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  1. Indeed! We'll try and get him rolling on that. I agree. That book needs it's own score - Limited edition CD's pressed into the TRADE EDITION - TB
  2. That guy Tom Archdeacon - Yeah, he's got a quality for sure. Comes across very genuine. I could see him as Cal but I'm not the director PLUS it's expensive to bring folks over from the UK, natch. Somehow I don't think travel would be a problem for TOM A. He'd figure out a way. Love to see him read for the part. I'll definitely bring it up when I talk to TJ again. GOOD LUCK, TOM A!!! As for the vid - Well done indeed. - TB
  3. Glad you're OK! I just meant your post was a while ago and I've been off-line and under the radar since March so because I was tardy in answering the question I figured the offensive pic may have been taken down a while ago. Thanks for letting us know! Even though I missed seeing your post initially there are folks here who would get word to us through other means when it concerns stuff like that. So I figure word got to TJ somehow Kidney Stones! AHHG! - tb
  4. Joyce - It's been a while since you posted, I looked around on TJ's page and didn't see it. If it's still there somewhere let me know. PADRE! - It is true I did meet the man, albeit briefly at dinner. John's lady, Sandy King Carpenter is one of my pals and favorite peeps. I was supposed to do a cover for #1 but had some family issues and fallout from all that has pushed my issue or issues back to after issue 3. Stay tuned!! Very excited about this. Hooked Sandy up with Leo Manco, my former partner in crime on HELLBLAZER to do interior art and it's AMAZING. Awesome book with story by Thomas Ian Griffith, Sandy King Carpenter, with script by our own BRUCE JONES!!! JAMES!! - Dude! Good to see you here! Hellblazer won't be the same (which is to say a book worth checking out) until we get the snarky sonovabitch back to VERTIGO, or back to his 'ol self, anyways. Not sure WHAT DC's angle on doing what they're doing to him must have been, but it ain't for me. Only thing I can compare it to is back in the late 80's, Jim Shooter wanted to take Shang Chi and turn him into a super-hero Ninja . . . Consequently, the great talent they had on the book got the fuck out (Doug Moench and Gene Day), jumped ship to DC to take over DETECTIVE. Sadly, Gene Day passed away before he got an issue in - at the age of 32. Part of me still blames Shooter. So yeah, YUCK. - TB
  5. Happy Birthday, big daddy! Hope it was awesome Been way under radar. We'll be talking soon. X - TB
  6. This is what happens when you remove TJ & TB from the equation . . . . I feel bad for Walter Hill on this. Marketing just took a tremendous dump. Ouch. - tb
  7. I wish it were that simple, Mango . . . . Right now we have 7 & 8 in the can and are searching for an artist for 9&10, 11&12, respectively. But first we have to earn enough scratch to pay for the bloody things!! All in good time. No real schedule to speak of. We're renegade boutique publishers fer chrissakes! As if that was an excuse. OK, we'll try and do better in future. For now revel in the story so far. Bad Planet #8 will be available exclusively through ComiXology next month. There will be no hard copies of 9-12 until the extravagantly produced Trade paperback/hardcover editions are created at the end of our Bad Planet journey. Hard copies of 7 and 8 are available through us at shows or by special request, etc . . . Void where prohibited, close cover before striking. But oh man! The Staples cover alone! And with that new logo ta boot! Enjoy - TB
  8. Yeah, baby! You know I wasn't ever made aware that Garth had left the book until Jimmy Palmiotti told me - Thanks, Jimmy! I tend to stick around on things where Garth is concerned until Garth leaves When I submitted to the publisher I'd like to take my leave for something else they talked me into staying for several more issues. Then they forgot I was leaving! I did one more for them so they could find a replacement. 12 was supposed to be my last (see below) . . . But I ended up running until #19! Don't regret it even though THIS was supposed to be for the last issue of my run. Some of my faves are 13-19. More Shadow soon! - TB
  9. Oh yeah, it was a lot of hours staring at pixels the last bunch of days, not that I'm not used to it, but it was art direction X 38, then intensive art direction X 6 for 4 days. Hardcore. Thanks and glad you like the Shadow stuff. I'm having a ball. - tb
  10. Just dropped new logo onto the new digital release of BAD PLANET #8 - Available exclusively through Comixology. We'll keep you apprised of the new release so stay tuned. TJ and I spent several nights and long hours art directing our designers, especially in the final round. Butwin turned in SEVERAL designs we fell in love with so don't be surprised to see more of his work grace our website and merchandise in the future. We really loved several other designs by other designers but #306 worked the best, simple, elegant, dangerous, and contained in a certain space. There WILL be variations and alternate versions to be had, namely on our merch We're going to have some fun with it. And that goes for those designs by other designers that didn't make the final cut. Too cool to leave on the cutting room floor. We should see some of that at work during the coming year, which is sure to be a banner 365 for RAW and it's loyal supporters. Here's the winner! And . . . . Vivat! - TB
  11. About 8 months ago I called it quits on Jennifer Blood over at Dynamite Comics . . . I was in search of something more . . . Pulpy. Dynamite is a good publisher, headed by my 'ol pal Nick Berucci. We all got along great but I needed something I could really sink my teeth into. Patience and perseverance paid off when they offered me regular cover chores on THE SHADOW. Took me a few issues to understand what I wanted to do with the series, but now I think I've got it. Below are a few recent covers that are hopefully the beginning of a glorious run - Hope you dig! The Shadow #12 The Shadow #13 The Shadow #14 More to come - - TB
  12. Yeah, wanna do a lot more 'all over' tees. Always loved that style of shirt. And we got great stuff to drape on textiles - tb
  13. Was a joy from beginning to end, Kimosabe VERY proud of that book. NEEDS an Eisner Nom. - tb
  14. You know how it goes . . . Development is a slow grind Yeah, we're fully focussed on the Western right now. In the meantime I hope people are checking out the FANTASTIC book by David J. Schow! http://www.amazon.com/Gun-Work-David-J-Schow/dp/0857683268 - TB
  15. K - Right now it's looking good. Store links throughout the site are still being fixed but the STORE LINK in the top menu of new site page IS WORKING. . . . . Did you hear that crash? Tom and I just slammed a bottle of champagne into the new site. Duly Christened! http://www.rawstudios.com/ - tb
  16. Yeah, I jumped the gun a little bit and posted. Thought we were ready then realized we weren't . I took that stuff down but it's OK you guys know. Love to hear comments, we're still shaping things. Everything should be up soon and all bugs worked out. We've been waiting to launch with baited breath hoping to get site up a week or two ago. VERY SOON we'll be running like a well-oiled machine. It's gonna be GREAT!! Stand by - X - TB
  17. I actually don't know how old Ray was, that's been a guarded secret ever since I met the gentle King of 3-D Ray passed away this morning and we've lost a true pioneer creator. A dear friend, a colleague we respect with the upmost admiration. Ray wore the moniker of "King of 3-D", "King of 3-D Comics", "King of Hollywood 3-D", as well as descriptions such as "Pioneer" and "Guiding Force", with absolute humble dismissiveness. Ray just LOVED 3-D, he loved to create, he loved to work with and alongside like-minded creators. He witnessed 3-D technology from it's nascent birth, and fell in love. He carried the torch for 3-D like a champion and kept the flame alive for over 50 years as the rest of the entertainment world slowly caught on to something he saw from it's very beginnings. I was fortunate to know him, thanks to Tom and his love for the Stereoscopic World. We worked together through email when we did our Bad Planet 3-D issue and it was apparent even through the coldness of the internet that this man was something unique. Never a harsh word, always supportive, and always striving for excellence. His 3-D comics are the best you'll see. On the film Dark Country, on location in New Mexico I truly got to know and to love Ray. He was my wing man or I was his - It didn't matter I could talk all day about him. A sweet man I'll miss for the rest of my days. Until we meet again, Ray X - tb
  18. This is the first of two parts - Hope ya's dig!! Slice of Sci-Fi - Inside Raw Studios part 1 Cheers - tb
  19. OK folks - Punisher: Dirty Laundry BTS video number 1 is now up for viewing on our Youtube channel - Enjoy! More to come - TB
  20. Reading first chapter now. Best of luck with sales, Mark. Let me know if you want me to broadcast again from our media outlets. Cheers - TB
  21. Gona grab meself the iPad version thingy, soon as I switch to my iPad in the other room. I D E N T I T Y will keep me riveted to something engaging while my lady watches stuff that takes away my will to live. Thanks for getting us back together for a few nights, Sahib Mark X - tb
  22. Oh man, it's pretty F'n sweet, and the best part is . . . there will be more! - TB
  23. Heheh, we gotta leave SOME surprised for the book. We'll see what comes in soon and show SOMETHING. - - tb
  24. Just a line out to our followers to let you know we have a dedicated Youtube Channel set up with a bit of new content. We've got some of the old classic Bad Planet promos, our Dawning of the Digital Age vid from SDCC 2011, and we're updating with all kinds of new content. First up was TJ's Six Billion Dollar Man trailer. We also recently added several tracks from the New Rusty Blades EP, Don't Come Home. On Monday we'll be debuting The Punisher: Dirty Laundry - Behind the Scenes vid #1 - featuring video and snaps I shot during our 3 and a half day shoot Some other footage will sneak in as well. And wait until you see our own 5'8" 168lb Director, Phil Joanou physically shove some asshole off of our set. That's a classic. Gotta wait until Dirty Laundry BTS #2 or #3 to see that though Will announce here when the Punisher: Dirty Laundry BTS goes live on Monday. Or feel free to announce in our absence if you stumble across it - TB
  25. Just got a look at the finished page 5 and Woooooo, daddy. This book is going to rock like a hurricane, literally
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