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  1. Wow, thanks for the kind words, guys--you've made my weekend
  2. No problem bud, it happens to me all the time I modeled the machete after one I have that is pretty good sized compared to a lot I've seen. Glad you liked the piece! And the colors turned out good because I didn't do the colors-lol. If I had it would have looked like a big fat mess. The colorist is a guy by the name of Marc Borstel. I'll post some colored interiors soon that I just got back from him. This is the first time he's ever colored anything I've drawn so it's been pretty cool seeing what he does with my scribbles. --Jay p.s. oh yeah--your work is excellent, brother! Some new pages: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
  3. Here is a wrap around cover for a project I am working on. I can't color worth a shite due to being colorblind so the colored pages are by the super talented Marc Borstel. I work the pages entirely on the computer now including digital inking with my Wacom. Feel free to eviscerate I have interior pages also but don't want to be a forum hog so let me know if you'd like to check out a few of them.
  4. Great to see that your forums are live! Name: Jay Carvajal Where you from: Castro Valley, Ca but in Utah for now, probably Oregon next Occupation: Just about everything for Cinemacomics How did you find this forum: Myspace bulletin (yeah, I know...) What are you reading: Bad Planet of course, Walking Dead, Punisher Max & on & on What are you watching: Not much television but tons of dvd's What do you have to say for yourself: ummm, I swear I didn't break it Post a pic...if you dare!: Me & Wally
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