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  1. Nighthawk


    Haha. I just saw that too Recoil. It premieres today on NRK, which is the biggest TV-channel over here. So it's alot more available in a way (before it's been sent on Channel + or something), in terms that the "regular-joe" has a much bigger chance of watching it randomly, since everyone has NRK. I think the title "A well equipped man" is very likely to catch peoples attention as well. Can't wait for season 2!
  2. Nighthawk


    Congrats on the nomination Mr. Jane! And it's also great to see Jane Adams getting a nod in the supporting actress slot.
  3. Great too see The Mist on that list. And I'm glad they had Frailty included as well. It's one of my fav horror/thriller movies out there. Also I see there's 7 movies on the list I haven't checked out yet. Better get to it.
  4. Wow. I'm a fan of both Renner and Hardy. But I think Hardy might be too bad ass for the role as Max. He would prolly fit even better as a main villain or something. And then with Renner as Max? Perfect.
  5. Really cool flick. Whenever Dick's driving over 90 or 100mph, and then there's lightning. I'd say he somehow goes back in time. It first happens when they are driving without the lights. And lastly just before he crashes, but then there were no lightning, (guess that would make it too obvious), but we can see the speedometer just before hitting 90 or 100. Therefore he's forever trapped in that cycle. It happens over and over again. So when he's in the car again at the end (driving away from the cops in present time) he would need to kill himself or something to maybe end the cycle an
  6. Finally! The story went by like nothing! Hopefully they can add it to a short movies dvd thingie in the future or something. Let me see on the imdb list here.. The Butler's In Love... Check!
  7. I like the new AIC, but I think it feels much more like a Jerry Cantrell solo album (nothing wrong with that), rather than a AIC album. I would have loved to hear MORE from William in it... At least live they rule hard with the old songs, and it's great with some proper rock in these times of ours.
  8. Mélanie Laurent <3 Great flick! And great poster!
  9. Nighthawk


    Great ending to a great series. Honey! ;D I don't watch too many series, but I find it hard to compare Hung to others out there. And with the subject/plot the series is about, it's totally different than I would have expected. I'd think we'd get some toilet humor here and there, but it's nothing like that at all. It's much more "grown-up" than that or something (or just that my toilet humor detector has malfunctioned). Either way, I think everyone has high hopes for Season 2!
  10. I think he wrote a good review, but I don't agree with all his views. About characters in movies, I don't like to over-analyze. Either I like them, or I don't. I think Perlman and Janes characters worked great in this flick. It's interesting that he's using a picture of a zombie cult flick as his avatar (Zombi 2). Awesome zombie movie directed by an italian guy. Anyway, I feel Mutant Chronicles is a great cult flick, but not in the same way as f.ex. Zombi 2. Mutant is extremely well made and in my opinion is a unique sci-fi flick. I felt it was a breath of fresh air to watch. While Zombi
  11. Really cool site! I appreciate the fact that we can download all the pics from it! And the custom dvd covers, well.. I actually think these "custom" covers look alot better than the official cover I've seen laying about. But I guess that means I can just pick my fav "custom" one, print it, and then change it with the one on the Sony DVD one. Looking forward to October 6th! And even more. More movies from RAW. Hell yeah.
  12. My brother ordered MC 1 disc, 2-disc and blu-ray from amazon about 3 working days ago. And it arrived today. *Thumbs up amazon!*
  13. the Mutant Chronicles soundtrack arrived yesterday, and after a few listens I must say I'm very impressed. It reminds me of a hybrid of something Hanz Zimmer, John Williams and Danny Elfman would have made. I think Richard should be able to get lots of film work after this one. The music is actually too good for a sci-fi/horror B-movie flick. It makes the whole thing epic. Anyway. For my European friends, I ordered the soundtrack from Play.com Yay.
  14. http://english.ohmygore.com/dark-country-t...ws-uk-6313.html October 6th DVD release? My brother ordered Coraline with 3D glasses recently. It would be kick arse if they worked with Dark Country as well. Oh. And the Mr. Sparkle Edition is on my want list! ;P
  15. Nighthawk


    Thanks for those links Mediumfan. I'm a bit lazy with them linkz you see... Anyways, hope Hung will be a summer tradition for many years to come. top notch.
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