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  1. This one was pretty cool. Not from the actual convention though, but signed there. http://www.flickr.com/photos/rileysautogra...57612974632050/
  2. Just had to jump in here... @DynoSaur: Whoa. Thanks for the info! William "B.J." Blazkowicz would definitely be perfect for Mr. Jane. And to see Roger Avary directing and writing makes it even more exciting in my eyes. I started playing Wolf 3D in 1992 when I was 8 years old, and BJ was the hero around that time. Doom, Quake and Duke Nukem all reigned shortly afterwards, but still Wolf 3D is my fav. from that time. It has to be the fact that you get to kill lots of nazis and a big robotic Adolf Hitler.. It's kind of like the Hellboy universe with more violence when I think of it.. Would be really cool.
  3. Low billing? His name is on the cover of the posters girl. I think we'll see a lot of cool "protecting husband" stuff from Jane in this movie. And remember.. it doesn't need to be just like promoted for the movie.. There are a bunch of trailers/posters "bullshitting" lots of possible viewers everyday. They make you expect something else and can leave you disappointed. Also, remember the success of The Dark Knight, promoting the bad guy. And in this case, also promoting the strong woman. Just as an random example. I remember seeing a trailer for 'Two for the Money' on a DVD long ago. It looked like it was an insane thriller movie with Matthew Mchonahaoaau (something like that) having a love interest within the movie. Though it's not a thriller at all... It's unbelievable how stupid some companies think people are.
  4. The movie will premiere in the US on April next year. And THAT will definitely be the finished version. But anything before that on DVD? I really doubt it. You need to take things like DVD pressing, shipping out to distributors etc in account. Let's say that the movie is finished edited in say.. a month? That only leaves one month for the other stuff... I HOPE it will be the official one though. But again, if an official version is released on DVD before the US premiere? It will be leaked to the web before you can say 'flying pigs'. And it would be much wiser to have something "new" and maybe even promote the movie being Directors Cut or something. This movie has probably closer to two million downloads (or way more) now, being a "hit" on the pirate sites.. Though two million is nothing compared to 150 million living in the US. So it's basically a small percentage if you look at it like that. If it gets a proper distribution on DVD, it will sell heaps of copies. Thomas Jane, Ron Perlman, John Malkovich on the cover is reason enough for that. Well known actors that normal people (who don't download) will pick up easily on the dvd stands. If they like sci-fi horror is a different matter... SPOILER!!!!! kind of.. not any plot spoilers though, just my general impression of MC. I couldn't wait and succumbed, seeing the leaked version, and I loved it. Some moments in the movie made my jaw drop and I honestly got moved/lump in my throath at one point. I can see that the Thomson Viper camera is very, very good. And Geoff Boyle/Simon Hunter has done a brilliant job on the camera. They always try to push themselves and almost every scene is different/innovative. It makes the movie look easily like a $80mill flick. You can tell that Hunter has been working his ass off on preparing this. My own personal view on it is that MC destroys movies like Transformers/AVP1/AVP2. For a sci-fi fan like me, this is a movie I'll be watching many times. And I'm getting the DVD in Scandinavia even though it's "not finished". As some people have said before, it just needs a bit of tightening up. I heard some of the editing were made after test screenings... and I kind of "knew" where those re-edits were while watching.. small stuff like that spoiled some of it. I would maybe recommend more voice-over or even do like Oliver Stone for Alexander (DVD version 3?) and use some easy text, telling time or location. Cheap and easy, can help the viewer knowing "where he is". Movies that popped to mind while watching were The Crow, Dark City and Pitch Black, in regards of the feel/look that is. Just my two kroner though. Here's hoping for a US theatre cinema success and/or an insane rental marked and DVD sale success for MC. So that we'll get MC:2 with a budget of $40 mill+
  5. Found him! Maximum 2 second clip though. Thomas Jane as Young Jimmy Gator in Magnolia (1999)
  6. Speaking of Paul T. Anderson flicks. Where is Tom in Magnolia? I didn't know he was in it when watching it not long ago, but I couldn't place him either.. Is there a longer version than the 3hour 5min one?
  7. Gave the songs a listen, and that's some very good recommendations for music! nice.
  8. I'm not here to be a prick or anything, but I agree with Mr. Logan with TDK being the best this year. I won't go into detail, since everyone has seen it. But it's executed perfectly and reminds me of something Michael Mann would have made. It's all these things melting together, the acting, cinematography, editing and the haunting music/sound effects, making it a high quality movie. I'm convinced that this movie will kill at the Oscars as well, because this one has "ingredients" that such a committee looks for. Also, it helps having $180 million and full(?) artistic freedom. I could care less if TDK wins anything at all though, because that's a big behemoth of a movie in any way you look at it, maybe not the best, but certainly among the top 100 of all time. Also, regarding Spike Awards. I think 'The Orphanage' should have won something as well, but since it's a popularity contest (as someone mentioned before me) it's a given that TDK "clears the table" at such an internet poll award show. Nolan need to get that Tom Jane a gig or something... That would have made a helluva movie!
  9. @Jane: Like reading a poem. I like your view on things Tom! Hardcore to the bone. Welcome mr. Hosack! Looking forward to seeing your noir-ish-world on the screen. Watching those stills actually makes me think of a computer game called Bioshock (not that they have anything in common whatsoever), mostly because of the costumes and that it's set in a "weird 50s-ish world".
  10. what he said! whoooooof. Thanks TimNTom!
  11. I guess someone has had to be sending out copies of the movie for review. Maybe someone got a hold of a DVD copy, ripped it, and put it back where they found it. Before, albums would be leaked maybe 5 months before it came out. Now it's not out on the web until the day of release. One of the reasons for that, is that the labels now watermark the albums they send out for review. A Dimmu Borgir album got leaked, and they could download the album, and knew exactly where it came from, and even though the label dude in italy didn't rip the album, he got fired and forever banned in the music biz... You have a certain responsibility when you are shown confidence by getting a pre-dvd of a movie as well. There needs to be something like iTunes for movies as well. Good review from Film Review. "Verdict: Experimental and entertaining, this way be the future of science fiction." Can't wait to actually watch this movie... Speaking of Sci-Fi. Mr. Jane! You would fit perfect in the upcoming Morgan Freeman produced, David Fincher directed, Arthur C. Clarke written, Rendezvous With Rama. Though this is very Hard-SF (meaning that it's very little fantasy elements as in soft-SF (star wars, pitch black). You actually believe what you read). I think the whole movie will be in almost zero gravity as well. Very claustrophobic and more of a Zodiac style movie. I think Mr. Fincher is the man to pull the project off though. But seriously. Jane would be perfect in one of the parts. It's really only one lead actor as I see it in the book. But I think it will be more of an ensemble cast, where you have "famous" people, playing smaller, but remember able parts. I doubt Freeman will take the lead role (he's supposed to be in the 40s-early 50s. A space captain which is a big fan of James Cook kind of thing). Though instead of the sea, your in space. Oh well, Freeman has been trying to get funding for it since 2000, so who knows what'll happen. I really recommend the book at least.
  12. Rock Star is a cult classic among heavy metal/rockNroll fans/bands. The movie ain't in same league as for instance High Fidelity or Almost Famous, but the music is amazing. That's the best songs for a fictional band I've ever heard. It's def. a movie for people who appreciate the 80s heavy music (and Jennifer Aniston..ka-dunk, ka-dunk...;P).
  13. The only word coming to mind about this whole "situation" is... do'h!
  14. Yup! Better rolling than stalling I say! But please oh please (Santa?), I'd love to see it in the theatre in Norway as well... Even if only a limited release.. EDIT: My post is an answer to JWeber. Eldritch, don't know about the overhaul... but myself I doubt it.. I guess the production company just took the offers of distribution it got, and thought "to hell with it" and released it anyway. BUT that's just my own personal paranoid conspiracy theory.
  15. whoa? The movie is out in Russia apparently and will be screened in around 100theatres in the UK on October 10th. According to the director at least. check out: www.simonhunter.com
  16. Whoa. I'm not Joe, but thanks alot for those links Jen. Very interesting read.
  17. Awesome seeing Rourke on the front! $35 to upload it on the imdb.com profile.... So there are literally fans uploading pics and such on imdb? Or is it the studios job? Blah, dunno...
  18. Die Hard 2 and Cliffhanger.... Good fuckin' movies. Also Long Kiss Goodnight. Remember renting Deep Blue Sea mainly because of Samuel L. Jackson, and was a bit shocked that he got killed off so early. Re watched it a couple of weeks ago (along with Waterworld. KICK ASS!), and this time I thought he had way more screen time. I don't want to compare movies, but it is definitely the best "shark movie" after Jaws. Also it ain't easy coming from Finland, starting to make huge hollywood movies.. I have a huge amount of respect for Renny Harlins' accomplishments. Too bad with Cutthroat Island and the lukewarm response at the box office for LKG..
  19. On the theatre or on DVD? (my italian is kind of rusty...)
  20. Den Brysomme Mannen (The Bothersome Man) (2006) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0808185/ This really is one of the pearls of Norwegian films in my opinion. But it's literally unknown by people over here. It didn't last long in the movie theatre. And it's def not a commercial made movie either. It is kind of an sci-fi movie... without the aliens and flying cars. But maybe mystery is a better fitting genre for it. It's very hard to explain what it's about without spoiling anything... I can't even adequately compare it with any other movie I've seen... it might be a bit like 1984, and a bit like Stalker and Brazil.... Though you shouldn't take that for a fact... But if you like that kind of movies, I think this would be spot on. Here's a trailer with subtitles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMRs6ogq8LU
  21. First of all. AWESOME thread. I've seen lots of movies, but not even half of these listed. Being from Norway and all, I thought I could recommend some movies from here. It's very unfair comparing Norwegian films to the mighty american ones regarding budget and so forth. But this one might challenge some of its time. De Dødes Tjern (Lake Of The dead/The Lake Of The Damned) (1958) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0051569/ This is probably not a "non-mainstream" movie, since it was very popular when it came out in Norway in 1958. But it is a low budget movie. The thing is, there weren't almost made any movies at all over here in the 50s, lots of economical issues was the main problem. But by the late 50s stuff looked better and they wanted to make a movie, and chose Andre Bjerke's horror novel from 1942 (Bjerke also stars in the movie as Gabriel Mørk(means "Dark" in English) the writer. So it was kind of the first movie over here to garner any success nationwide. My dad remembers seeing it in the local small cinema back then, when he was 11, and he told me people were terrified by it. I guess it had the same effect on people as Jaws did regarding people not wanting to swim in the ocean. But here, people became afraid of even walking by forest lakes, and not to mention swimming in them! I've only seen this movie once (when I was around 11-12 years old), but this movie still haunts me to this day (now I'm 24y.o.). I still haven't had the opportunity to rewatch it, but it's got to do with the fact that it's not out on DVD yet. Why did it affect me that much? It might be that I was young when watching it, but I think it's more because of the dark depressing story.. I guess you can call it an film noir movie in a cabin-by a lake-in the woods kind of way. It's just a true classic psychological horror/thriller. At least it felt like that for me. It's a small, but unforgettable movie. If they just released it on DVD.... Just found this clip on youtube from it. And yeah, it's still got that creepy effect on me... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mqSNPhsvpM...feature=related Translation:(don't remember who plays who, other than Henki Kolstad and the names being mentioned in the clip). They have just reached the lake by the cabin, and Bernhard speaks. Bernhard:"Idyllic! by far not as gloomy as I'd imagined, well on a second thought" looking in the water as if to fall. Laughing it off, but sees Lillian staring at the lake. Bernhard:"Lillian, what is it? are you sick? Lillian!" Lillian: "Oh, it was nothing, it just was something so.. so strange" Guy walking towards her: "what is so strange friend? (It's directly translated friend, but I think it is more meant as "honey" in this context. Lillian: "You guys would just think it's ridiculous, but I just have the strangest feeling..." Guy:"of what?" Lillian: "Of being here before.. I recognize this place.. the rotten tree stump sticking up from the water, the 5 lilies forming a half circle, though there is something different.. I don't know." Looking at one of the guys. Guy holding her: "You've probably seen a similar lake like this before, at least I can't tell the difference between small forest lakes like this, isn't there something called dejavu? Imagining seeing something from before." Bernhard: "Yes, it says so in Schjeldrup's Psychology (probably a known school/academic book in Norway) don't remind me of that. I remember one time we." Then the wife of Bernhard appears by the lake. Bernhard "No! Look at that, what are you up to? You're an exhibitionist?(not directly asking, but more wondering and expecting her not to be so "out of control")." Sonja: "I've always dreamed about bathing by a troll-lake in the moonlight. Bernhard: "No you shouldn't do that, you could get cramps!". Lillian: "Sonja you shouldn't.". Bernhard: "I might become a widower!" (he's clearly the foolish "comic-relief" guy in this story.) While she swims he says "And we even have a bathtub at home". The guy next to Bernhard says: "I would have to compliment you on choice of wife Bernhard. She has a string of abilities (or traits) that you don't have. She is among other things, brave." Bernhard: "I've often taken cold showers. At least sometimes." Bernhard is played by Henki Kolstad, one of Norway's most famous actors which sadly passed away this year.
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