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  1. Indeed! We'll try and get him rolling on that. I agree. That book needs it's own score - Limited edition CD's pressed into the TRADE EDITION - TB
  2. That guy Tom Archdeacon - Yeah, he's got a quality for sure. Comes across very genuine. I could see him as Cal but I'm not the director PLUS it's expensive to bring folks over from the UK, natch. Somehow I don't think travel would be a problem for TOM A. He'd figure out a way. Love to see him read for the part. I'll definitely bring it up when I talk to TJ again. GOOD LUCK, TOM A!!! As for the vid - Well done indeed. - TB
  3. Glad you're OK! I just meant your post was a while ago and I've been off-line and under the radar since March so because I was tardy in answering the question I figured the offensive pic may have been taken down a while ago. Thanks for letting us know! Even though I missed seeing your post initially there are folks here who would get word to us through other means when it concerns stuff like that. So I figure word got to TJ somehow Kidney Stones! AHHG! - tb
  4. Joyce - It's been a while since you posted, I looked around on TJ's page and didn't see it. If it's still there somewhere let me know. PADRE! - It is true I did meet the man, albeit briefly at dinner. John's lady, Sandy King Carpenter is one of my pals and favorite peeps. I was supposed to do a cover for #1 but had some family issues and fallout from all that has pushed my issue or issues back to after issue 3. Stay tuned!! Very excited about this. Hooked Sandy up with Leo Manco, my former partner in crime on HELLBLAZER to do interior art and it's AMAZING. Awesome book with story by Thoma
  5. I wish it were that simple, Mango . . . . Right now we have 7 & 8 in the can and are searching for an artist for 9&10, 11&12, respectively. But first we have to earn enough scratch to pay for the bloody things!! All in good time. No real schedule to speak of. We're renegade boutique publishers fer chrissakes! As if that was an excuse. OK, we'll try and do better in future. For now revel in the story so far. Bad Planet #8 will be available exclusively through ComiXology next month. There will be no hard copies of 9-12 until the extravagantly produced Trade paperback/ha
  6. Yeah, baby! You know I wasn't ever made aware that Garth had left the book until Jimmy Palmiotti told me - Thanks, Jimmy! I tend to stick around on things where Garth is concerned until Garth leaves When I submitted to the publisher I'd like to take my leave for something else they talked me into staying for several more issues. Then they forgot I was leaving! I did one more for them so they could find a replacement. 12 was supposed to be my last (see below) . . . But I ended up running until #19! Don't regret it even though THIS was supposed to be for the last issue of my run
  7. Oh yeah, it was a lot of hours staring at pixels the last bunch of days, not that I'm not used to it, but it was art direction X 38, then intensive art direction X 6 for 4 days. Hardcore. Thanks and glad you like the Shadow stuff. I'm having a ball. - tb
  8. About 8 months ago I called it quits on Jennifer Blood over at Dynamite Comics . . . I was in search of something more . . . Pulpy. Dynamite is a good publisher, headed by my 'ol pal Nick Berucci. We all got along great but I needed something I could really sink my teeth into. Patience and perseverance paid off when they offered me regular cover chores on THE SHADOW. Took me a few issues to understand what I wanted to do with the series, but now I think I've got it. Below are a few recent covers that are hopefully the beginning of a glorious run - Hope you dig! The Shadow #12
  9. Was a joy from beginning to end, Kimosabe VERY proud of that book. NEEDS an Eisner Nom. - tb
  10. You know how it goes . . . Development is a slow grind Yeah, we're fully focussed on the Western right now. In the meantime I hope people are checking out the FANTASTIC book by David J. Schow! http://www.amazon.com/Gun-Work-David-J-Schow/dp/0857683268 - TB
  11. OK folks - Punisher: Dirty Laundry BTS video number 1 is now up for viewing on our Youtube channel - Enjoy! More to come - TB
  12. Oh man, it's pretty F'n sweet, and the best part is . . . there will be more! - TB
  13. Heheh, we gotta leave SOME surprised for the book. We'll see what comes in soon and show SOMETHING. - - tb
  14. Just a line out to our followers to let you know we have a dedicated Youtube Channel set up with a bit of new content. We've got some of the old classic Bad Planet promos, our Dawning of the Digital Age vid from SDCC 2011, and we're updating with all kinds of new content. First up was TJ's Six Billion Dollar Man trailer. We also recently added several tracks from the New Rusty Blades EP, Don't Come Home. On Monday we'll be debuting The Punisher: Dirty Laundry - Behind the Scenes vid #1 - featuring video and snaps I shot during our 3 and a half day shoot Some other footage will snea
  15. Just got a look at the finished page 5 and Woooooo, daddy. This book is going to rock like a hurricane, literally
  16. Awesome! Great to hear from you Andy! Yep, yer gonna like this one Don't be a stranger - We have ways of stomping out minor irritants X - TB
  17. Working on a new update. Not sure exactly what it will be yet but am trying to get something up there asap, and will try to do at least 2 more updates before we hit D-Day. It's apparent that we will not hit our goal but do not be sad. Be of good cheer. We've mentioned this and you know we won't give up. The Bad Planet Game will happen come hell or high water. As mentioned, we're working out the gameplan for the relaunch and that gameplan involves getting a website up in the next 2-3 weeks that is dedicated to the BP VG and will keep folks updated while we work on the demos and the story t
  18. The Sasquatch ep was so cool when I was a kid. Saw it again last year and was thinking, yeah, somehow it didn't hold up so well That's 70's episodic TV for ya, heh. But when I was 9 years old? Sheeeeit. Steve Austin was the fuckin' MAN. Those friggin eyes creeped the shit out of me. First exposure to Andre the Giant. Nice job, TJ. This is a film I not only want to be a part of, it's one I want to see, and see done right. Not the hokey comedic angle I was hearing about a few years back. NOOOOOOOOO! - TB
  19. We're ALL nuts about black and white. Most of the buying public feels differently though ;( I'm down for color because it brings an extra dynamic to the storytelling, like music enhances a film, color can enhance the sequential experience. We got the right guy so we have nothing to worry about Plus, like I said, we'll likely feel compelled to do 2 versions provided we have the $ to print two different trades Thanks - TB
  20. Check out Tom's new rip-o-matic trailer for a badass concept he's been playing with for the last few years. Tom's got this GREAT story all mapped out. I've been nuts about it since he first brought it up like 5 years ago. Good stuff doesn't go away. After Magnificent Death, could this be our next film? Here's what Tom says about the concept - "The Six Million Dollar Man has always been my favorite 'super hero.' A little while ago I cooked up what I feel is the perfect story to bring the Bionic Man into the 21st Century... To bring life to the story, I combed through over 30 films, musi
  21. It'll be fully colored but we're talking about washes here, not the standard comic-style coloring. Grant's a painter so the wash technique is part of his fantastic repertoire! Also, as mentioned earlier, we have an affinity for black and white so don't be surprised if we end up doing some kind of limited black and white hardcover. Hopefully the demand will dictate - TB
  22. When you log in you can choose to stay signed in. If you leave the page open in a tab and don't close your laptop when you're done playing on the computer then the site recognizes you as "being here", even if you are not physically looking at the page. It can look like you're here on the site 24/7, but I seriously doubt TJ is lurking around the forums at all times Tom's a busy cat so he posts when he's able and monitors the forum off and on, daily. Cheers - Tim
  23. Joyce, yes, if we don't make it the first time we'll be launching that website soon, and then relaunching with crowd-funding in appx 2-3 months when we have a demo completed. We will raise the money some how, some way
  24. Two schools of thought on a hard press to hit our current campaign goal - 1. If we continue to hit the media with things like Ron Perlman's involvement, then we hurt ourselves moving forward to next campaign, cause having Ron in is a Game-Changer. If we push that now then it's likely that we won't get that push on the relaunch which is where we REALLY are going to need it. Most media outlets do not do follow-ups, which is what would be required here. We currently still need to raise over half a million to make it in 10 days, and we fear promoting Ron now would be "too awesome-too late".
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