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    I speak three languages: russian, german and yeah nearly three.
    was born in the USSR but had no chance to become a communist, so i moved to germany to become a capitalist :D

    Prefer to watch movies in english. Like movies with actors like: Gerard Butler, Christian Bale, Thomas Jane, Jason Stathem.
    Like you see i prefer the action genre.

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  1. At the End oft the movie he hat another haircut, could it be that this scene was later Filmed, than other?
  2. Give Thema hell Malone 2, ans chances for it, has Tom interest in it?
  3. Can it be that, the punischer has some deleted scenes, that were not released?
  4. animated Punisher hm could be nice if Tom would do the voice acting
  5. So we need a kickstarter compaign!
  6. The question is.. who will be playing the next Batman and will the movie be in 2015 or later..
  7. Who got the rights for "Thursday"? Imagine a remake or better a sequel with our Tom and Aaron with Paulina Porizkova of course that would rock!
  8. Saw the movie last night, only 2 and a half minutes of Tom. Very much screentime for Demi Moor.. Yeah Miley does look good, but it doesn't make the film better.
  9. Hello people! Who has already seen this film? I didn't cauze i am not sure.. how much screen time does Tom have in thins one? ps: can't wait to see a "Red Machine" trailer..
  10. i like the new platform! real good structure, better than the old one. and is now quicker page opening
  11. MCEdiu


    yeah, the episodes with kaitlin doubleday, were really nice
  12. yeah, tom is back in forum the last episode of hung was really great!!
  13. hm, look a the success of movies like : Lord of the Rings or Hangover..there is no black in a leading role, but they are/were top at the boxoffice.
  14. Maybe it's a strange question, but i dare. How did Tom get the role? Did he auditioned or was he called by Walter Hill ?
  15. yes, now i can see a movie with Tom in theatre. great
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