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  1. Haven't read the books. But I thought it was one of Cruise's better performances in a while. Kicked some serious ass aswell. Having said that. Tom would have fit the part like a glove. Philip Winchester would also be a great Reacher. IMO.
  2. Can you inspire the guy who produced DL though?
  3. See if you can find The Punisher in The Runaways comic that Joss wrote. It's not good. (As a Punisher fan that is... Haven't read the whole thing )
  4. Most online forums are quiet now a days... Especially on weekends. and people have to post topics to create conversations I guess.
  5. Well, it's being developed by Joss Whedon and he's not a fan of The Punisher...
  6. Anyone know what the people at Marvel think of it? This sure has given Tom and The Punisher a lot of positive buzz.
  7. In a review here in Norway, he said Tom was the only highpoint of the movie. So there's that
  8. Tom to play Bugsy Siegel in LA Noir? http://collider.com/la-noir-thomas-jane/170315/
  9. Yea, I remember Tom talking about that in an interview once.
  10. http://www.joblo.com/movie-news/lists-marvels-10-greatest-movie-characters/item#8 TJ's Punisher got on JoBlo's top 10 Marvel Movie Characters
  11. It's like Facebook... Just takes some time getting used to.
  12. That would be awesome. Another pick could be James Marsden.
  13. Well, if they were aiming for a funny tagline... They nailed it!
  14. Am I gonna be the first one to comment on his picture... It's rather... Shafty.
  15. Well, this is going to be Nolan's take on Bane, so I think it's safe to say it's not going to look like Bane from the comics.
  16. Yea, confused the hell out of me... But, I got a geek-gasm when I saw it.
  17. Of the Ennis one-shots, The Cell is my favourite. Ennis writing and Larosas doing the art, that's The Punisher... for me atleast.
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