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  1. I'd recommend playing either the old classic game, Colonization (but you can only choose the english, french, spanish and dutch). Or Medieval II Total War: Kingdoms, where you can play the indians too. These games try very hard to be as factual as possible. They don't have the whole GTA/Max Payne style of gameplay though. There def. should be more cowboy/indian games out there.
  2. Oh yeah. James Wan delivers quality movies. Death Sentence was better than Dead Silence, but both of them looked amazing. He def. knows his shit, and makes movies for the theatre. I'm really looking forward to seeing more stuff from that guy. Michael Mann would be a long shot.. he's an innovator and master of film making.
  3. Nah... Snake Plissken for the remake of Escape From NY (1981).
  4. yay. count me in on that question too:)
  5. No problemo man! Ahh. that's awesome that you actually worked on TI. A friend of mine love that game, and I've only heard rave reviews of it. I have to check it out. I only started buying FFG games last year, and after having tried games like Tide Of Iron, Warrior Knights, Britannia++ it's only one word that is synonym with FFG. Quality. The MC line is in very good hands!
  6. I don't see the world of Mutant Chronicles being divided in two just because of the movie... The film is probably not what every MC fan would expect, but it's a lot cheaper to sit around a table with pen, paper & dice, and imagine a gaming world. I'm just happy that there are people like Simon Hunter who actually make an effort in creating something! Talk is cheap'N'easy... Btw, Fantasy Flight Games are doing an awesome job in revamping the MC game with their new boardgame/miniature game. And I would love that they made the (new to MC) boneblade necromutants in their game. I'd rather have a unifying between the movie and the old story. From the Paradox Entertainment Inc website (the owners/creators of Mutant Chronicles). "Random House will publish the novelization of the coming movie. Author is Matt Forbeck who has previously written books in the Silver Dragon series. Forbeck has also worked with Paradox as the company editor of the twelve-book series Age of Conan. Swedish C.O.G. Games (Center of Gravity) began during the third quarter of 2006 the work with a Mutant Chronicles paper role-playing game, to be released during 2007. Negotiations are under way regarding computer- and video games, toys and other consumer products." Would love some computer games being created out of the MC world
  7. Not to be a ball breaker here, but there are already alot of back stories on Mutant Chronicles out there. There are even three books from around 93'-94' called 1:In Lunacy 2:Frenzy 3:Dementia (not the best written books in the world mind thee, but fun). Originally the main "base" is Luna City (on the moon). And there are wars going on in Venus and Mars (+heaps more). And earth is just called Dark Eden, and is inhabitated by different clans. And if you guys didn't know, John Carpenter was already in progress of making Mutant Chronicles in the mid 90s. Although, it seemed his story was more "true" to the original world. THOUGH,now I'm only speaking from my geeky "true to the RPG/mini game" point of view. www.mutantpedia.com is the best place to check out the old game. I'd recommend downloading the different RPG books for all the factions. If we build the story around the movie instead, I'd love to see comic books or even computer games to come out of it. Fantasy Flight Games already have a new take on the miniature game out, so that would be of great inspiration for further projects. I really hope this movie does well on either the theatre or on DVD. I really want a second movie out as well, which might include the horrid dark creatures from the original game. This world is so dark and depressing, and that's the way it should be. Musically, I feel the band Sodom from Germany depicts the world pretty well.
  8. This is so weird... a movie being leaked way before release... Though 'Halloween'(Rob Z) and 'Hostel 2' experienced the same thing. It's got around 90000 downloads already on the page where I found it. That's alot in that short amount of time! But really too bad people are seeing an apparent unfinished version. That's like bungee jumping, without the bungee... I ain't got anything against torrents/pirates. But why on earth put up something unfinished? It's already got 90 000 downloads on the page where I found it and it's def. spread all over the web now. So I would suggest that the owners/creators of MC, should take advantage of this situation instead of the obvious cursing it. At least its alot of free "promotion". It's an unfinished version thats been spread right? So thats what the people who's seen it should hear. So when its officially released, more will come to see the official version. I will not watch this unfinished version though. I prefer having the bungee! And I'm looking forward to seeing it in the theatre, and buying the *hopehope* special collectors edition DVD which will include lots of goodies, and if there's a soundtrack, I'll get that too.
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