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    Haven't seen anything about this film on here so i thought i would bring it up. It came out a couple of weeks ago here in the UK and is one of the best revenge films i have ever seen. While it follows the basic formula of every revenge film it's a lot more gritty than most and has some very realistic brutal violence. But what makes the film work is strong performances by unknown actors and a very professional final product from a first time director/writer with only a $80,000 budget. If you get the chance see to see this give it a try.



  2. finally seen Excalibur and i thought it was great. it has some paceing issues but over all it was very entertainig. what makes the film is the great cast, i coudnt believe how young liam neeson is in this.

    i would love to see more fantasy films like this.

  3. Finally watched this tonight and i thought it was great. the reviews here in the UK have been very negative mostly just because of the christian content which doesnt go over so well over here. but the directing, the acting and the score was great. The locations looked bleak and barren filled with beliveable characters making it the best post-apotaclyptic film ive seen in a long time.

  4. Bless you one and all!!


    Also we have a nice advanced surprise cooking, the artwork for the UK DVD release.

    Mark will post soon. Let us know what you think.


    - TB



    carnt wait to see this only a month to wait in the UK now glad were getting some better artwork than the US release.

  5. That's great, I'd love to hear it. Could you toss us a little more information?

    Who is the composer?


    - TB

    theres a couple of short sample tracks and a review of the highlander the source score here

    highlander the source score review




    Living in the UK i manged to get Clint Mansell's score for moon on cd but i havent listened to it yet because no cinemas i can get to are showing the film and i want to watch it before i listen to the score.

  6. Oh I have no problem with that. Many a time I will not see a movie until years later when I get around to renting it. And while I loved the movie Jarhead with Jake in it, I would agree that just from reading the synopsys and not seeing any trailers, I'd wholly pass on that movie as well. I would think it would be the same as stating you want to see a movie HUGE because of the trailers and synopsys, but come the time you see it, it appeals to you like two week old coffee...


    Now I'm a die hard fan of action, and Sci-fi films. I even like horribly bad midieval films and the old chop-socky, dubbed, kung fu flicks. The worse the dubbing, the more I laugh at it.


    To give you that example, I JUST finished watching a horribly sad movie I ordered from Amazon.


    Robot Jox. A horrible CHEESE fest of a film that puts Barry Bostwick in Megaforce to utter shame for cheese factor... I bought it because of ONE technical accuracy that is missed from almost EVERY sci-fi. In Space, there is NO sound. Horrible cheese factor with some awesome technical knowledge that is lacking in Star Trek and every other newer "high budget" movie.




    I love Robot Jox its one of those films you know is bad but is still really enjoyable and fun.

  7. You know Tim, I'm just gonna' throw this out there. If the rights for a DUNE comic book are not already snatched up, or hell even if they are, RAW needs to buy them. In the oddest way this noir work makes me want to see what you would do with the DUNE characters.


    Big time.


    I second that we need a DUNE a comic book and i would love to see your take and those characters.

  8. 395px-Phantom_of_the_Paradise_movie_poster.jpg




    Phantom of the paradise


    I saw this musical horror comedy movie for the first time last week and coldnt believe i had never heard of it before. directed by brian de palma with music by paul williams and starring williamly finley and jessica harper this is one of those films that made no money or impact when it was originnaly released but is worth watching just because its so unique and suprisingly entertainig.

  9. Anyone happen to know who is going to air this in the UK by any chance? The DVD release is going to be a long way away :-(


    I hope it doesnt take aslong as True blood season 1 only started showing this month in the UK

  10. Did anyone else spot some fun stuff?

    Let us know.


    - TB


    Scotty mentions he tested his transporter on admiral archers beagle which might be a refrence to captain archer from star trek enterprise who had a pet beagle.

  11. I saw this film with a bunch of friends and found the ones who loved the comic like myself enjoyed the film and the ones who hadnt read or didnt like the comic hated the film. Its definatley got a lot of flaws but overall i think its a good film but not as good as it should have been.

  12. I know im the only one who thinks this but i really want another Sylvester McCoy kind of doctor to add a bit of mystery to the role, he was the doctor i grew up with and i thought he was great along side his companion Ace

  13. Update on Mutant Chronicles Filmscore by Richard Wells -


    This, direct from composer Richard Wells last evening -

    "I have good news. I'm mastering the soundtrack tomorrow, and Silva Screen are going to be releasing it. It should be up on itunes in the next couple of weeks and available on CD soon after."


    I just sent out an email to Silva Screen UK inquiring about official release dates. Looks like SOON. We'll keep you all posted!


    Cheers - TB



    Great news thanks for the update Tim

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