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  1. Man , Would like to know the when and Where. Looks like a good film! Of course would love to see Mr. Jane on the Screen and a big Fan of Miki rourke . Sounds like a winner. What the hell is wrong with these people. Same damn company that released Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf and there giving us shit about seeing Killshot. I well never understand hollywood.
  2. I for one cant wait to see it! Just not that many good films out these days. So excited to see it at the Theater or home!
  3. Just my 2 cents for what it is worth, I like to think Im a good judge of character. Mr. Jane truly seemed like a good man. So laid back , easy going and rely just a great person to his fans. Not like so many people you so want to meet , then your sad you did. Im sure you all now the kind , Stick up there ass etc. Mr. Jane couldn't of been cooler. Truly one of my fondest memories. With that said who here hasn't screwed the pooch or fucked up. We all have. None of us are perfect. The only perfect being I believe in is Jesus. I think it be very hard to find somebody who has not gotten a s
  4. Ok I for one do so Love Bale as Batman. TJ's Punisher and the two Nolan Batman's are easily my top three. However no disrespect to Bale at all. I was thinking Mr. Jane would be fucking awesome as Batman in a Dark Knight Returns Film. Im sure many of you are Familiar with Millers Comic Book. Just in My opinion he could bring the Grit and over all Darkness to the character Miller portrays Batman in his older years as almost not giving a damn and kicking ass. Of Course Mr. Jane have to be in make up to make him appear older. But think it would be bad ass!
  5. It would be Great to see one of my favorate actors again! Especally in these bad ass movies Mr. Jane has been doing! Cant wait for more news!
  6. I was so damn bummed when I diddnt catch this at the movies! Well got today and even angrier at myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This movie is So freaking AWESOME!!!! I loved it. As Always Mr. Jane was freaking wicked , The story RULED! So not your typical Fing hollywood type movie that we are all tired of! Again LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! In Fact Im going to paint for myself a pic of one of the scene as soon as I get some other projects off my tabel. If you havent seen it and love a great movie , that is like reading a great comic or book. I would say just buy it. Dont bo
  7. I dig it the most my man!!!! I sent a friend Request to the myspace page! Very Edgy and Raw to me. Very much like a Johnny Cash and John Lee Hooker .
  8. holy crap!!!! This comic rules!!!! I got the 2 red eyes collection and read a few pages and its rules!
  9. yet another film cant wait to see! Sounds very exciting and new!!!! Again not the same old rehashed crap that we have been force fed by hollywood for so long now! Again cant wait!!!!
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