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  1. It’s hard to pick just one. I grew up on his movies in the eighties, whenever I'm missin the good ole days of my younger years I pop in a John Hughes film and the world seems right again...He knew exactly how to capture the angst of the eighties teenager like no other. Even his newer stuff was fantastic, he will be missed indeed. But forced to pick just one I would have to agree, Ferris Bueller is definitely great. You can't go wrong with lines like "Whoever you are I have a gun and a scorching case of herpes"...classic
  2. http://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn258/b...01090903411.jpg This is some scratch board I played around with. First time ever using this medium of producing a picture, lots of fun!
  3. These are up late at night, bored to death, nuttin to do, and nothin on TV, pencils and one with water color...Compared to the other art work on here, I'm almost embarrased to post it, but what the hay...
  4. That looks great, you did an xcellent job on the nose!
  5. I saw a preview at the movies a few weeks ago for Journey to the Center of the Earth, with Brendon Fraiser it's going to be in 3-D. It looked great! Way better than the old stuff...Can't wait to see some hard core 3-D like RAW might put out. If it's done right it could be interesting and a change of pace from the ordinary... http://www.journey3dmovie.com/?source=google
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