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  1. Just received my copy yesterday and I can't believe it, but it EXCEEDED my expectations. I found myself throughout the evening just flipping it open to a new page and looking at a couple pages at a time just to soak it all in slowly, even though I wanted to just devour the book all at once. Congratulations Tim, this is the treatment your artwork deserves. I've been a fan of yours since the hellblazer covers, and even though i've followed you faithfully, getting a chance to see all this artwork really makes me appreciate a guy like you who has devoted himself to the craft the way you have. Here's to many more years (and volumes) of great artwork from you!
  2. One thought. Is it just me, or is it completely stupid for people to still be comparing ray stevenson's punisher to ANY stephen segal character? This punisher would just sit there and wait for Segal's slow bloated ass to come close enough, and blow his head off at point blank range and then just walk away without uttering some stupid catch phrase I do however hope that this movie ushers in a new era of over the top b-action flicks that don't take themselves too seriously. As much as I love the new james bond and the bourne character, it's nice to have a new guy in town who just takes the most direct route at winning the fight, not unlike some of the cool characters of the 80's.
  3. Haven't posted in this thread in a very long time, but now that the film is finally here, I figure I'd throw in my .02 I saw the film yesterday and I've gotta say, I don't love or hate this movie. To me, it's head and shoulders above the 2004 film. Everything that they did wrong, this version got right, and everything the 2004 version did right, this version did even better. That being said, to me, this is far from a good movie. In fact, after seeing it, I wish certain things could have been done differently, because there is the core of a good movie here, but they got carried away with something else and kind of created a mess instead. For starters, Ray Stevenson is PERFECT as the Ennis MAX Punisher. I wasn't expecting some ground breaking perfomance, and we didnt' get that. Instead, we got a character that essentially is there to guide us through a crime story. While the punisher is essentially the main character, there are many stories revolving around him, and he helps us move between them. This might piss some people off because they were looking for a movie ABOUT Frank Castle, but to me, the best punisher stories have been ones that were about a situation and people that the punisher were involved with. The rest of the cast was nice as well. I have no complaints other than a few instances of grossly overacted parts. Jigsaw suprised me in the sense that I thought I'd absolutely hate the portrayal of that character, and in fact, it was the complete opposite. This was the same Jigsaw that we've seen pop up in the punisher comic over the years, and was adapted perfectly. The direction of the movie was decent. There were times in this film where I really felt like we were seeing the emergence of a real talent. Overall, the movie was enjoyable. I've been a punisher fan for the last 21 years and this is the best interpretation of him on film that I've seen. I heard someone in another review compare this to a Paul Veerhoven Robocop style movie and that couldn't be more appropriate. To find yourself laughing as the punisher blows a guys head off at point blank while he's holding a little girl could only be done right by a few directors, and Lexi did Paul V. proud there. THAT BEING SAID........I think now we deserve a serious take on this character. I understand now what Marvel was going for with this movie. They wanted an adaptation of the Ennis take on the character and they got it. We had the twisted characters, the ridiculous violence, the dark humor. It was all there, and in that respect, it was perfect. After watching this though, it made me really long for a respectable version of this character on film. I think using Frank and his war as a catalyst for other stories is a great idea, and I'd love to see someone take him and tell a serious crime tale. My only caveat though is that it would be as a TV series. There's no reason we need to have these stories squeezed into 2 hour chunks. Why not try and translate it into a weekly crime show, using the concept of the Punisher War Journal to tell the stories. Hopefully someone will realise this, and stop trying to shoehorn this guy into these other ideas they have.
  4. Love the podcast, and was excited to see the two new episodes. This stuff may have been covered already, but after listening to all of the episodes, I think it'd be interesting to hear your take. 1) Who are some of your favorite artists, both in and out of comics? 2) Directors you'd like to work with on a dream movie job. Dead or alive 3) Thought process behind some of your more popular covers. i feel like so many of the personal stuff has been covered, and your best podcasts have been the one's where you and tom get on a subject and just go off.
  5. See, to me, the inclusion of frank's whole family just rubbed me the wrong way as well. LIke I said before, I'm a long time fan of the character, and for years, the origin stayed the same. Innocent family minding their own business, with no connections to the mob happens upon something they shouldn't see. As a result, they're murdered, but the bad guys made a mistake, they didn't do a good enough job and one of them lived, just so happens that the one that lived is a badass soldier who decided to try to right all the wrongs. Flash forward to the 2004 film. Frank is law enforcement, HUGE deviation from the comics right there. Frank is directly involved in business revolving around the people who are responsible for his family's death. HUGE deviation from the comics again. Frank and his family live in florida.......frank gets his skull shirt from his dead son.......?!? I don't need to keep going. I know I'm probably going to get some posts in response saying how I need to let this stuff go, and how this film was actually a throwback to old crime films, but guess what? No matter how much people keep saying that, it doesn't take away the fact that in the process of turning The PUnisher comic into a movie, they changed the KEY ELEMENTS that made the character unique. You take away the trademarked name of the punisher and this movie is a complete afterthought, probably straight to DVD, because at it's core, the Punisher as a character has been done many times, by great actors (bronson) and shit actors (stephen segal, van damme, probably corben bernsen at some point:)) I don't see how anyone can argue what I stated above, it's a fact that they made unnecessary changes in that movie, and I think it's a key factor in how the movie plays out. I don't doubt that everyone involved in making it had the best intentions, but who doesn't when making a film for a studio. Good intentions don't always translate to good movies. Regardless of how I feel about this movie, I still view that as just another creative team taking a crack at the character, and some people enjoyed it, so it CAN'T be viewed as a failure.
  6. There's nothing like a long weekend to add more drama to an already overly dramatic thread After thinking about all the different "arguments" going on about this movie, and really, any comic book movie, I've started to realize, that maybe this is what makes comics, and the movies made about them, so great (or not so great depending on your POV). I mean, look at the punisher for instance. I've been reading this character since punisher #11, way back in I think 1986 or 87. Since then, the character has had countless creative teams come in and tear him down and build him back up. Some have worked, and some haven't, but each different group of creators had their fans, and at the same time, had their detractors. The way I look at it, nobody, short of Fincher (like tim said) is going to please all the fans. So, I think we kind of just have to look at this like another story arc for the character, done by a different creative team. if this one is no good, then hopefully the next one will knock it out of the park. Luckily for the studios, there's a certain segment of the population that will see these movies NO MATTER WHAT. They will still make money, and the franchise will still get a second (3rd, 4th etc.) chance. In my mind, regarding the comments about the changes in the origin and overall story of the character, there's no reason to go overboard. The basic origin is so simple that to deviate from it almost ruins the vibe of the character. I think that's what makes him such a compelling character. he has a sense of right and wrong, and "all" it took was his family getting senselessly murdered to face him with a tough decision, do I swallow it, or do I give up any normal life in lieu of a life dedicated to revenge. Why change that? Why make all kinds of unnecessary edits to this story, and add nothing to the overall character. In particular, what I HATED about the Heinsleigh punisher is how I got the sense that I was supposed to feel for the bad guys. That howard saint and his wife had a reason to kill the castle's. That's not how it works. Frank Castle is not responsible in ANY WAY for his family's death, it's an accident, but a senseless accident. That's what makes this character work. If you have him semi-responsible, it just takes the character in a different direction, and then you have to question, why are you making this a punisher story, and not just your own original character. This is what I think everyone is missing with this character, all the directors and writers need to understand that at the core of the character, it's all about what's right and wrong. This is what made Garth Ennis' MAX run so great. Just look at the last issue of his run. We learn this last little bit about Frank, but it still came down to him getting his own kind of justice. Hopefully, this all made some sense
  7. i still don't understand why this matters so much to you. If she's involved or not, you've already said you think the movie is going to be shit.
  8. Thomas>> I just looked over your post asking about for a release from LGF about Lexi and all that. When has a studio ever issued a press release to address internet rumors? Steve Gainer came on here and specifically addressed this, but it's like you don't WANT to believe it. Really though, who cares? If she's on the movie or not, you've made up your mind about this movie, and you did so a long time ago, is any of this going to change that?
  9. God, this thread has taken so many twists and turns since the last time i posted, I almost feel like it should be broken down and turned into multiple threads So, I'm not even going to bother addressing any of the topics. However, after reading Tom Jane's last post, it got me thinking and considering everyone posting in this thread seems to have a specific movie in mind that they'd like to see, I want to pose a challenge to all of you. Describe your perfect punisher movie. Don't just say it would be LIKE this or LIKE that. Hash out a basic plot like Jane did. If this sounds stupid, don't do it, but considering the varying personalities in here, I think it'd make for an interesting few posts. I'll post mine up in a bit.
  10. I'll take the second option, and I'm 28. From the looks of the other thread, I don't think that there's ever been a movie in the history of cinema that has evoked this much emotion from a trailer
  11. Couple things: First off, I'm still perplexed as to why being muscular equals good acting or a good actor. Look at denzel Washington in Man on fire. Not ripped, but scary as hell. I think we're getting into overboard nitpicking here, but who am i to judge. You know, the more I think about it, and having been a comic fan for so long, and a punisher fan for just as long, I think that in order for this movie to work, it can't be all about his origin. Not to beat a dead horse, but look at Man On Fire, great revenge movie, and you get just enough backstory about Denzel to know that something bad happened to him, and that he has all the skills you need to be a badass. Hopefully Warzone doesn't dwell on the reason he punishers, and rather just him on a mission. Also, I had no idea that Dolph Lundgren had a workout tape. IS this a bill blanks, tae bo style tape, or just him philosophizing on fitness. either way, I need to see this
  12. After thinking about, I think my main beef with the 2004 movie is the plot. Let me preface this by saying that I began reading the punisher as a little kid, I was in 3rd grade, and i bought punisher #11 off the rack, and it just so happened that in that issue, they recapped his origin in the middle of a mission. THe thought of a pretty much random act of violence making a man snap and want to punish anyone who did wrong was an interesting concept. This is where the movie just lost me. Why make the saint's almost have a logical reason to go after castle. Why take away the one thing about Frank Castle and the punisher character that makes him an extremely sypmathetic figure, no matter what your stance is on revenge? The fact that the Saint's are given a reason to get revenge makes them on the same level as Frank if you think about it. It would have been simple to have frank have no prior ties to the people who kill his family, then when he goes after them it would be no holds barred, no attempt at reason from the bad guy, just pure vengeance on the part of Castle, and it would make his war on crime make even more sense. Aside from that, I was disapointed in other parts of the plot, the way he gets the skull shirt. The almost cartoonish way his ENTIRE family is killed. The previously mentioned stuff about the mind games and the flaming skull. The need to have the relationship with the people in his building..... Getting away from the plot, I just thought the casting was unimpressive. I liked Thomas Jane as the punisher, but even then, there were times where i felt even he came off as kind of wooden, and when there was an action scene, I never felt blown away the way you would expect. Most of all, the look of the movie just missed the mark. I love the comparison to NARC, as far as tone goes. That should have been the look of this film, not the warm look they went for. I still don't understand to move the story out of a place like NYC and to the exact opposite, Tampa, Fla. To be honest with you though, I don't even want to bash that movie. I just think that the newest one is being unfairly judged, and it reminds me of when that very first shot was released of Tom Jane as the punisher. It was before he had bulked up or even died his hair, and EVERYONE jumped on him and the production for it, and at the time, I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. In my mind, in retrospect, they didn't deserve it. IF anything, this newest movie looks closer to the tone I expected in 2004.
  13. To be honest with you......I wish I had, it may have actually been watchable Seriously though, I think the reason I hate the movie so much is because I was really looking forward to it before it came out. All the pre-release stuff just looked so cool, and i was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, but it just came nowhere near the expectation I had for it. I think, in the hands of a different director and with some changes to the actual plot of the movie, it could have been better. I actually like the idea of a punisher movie being a modern day western, or a throwback to 70's cop films though. I'll just wait to see what this new film delivers before I make any judgements. To be honest with you, I've set the bar low this time, and I think everyone should the same. I wouldn't say this if this was the first cinematic crack at the character, but judging from the past........
  14. Wow, it's amazing how much this thread has grown since I last posted. Let's all thank Thomas Logan for the wonderful Dolph Lundgren tribute. Lundgrens' parents don't even adore him that much. I'd still like to hear exactly why I'm a moron as well. Back on topic, I like the rest of those teaser posters, I think they're at least going for a specific feeling for the film from the advertising, and with the success of the rest of the Marvel Films, I'm interested to see how they approach this as it's not the easiest sell to a broad audience. Also, regarding the whole tough guy/action star debate. I completely disagree that you have to be muscle bound and LOOK gritty to be considered a badass. Look at a guy like Gene Hackman in the french connection. He was arguably one of the coolest tough guys in that film, and I'd hardly consider him muscle bound. Same goes for guys like John Wayne, any of the actors from the wild bunch, steve mcqueen, deniro or even more recently someone like Ray Liotta. The aesthetic is only part of the equation, and if someone like Thomas Logan is such a fan of 70's films, he'd understand this. It was more about the actors abilities and not the way he looked. Also, to say that the previous punisher movie had anything in common with a western or a classic 70's film is a HUGE stretch, the movie felt like a jumbled up mess to me and just about everyone else in the entire world for that fact.
  15. Have any of you seen Ray Stevenson in the movie "Outpost" He's the one bright spot in the movie, and he plays a military badass. I really don't know what anyone could base a negative opinion of him on, because everything I've seen of the guy, he seems very suited to the punisher. a few comments on the previous Punisher movies though. I guess these movies are just like any other movie, in the sense that no matter how bad or good they are, people will always have some kind of affection towards them. They're both awful movies, no matter how you slice it. The lundgren one was just a product of it's time, a very typical 80's revenge/action film. Lundgren was disposable as that character, he looked the part, but outside of that....what made him different from Steven Segal in any of his first 5 movies As for the recent Punisher, that one still gets me angry. Thomas Jane couldn't have LOOKED more the part, but like the previous one, who cares. That was not a punisher movie, and if you're a punisher fan, you don't overlook the fact that it was set in Florida and that they changed everything about the origin of the character. Looking back, there isn't one redeemable quality of that movie, maybe the bradstreet artwork that was produced, other than that, I'd like to see it wiped from film history I don't understand any desire to see a continuation of that storyline. Do you really want to see him go around and lighting more fires in the shape of skulls? I personally want to see the punisher actually punishing people, not trying to intimidate them and fuck around so much. one last thing. I'm assuming that we're all punisher fans here, so I have one question for all of you, what is it about this character that you like so much?
  16. I like these posters alot. Oddly enough, of all the marvel movies, they really seem to set the tone for the movie better than any of the others. Also, I don't understand the venom people have for Ray Stevenson as this character. I think Tom Jane is a cool guy, and he looked great as the punisher in the other film, but that film was just no good. I think a fresh start was in order, and that's what we got. People need to stop hating just to hate. If this turns out to be a good movie, then what do the naysayers say? If it turns out bad, then what, you were right? Good for you.
  17. thanks for the welcomes guys, I've been lurking here for a while and decided now was as good a time as ever to start posting. Back on topic though. It seems like every time a trailer comes out for a comic movie the exact same thing happens, based on a couple minutes of clips people jump to conclusions. i'd like to think that probably since the second batman movie, I've been very careful of this, because when it comes to movies based on comics, things aren't often what they seem.
  18. It's weird, i completely agree with alot of the gripes, but still really liked this trailer for what it was....a teaser. The bits of neon in the background didn't bother me though, i think we've all been to a city and seen tons of corny neon signs all over the place. As for the hanging upside down and shooting, i hated it in boondock saints, and I can only hope that wasn't the inspiration for this scene. however, I'm giving this movie the benefit of the doubt until I see the final product in the theatre. It looks like as close to the comic as we're gonna get to be honest with you, and anything is better than the last god awful version. as for the overall look of the trailer, it could be worse guys, the movie could be set in Tampa, Florida and lit mostly in beautiful florida sunlight...oh wait.....
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