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  1. Worth the wait. I couldn't have said that better myself. This is off the hook in every sense of the word. I think the star wars music works reeelly well. I had no idea until someone mentioned it. This one of my most anticipated films of the year Ving Rhames is glorious in that last part. The shattering glass was crazy neat. Thomas Jane is not afraid to do a small movie with guts. Really impressed.
  2. Oh HELL yes. This stuff looks amazing Tom, Mark, and Tim. The posters are incredible, what a relief!!! I'm so ready for this trailer I can smell the cordite. I'm already in line, I just don't have my ticket yet.
  3. Have you seen his myspace page? I know he's into bodybuilding and what have you but holy mackerel.
  4. As long as there are plenty of gratuitous shots of shirtless Hugh Jackman with veins bulging and muscles popping then I'd say yes he should be pretty happy with this flick.
  5. Completely awesome. This concept looks amazing. Great poster Tim. We need a film like this. We need a movie like this from Thomas. I know he's been around, but it's nice to see Mulcahy go back to basics with a film like this. Everything I've seen up to now shows me Russell Mulcahy has found his stride and swagger again. That makes me smile. I'm supporting you all on Facebook and getting very apprehensive to see this. Congratulations guys.
  6. I'm not exactly clear on the order of events as they happened. Only that Hooligans was finished without her.
  7. The way it was explained to me is that alexander was unceremoniously asked to leave and the picture was recut without her... that there was some ugliness. I completely understand what you are saying Tim. All I can really say is that this person would know. Sorry so cryptic
  8. I'm so thankful that Ms. Alexander did not get ahold of Jonah Hex! I pray Warners doesn't screw that one up. I only just recently discovered something very interesting. Alexander was shut out of post on Hooligans too. It is actually surprising that this information didn't come out more publicly when allthe rumors were flying on pwz. Is anyone else seeing a trend developing? The hooligans report comes from a very reliable source. Ouch. I was completely discouraged by pwz. I spent the last half hour of the movie talking to a friend in the parking lot on my cell phone. I don't ordinarily walk out of a movie but this one was one of the few. Sorry Imissed your sign tribute Tim. That was a pretty neat thing to do.
  9. Guys, sorry for the quick review. I'm just running out for the holidays. Just wanted to say THANK YOU! Shock Festival was pure enjoyment from cover to cover. I love the whole Elliot Swann storyline, especially that part at the end of the book. Jane Juanita Chance, Natalie Ustinov, ROCK BENSON! Man it's like I was there. Stephen, I just loved the journalistic approach to uncovering these non existent gems. I forgot it was all fake after 5 pages and just believed it hook, line, and sinker. The variety and sheer volume of art inside is incredible. Tim, loved your posters, I could spot them a mile away but they fit in perfectly. I just know your work when I see it. My favorite poster is a toss up between Riding Shotgun and Runner. Great work guys. Hopefully when I can find more time I'll go in depth about my affection for this book! Thanks again.
  10. I've been lurking around this thread for the last couple of months. I'm not trying to pick on this person. But he brings up a lot of things positively that I felt negatively about so I couldn't help responding like we were having a debate. "From comicbookmovie.com "It's a movie. Not a film." You can say that again. It wasn't meant to be serious, realistic, or deep. Well gee thanks. I'll remember that the next time these guys make a comic book movie. I just love to be insulted. Oh brother. Well my own problem was that they took some things from Max and a LOT from Marvel Knights. They call it a Max based movie and then go all Marvel Knights on it. I sincerely wish someone could stop blending different volumes of this character and stick to one. The gonzo comedy in this film is just pitiful. Mind numbingly so. Straight take please. Stevenson was the only bright spot in this nightmare. A little bit over the top? He wasn't even in the same movie! Wait a minute, this person is analyzing the movie that shouldn't be analyzed. I'm happy that that this person so easily entertained. He's letting this movie off the hook in a huge way. Oh come on everybody, it's just supposed to be mindless comedic fun! So what, the quotes on the DVD will read "Slapstick hilarity" "nonstop mindless entertainment" "Short on story but long on spectacular death". These are not quotes I want to see describing a Punisher film, but somehow they seem to be accurate based upon the opinions of people who really enjoyed it. The one thing almost everyone agrees on. Again, a little over the top? They needed to be? Yes, think of it like a warner brothers cartoon. That's a Punisher film alright. I thought the previous Punisher movie was an origin. Sequel or reboot, it's pretty obvious that would have been addressed this time either way. I don't want my money back because I had a good idea what I was in for, but still I was hoping against hope. I'm the sucker. Yeah, probably both. Doesn't matter. It's a bad film, IMHO. That's why critics are being harsh. If you like the Punisher comics, you will really enjoy this movie This is where we really differ. I love the comics and I despised the movie. I went in ready to love it. I gave it every chance and it continued to fail me. The marching bit at the end was almost all I could take. I walked out feeling like someone punched through my face. *sigh*
  11. This film COMPLETELY blew me away. You sometimes don't realize how much we're surrounded by mediocrity until you see something exceptional. Red Belt stands alone above all the films I've seen this year, even Dark Knight, but only because this was so unexpected. I can't thank you guys enough for the recommendation!
  12. What truly incredible news! I have the Conan book (Conan: The Ultimate Triumph) you speak of in hardcover. I also have one of the signed slip case editions of Solomon Kane. Bran Mak Morn has been on my wish list for some time. Looking at the Lawrence Of Arabia pic above I am seriously freaking out to see what you will do with El Borak. I read those stories years ago and remember them fondly. Really Tim, this is something special, just to be the company of the other artists who've worked on this series must be quite an honor. When is the book supposed to be released?
  13. Bradstreet, I am in awe. You've summed up The Punisher in one single solitary frame. You said it a hundred different ways while you worked on the series but this one puts the exclamation point on it. My allegiance to the former team of you and Ennis is strong but as a fan of the character I was more than willing to keep on with the title. But I have found it extremely wanting in almost every aspect. It's like a shadow of what it used to be. I want to like it but it feels hollow. I have nothing against the new creative teams, but it's just lacking something, it's lacking you and Ennis! I am now going back to re-read the entire max run, only this time I'm savoring it as the very special thing that it is. Your covers are a MAJOR part of that.
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