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  1. Holly S***!! What a day! Found new better quality ones... I lost count so probably is a better quality of the previously posted ones... 9th spot 8th spot better quality 10th spot says 9th on the page, but who cares? watch it
  2. TvSpot 6 - in hd. loads slow but worths it you'll love it my fave - not great quality tvspot 8- baaaaad quality there seems to be 9th one too, so if I come across I'll let you know
  3. yeah I discovered the clip today too!! its gonna be great!!!
  4. I agree with you guys... Of all the Shyamalan films, in my opinion, this was the one that felt the emptiest, both plotwise and the acting... the trailer served its purpose, made me go and see it, then the film started... then finished...
  5. They released a new trailer New Altrenate Trailer
  6. Cant wait to see it either... ...but, it will be released where I live on July 25th... bummer... anyway, Heath (RIP) made a great job with The Joker as far as I can see, evil, creepy (in a great way), sadistic and smart... and no words can describe the maniac level of the laughter... I've watched the trailers for thousands of times as well and just cant wait!! Has anyone seen the prolouge by the way? well, I did, and made me even more impatient... A
  7. ok then... looking forward it Thanks a lot!
  8. thanks for sharing this and welcome aboard!! Great job with the car!
  9. definitely! and that's the way it is all over the world, believe me...
  10. so glad to hear more "Girl in the Woods" has a lovely soothing tone, love the background sounds
  11. saw it today R.Downey totally nails it... great scenes, good writing... probably gonna see it again...
  12. got a question; does anyone know if that e-comic book thing is around TJ talks about on the file "fbr_405"; the one that you can see the ink outlines and sketches by hitting a button?
  13. it's really cool of you to share that sounds great and sincere... hope to hear more...
  14. my suggestions... Richard Kelly; (did a great job with "Donnie Darko") Ridley Scott David Fincher
  15. my thoughts exactly thought of Lovecraft too ending was heartbreaking, but couldnt be better...
  16. Hello there! I discovered this great place just today and wanted to say hi to everyone... Name: Anil (you can call me Ann...) Location: Istanbul / TURKEY (yep, an overseas fan...) Your Interests (besides Tom, of course): music, photography (you can find my photographs here.), archeology, animals, nature, creativity... When did you first become at fan of Tom's? "Dreamcatcher" did most of the stuff What are your favorite Tom-related films? Dreamcatcher, The Mist, Punisher, Deep Blue Sea, Stander What future Tom-related project (comics/films) are you most anticipating? Mutant Chronicles In what film role to you like Tom best? A badass good guy; well actually he would be a great villian How much have you seen of his Filmography? I've seen The Crow, The Punisher, Dreamcacher, The Mist, the Original Sin, Stander, Tripper and Deep Blue Sea... take care everyone!
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