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  1. Just finished eating. Now back to studying for a test. Boringggggggggg.


    I don't know; the studying for a test sounds more stressful to me than boring! :lol: Good luck with it!



  2. Just wanted to add this link that has more of a plot synopsis:


    "... the script revolves around two estranged brothers (Marsden and Jane) who

    make amends in the remote wilderness with their respective girlfriends. However,

    their freshly repaired bond is threatened when they're attacked and stalked by a

    grizzly bear nicknamed the Red Machine."







  3. I'm pretty sure the news was posted already about Tom taking part in a reading titled Marilyn: Intimate Exposures by Susan Bernard back in December. I just can't find the info here right now. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that the reading is at YouTube right now, in 6 parts, I think, with Tom in it. Here's the link to Part 1:



    When you watch Part 2, the camera will get closer to the cast reading, and you can see Tom more clearly, I think. Otherwise the shot is from a distance; but Tom's on the left side, between a man and a woman:





  4. Thanks for that link MediumFan! :)


    Tom's been making the rounds for the awards season. This past weekend he attended an InStyle-sponsored 'Night Of Firsts' event and just last night he was at a Weinstein/Audi/Chateau Marmont get-together.


    I added pix at my Yahoo Group.




  5. There was an article online about HBO's TV decisions and it was called "HBO cancels 3 good shows, and renews one crappy one", or something to that effect... Couldn't agree more as far as Hung is concerned...

  6. Tom is making headlines again, at least in the AOL Entertainment section, which posted this lovely subject line today: "Thomas Jane: Americans Are Brainwashed, I Lost The Will To Live"


    Tom has some pretty powerful things to say about society vs. the individual and conformity vs. freedom...







    PS Here's the link to original interview: http://www.thefix.com/addiction/drugs/Thomas%20Jane6663?page=1

  7. I just posted my impressions of I Melt With You at my Thomas Jane 2 Yahoo Group. There are plot spoilers in it, to some extent, so I didn't want to add the whole she-bang here, in case there are peeps who haven't seen it and fall upon my words...but I'll add a few thoughts that aren't spoiler-ish:


    Tom, Rob, Jeremy, and Christian have a solid camaraderie going that grounds the movie and makes it feel real. Without that believability, the viewer wouldn't be invested in these characters.


    So, after a night of drug-fueled debauchery, the guys wake up bleary-eyed, yet somehow they all still look fine `n' fit especially Tom. I know he (and his character) feel that society says you're washed up by 40, but that's a big fat lie!


    There's this scene where the 4 friends roll down a sand dune at full force (which was featured in one of the movie's trailers), and I'm thinking, "That must hurt!" Seriously, I'm surprised no one got injured during this movie. Maybe they did…?


    Oh, great cinematography! Powerful imagery, especially during the wild partying scenes that turn into nightmare benders. Are these guys having fun and being carefree, or they expressing their angst and pain? I think we know what the answer is…On a lighter side note, what a glorious beach house!!


    Oh, I also missed the last crucial few minutes of the movie!! I was shouting at my TV when that happened! So if someone could drop me a message here (or at my email) and tell me what happens, that would be awesome. LOL



  8. Link to interesting review of I Melt With You:


    ...with possible spoiler aspects...:


    "Pellington's film is a thriller executed like a tragedy. There is no sense of

    suspense, only doom, for the four 40-somthings as they begin to understand how

    they ended up where they are in their lives. "I Melt With You" is an anthem for

    the Sex Pistol generation, too old for the antics, but still steeped in sex,

    drugs and rock and roll."


    Much more at:





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