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  1. Wow, you are on top of all this!! I barely have time to get to the movie theater! Everything I see is usually at least 1 year old. LOL


    Just watched Prometheus and I like it from the standpoint of having seen all the other Alien movies. Some good "big questions" in the film, and some nice acting from Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace, and Charlize Theron doing her ice queen thing.


    I want to see Skyfall and The Dark Knight Rises...and Lawless.


    Saw John Carter, but not in good quality and I couldn't hear much either, but it's not as bad as all the critics say, I think.


    I've heard that The Hobbit is way too long, but there are good parts - and parts that are not in the book, and parts that stray from the book...


    Have you seen Savages at all? I want to see it, but haven't yet.



  2. Thanks everyone, for your birthday wishes! :D I wish I had more time to contribute to this Forum, but it seems like every year things get even more hectic... I'm sure it's like that for all of you too. Hopefully this holiday time is at least fun and/or relaxing though.


    Happy Holidays,



  3. I just saw The Other Side the other day because the sweetie teen actor Logan Miller (Well, that's what I think - LOL) guest starred in it as the main kid who didn't know what he was doing and was that hybrid type character. Kinda sad about his character though... It's always great to see Monroe on the show, but he's in it too little. Thanks for the recaps about the other episodes. I might try to watch more of the show since my TV-watching schedule has lessened recently, with shows either being finished or cancelled.


    Take care,



  4. Exclusive photos of Tom from the Space Hamsters and Rilakumma event on November 3rd, 2012 are posted to my Thomas Jane 2 Yahoo Group! :D


    Big thanks to Jennifer of Space Hamsters, who organized this event, for letting me post some choice photos of Tom from this super duper event!


    I didn't know about too-cute Space Hamsters and Rilakumma before now (even though I'm into Hello Kitty stuff), so consider me a new fan.


    The photos are in the Space Hamsters Rilakkuma album in the Photos section. All photo credit to Joanna Miriam.


    Here's more about the event:


    "Celebrity dad Thomas Jane brought his daughter, Harlow, and two of her friends to the Rilakkuma + Space Hamster Launch Party in Los Angeles this week. The adorable Japanese characters are a hit in Japan and are expected to make the same impact here in the United States. Tom, Harlow, and her two friends had a blast at the event, winning Space Hamster & Rilakkuma plush toys, dancing the night away, and supporting a great cause! Event proceeds supported the Best Friends Animal Society."


    Official links:




    SHOP: http://spacehamster.bigcartel.com/



    I've got to buy me some plushies! :D



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