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    Friends, Fitness, Movies

    I speak three languages: russian, german and yeah nearly three.
    was born in the USSR but had no chance to become a communist, so i moved to germany to become a capitalist :D

    Prefer to watch movies in english. Like movies with actors like: Gerard Butler, Christian Bale, Thomas Jane, Jason Stathem.
    Like you see i prefer the action genre.

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  1. Your performence in "The punisher" is great...

    But in my opinion your best role is in "Thursday". I love this movie, it's funny but has also a serious side...

    The scene there the black gangster is going to shoot your charakter but is suddenly interrupted by the call and starts to rap is just hilaurous...

    Aaron Eckhart is also a cool harakter besides your one of c

  2. 3:10 Yuma I loved bale's and crowe's performance. What i didn't liked was that bale was killed so easily.
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