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  1. Very well put review. I agree on all points, with an addendum that the DVD I have (which is the "unfinished" cut of the movie as released here in Scandinavia) has very bad sound. I have a hard time hearing what they say in many scenes, and subtitles ain't my bag baby
  2. I think it is called a "botched" release... The really did screw up, whoever they are
  3. Yeah, I read the book a month ago or so. It had more content added to it to tie in with the RPG, but the movie was really kick ass. Though, my only gripe is the sound. I am having a hard time hearing the dialogue in some parts (and I hate having subtitles enabled).
  4. Happy Birthday! 40 is a big step, but still a long way to go. Best wishes from Sweden! "I'm not paid to have faith. I'm paid to celebrate my birthday!" - Mutant Chronicles, comical version
  5. Finally watched the movie. It was kickass!! Sure, it has its flaws (but tell me the movie that does not have flaws) and some parts are clearly not complete, but despite that, I felt it was an amazing movie. The acting was good, the music was good, the plot was good. Being an avid fan of the Mutant Chronicles franchise, I looked upon the movie as a work that was _inspired_ by MC, not as a work trying to _be_ MC. Though, I think that if they would have gone for a more "true to the franchise" look we'd have something like that awful Judge Dredd movie (which, if viewed as a work _inspired_ by JD,
  6. Will probably receive it today in the mail, can't wait to check it out! Edit: Got it today. Booted it up just to see what it had to offer, but it seems that they left out the documentary :( Damn!!!
  7. I hear ya, us vikings gotta shape up all these foreigners Thanks for the explanation kwiat!
  8. Aw... "The clip is not available in your country"... wtf... :angry: What are they?
  9. Looks sweet! 8 more days, and it's out on DVD here in Sweden!
  10. Not sure if this has been posted here or not. It is an interview with Simon Hunter performed by M J Simpson: http://www.mjsimpson.co.uk/interviews/simonhunter09.html
  11. Has anybody here got the DVD? I am wondering if the regular (i.e. not director's cut) version of the DVD will come with the feature-length documentary or not.
  12. So they went with the 28th century after all.. dang, I felt that the 24th century was closer and more relevant considering how much we of humanity keeps screwing each other up all the time Nice little "Sanctioned by the Brotherhood" logo
  13. Directly from Simon Hunter's own website: Sounds like a great thing, but I hope it will get a region 2 release as well... Source: http://www.simonhunter.com/Simon_Hunter/Home.html
  14. I think the quality in that trailer was the best so far, and that was the only thing that differed from the previous trailer.
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