. Apparently, Donnie is currently working on the return of News Kids on The Block (but not Mark... ouf, lol). Me too ! (except the look of Mark... scary, lol) For the end of "Dreamcatcher", he can place the tags "spoilers" ...
  3. I love Donnie for his talent, and I love Mark for his talent AND his physical... (I am a woman, we can't fight against our nature). Regarding Donnie, I think I've seen only in "Dreamcatcher" and "Boomtown"... Mark, I have all his films (except the first 2 of his career), and honestly, I loved them ALL (even if I have my preferences of course). Snifff ! I want to know ! lol
  4. My sister had read the book (she is fan of Stephen King), and there are differences : the end, the characters (Duddits is a little more developed, and some details such as for exemple it's the character of Henry who wearing glasses, etc). The end of the film could have been better in my opinion. Regarding Donnie Wahlberg ("Step by Step, oh baby ..."), his reconversion has been very successful, like his brother (I am in love of him... lol)," Boomtown ", etc ... Personally, I adore the brothers Wahlberg.
  5. Cameron Diaz is so cool, I am sure that we would be friends ! but physically, bof (I prefer brown girls, lol)... Salma Hayek, she is beautiful, but with a style too "Latin". Parker Posey, I don't like as actress, too often "exaggerated" ( "Blade Trinity", "Scream 3"...). Selma Blair, she didn't seem to laugh often (when you look at the bonus of DVD...), pretty, but a little too slim. Christina Applegate, I like her. And Tilda Swinton has a style "androgynous", not bad. I give my opinion as a woman of course, lol, I prefer to talk of mens.
  6. Aurelia


    It's natural, they are very good actors ! For "Scrubs", it does not makes me laugh, it's too "crazy" and this TV show lack of "natural"...
  7. Donnie Wahlberg was excellent !!! "I'm Duddits !!!" (scoubidoo-bidoo...)
  8. ahhh... the magic of photoshop...
  9. Aurelia


    Oula ... "My name is Earl" is completely crazy ! lol Moreover, I don't like... it's like "scrubs", I am not fan at all... So... wait and see.
  10. Aurelia


    That's cool ! Is this TV Show is done as a sitcom or as a TV show "normal" (humour, etc...) ?
  11. This Extended Cut is "different" or they have simply added a few scenes ? (I don't find this edition in France...)
  12. LOL ! I have 4 computers : one in my home, and 3 at my work !
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