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  1. hi, i just find this link with a interview (TOM JAMES & TIM) and Thomas said this


    " I want to do more books. We've got The Lycan, about 18th century werewolf hunters. We're doing a graphic novel of DARK COUNTRY, the film I directed and Tim art directed / production designed. I'm developing a mini series for the SCI FI Channel called Voyage to Savage Planet. Oh, and Tim and I are doing a WW2 action horror film called The Devils Commandos. "


    here is the link, there somenthin info of this?

    (official?) i hope that Thomas Jane can answer this. thx. if is true, good luck, because sounds good.






  2. yeah, well from Famke i have almost all her movies the ten just ordered on may, and the treatment is a little hard to get, because it is no subtitled, and i `m not so good with the english, but yeah, Turn the river looks so fucking amazing, i want to see 100 feet, did you see the traier? korea? it is so cool, and about thomas Wow he is a wonderful actor, amazing. my mail is escoriahumana@hotmail.com, ok? send me info, if you want.


    see you dude.



  3. hi, yeah i want to that dvd, i`m from Mexico, and i`m fan of Famke, i want all her movies. i have not seen this movie yet, but i will order soon.


    my favorites actors:


    Hugh Jackman

    Thomas Jane

    Famke Janssen

    Sacrlett Johansson

    Angelina Jolie

  4. well, i just start this because is an agony waiting the tom movies here in Mexico.

    the last movie released here was The mist or Sobrenatural, (the mexican name), and i have to get order the tripper, and the punisher extended edition, stander, and many movies more, because here in mex, THEY ARE NOT RELEASED!!!!!!


    THOMAS JANE has came (i think) 3 times to shot some o his movies.


    deep blue sea


    Original sin ( with one of my favorite actress, the another one is Famke Janssen, )


    and the premiere of The Punisher.


    i wish that Him come back, maybe for shoting or promoting.


    i admire this amazing actor.


    sorry if my english is bad.


    distributor: more Movies please (Famke`s and Thomas)


    Luis From Mexico.




    what about Guillermo del Toro or Alfonso Cuaron? ( Pan`s Labyrinth and Children Of Men......)

    i`m proud of my Mexican People, i`m mexican, but if you want a new becomer, maybe the director of The orphan?


    well well, maybe eric red is a good idead, did you see the new trailer of his last movie? 100 feet? youtube.com

    is a good idea.


    Guillermo del toro


    Alfonso cuaron


    Eric red

  6. well, thank you so much for the info, i appreciate you people, but the only thing that no make me happy is the confiability of the orders because i`m in mexico, and i really want all those movies.


    but i try to get them.


    The Mist was excellent.


    well, i start this topic, because there are movies that i`ve never seen, like Jonni nitro, Eden, Zack and Reba, At Ground Zero, I`ll love you......., High Tide.


    I`m from Mexico and i`m really fan of Thomas, he is an excellent actor, i want all movies of him, but there some i don`t get them.


    recently i ordered 2 movies of Him, The Tripper and Punisher extended ( i don`t know what is the diference with the original edition) the movie that i really want is Thursday, but Here no eStablishment can bring me, (Mix up,blockbuster etc.) please help me, and Here in Mex just released The mist (Sobrenatural: Spanish Tittle, Wuack!) and Wow, this is amazing, the dark Ending, awesome, and the scream of Thomas , Breaking!. i have 19 movies of Thomas and i want more.


    thank you for read this, and sorry if my english is Bad, LOL

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