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  1. thanks so very much guys!!!! Well go get some more
  2. Im a huge fan of Mr. Jane and Mr. Bradstreet. I found this threw Mr. Bradstreet my space page I cant wait to start surfing threw here! Thanks so much for setting this site up. I love comics , movies , art and making custom models etc. John
  3. Hey guys just found this form and wanted to share my story http://www.batmancustoms.com/mtj.html Dallas Comic Con April 29th 2006 I was standing in line for about an hour or so with buddy BMAC. Are feet were killing us because we had walked the show three or four times and went threw most of are money. There was a great amount of toys and goodies and awesome prices! But the frosting on the cake was meeting one of my favorite actors. Mr. Thomas Jane. He stars in one of my favorite movies of all time, The Punisher! As we stood in line we got to go ahead of many people because we had speed passes and we got to the show early enough to have # 12 which meant we were just behind the VIPs. As we got closer I couldn’t wait to meet Mr. Jane and get him to sign my custom made 69 GTO from the movie. We only were allowed to get one autograph since Mr. Jane was only going to be there for 2hrs. Bam they called for group 12. My buddy and I were getting closer! Then there he was Mr. Jane looking so damn cool. Had a full beard and normal clothes. Looking like he could just be a buddy sitting next to you at a bar drinking a beer. Then we got to the check in guy. He was there to make sure we had are speed passes and what one thing we were getting autographed. I pulled my GTO out and the guy said, “Wow Cool”. Then he sat it gently next to Mr. Jane and he looked at it for a second and said “Oh Wow…..Cool” Then he picked up and looked at it for a about a minute! I was freaking paralyzed! I never thought in a million freaking years Mr. Jane would be checking out something I made so hard! Then he opens the doors and was looking at it. Then he said, “ Wow it has the metal in the interior, metal Roll bars, window cranks and a metal Dash!” Then he said, “Wait a second! Were are my Marlboros I used to hid them right here under the dash.” I was completely speechless & said, “forgive me sir I well add them in ASAP!” Then he smiled again and said “I really liked it and its Amazing” Tim Bradstreet who was sitting next to Mr. Jane was looking at it as well and Mr. Jane showed to him and with a smile. Then he said Tom is very detailed! He said “Man I’m surprised it doesn’t have the pull down shield” Then I said actually sir it doses if you flip it over. Then Mr. Jane flipped it over and said with a smile “There it is!” Mr. Bradstreet then said “Forgive me I stand corrected. It dose have every thing.” Then he shook his head and sat the car back down like he had to get back to business. He was practically only spending about 3 seconds per fan and at this time it had to be at least 3 to 4 minutes. He asked me were he wanted me to have him sign it. I was again dumb founded! I didn’t have any words! Then I said were ever you want sir, I made this for this special day. He smiled again and said it was a pleasure to sign it. He then looked at Mr. Bradstreet and asked him were you think I should sign it? Then Mr. Bradstreet said you can’t sigh the grill can you? Mr. Jane flipped to the front and said “Wow, man this is detailed.”. Then he said no to small. So he looked at Mr. Bradstreet and said the roof or the trunk? Then Mr. Jane said its gotta be the Roof and Mr. Bradstreet said ya its gotta be the roof. Then Mr. Jane looked at the roof for a second and delicately placed the tip of the Sharpie on the roof and signed. Again It was like I was on some wonderful drug! Then he looked back at the car smiled and said there you go. Then I shook his hand and said what an honor it was to meet him and thanks so much for the movie! Then Mr. Jane said “The Honor Was All Mine.” It had to be at least 5 to 6 minutes total I spent talking with Mr. Jane. After that I basically felt like my legs were ready to collapse benth me and felt like I was on top of the world. Then my buddy & I we both looked at one another like did this just happen? Could he be that cool! So I decided to call it a day and come home and type this up immediately with my buddies help so not to forget anything. A few pics of the car: If you read this Mr. Jane , Thank you so much sir for one of my greatest memories! John
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