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  1. Just got the blu ray from blockbusters. Loved it but my only gripe is with a few parts that mainly just deal with editing. When Malone is jumping the roof and the guy follows, there are two people, but when it cuts to close up of guy jumping, the other guy is missing from shot. Also, the van comes to a stop two times when it's sliding. The third one is hard to explain without spoiling anything but it's just cut that occurs with matchstick. Anyway, I really loved the movie and I hope enough people buy it to warrant a sequel. This deserved to be in theaters and it's a damn shame it wasn't.

  2. I can't read anymore on IMDB about Mathew and Mutant Chronicles. It's like he thinks he is some great director like (Insert Director). His IMDB credentials are a 1 minute movie. Heck, my crappy youtube videos are probably better than his. I just hope this movie comes out sooner than later. From all the screen shots I've seen and the behind the scenes it looks really good.

  3. The Weinsteins need to get there stuff together. They don't even have the trailer up on the website and it's been out since whenever. I remember buying the book to read when I heard it about it being made into a film and that was a good 2 years ago.

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