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  1. Depeche Mode is back!! Album #13, Delta Machine, will be out on March 26th. Can't wait! I wrote up a review of the lead single "Heaven" and its video for Adequacy.net where I tried to go more into the meaning of the song's lyrics. Of course it's all open to interpretation, but I thought of a different angle that I haven't read yet as a possibility... "Depeche Mode is alive and kicking with the imminent release of album #13 and this solemn exaltation about “Heaven”." http://www.adequacy....he-mode-heaven/ Official Video: Jen
  2. Here's the link to a complicated fan article about The Punisher in all it's different formats, asking the question about where the character fits in the roles of heroes and villains: "...The Punisher (2004) starring Thomas Jane, which is an entertaining film with a great performance by Jane..." http://primitivescrewheads.net/tag/thomas-jane/ Jen
  3. Thomas Jane Filmography (with one fan’s commentary) In honor of Tom’s Career Achievement Award from the Gasparilla Film Festival, I thought it would be the perfect time to go over Tom’s Filmography from the ‘fan’ point of view. Here’s a rundown of Tom’s performances on film and in TV shows with hopefully informative to entertaining commentary. It’s best to read it from the bottom on up; from his 1st to his current roles. The list is from IMDB. Spoiler alert: I may go into plot details that will spoil the film/TV show if you haven’t seen it already: The Punisher: Dirty Laundry (shor
  4. ...and the link to the official site: http://gasparillafilmfestival.com/ and official Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/gasparillafilm Ohhh, now I wish I was in Florida, and not just for the balmy weather! Jen
  5. Here's some more info about the fest: The event will be held March 19 - 24. "...one film on the lineup is "The Punisher," the largest film ever made in Tampa. Actor Thomas Jane, who played the comic book hero in the 2004 action film, will attend." http://www2.tbo.com/entertainment/northwest/2013/mar/07/gasparilla-film-festival\ -offers-100-movies-ar-652144/ and http://www.tampabay.com/things-to-do/movies/gasparilla-international-film-festiv\ al-releases-schedule/2106950 Jen
  6. "...on March 23, Thomas Jane's work -- The Punisher in particular -- will be celebrated at The Gasparilla Film Festival when they bestow him with their International Career Achievement Award. Jane, who will accept his award following a screening of The Punisher (which was filmed 10 years ago in Florida), recently sat down with ETonline to talk about this unexpected honor..." http://omg.yahoo.com/news/thomas-jane-ive-never-fit-hollywood-mold-191800845.html The link above has a great text Interview with Tom from ETOnline. Jen
  7. Here's the link to my review of the video for "House of Circles" by mr. Gnome. RIYL: Guillermo del Toro, Sin City, sci-fi stuff. "Nicole Barille and Sam Meister have visually scribed a stunning and surreal sci-fi mythology in this mini-movie video epic directed by Sam himself." http://www.adequacy....-circles-video/ Link to official video: Jen
  8. Red Meat Machine sounds even better... Or Bears Gone Wild... Oh, wait, they're already wild... Hmmm, Nature Unleashed... The Unbearable Lightness of...no, wait, that's a different movie... Jen
  9. Yeah, I have a tradition too: for Halloween it's The Mist and/or Dark Country. Oh, I just realized I should add The Tripper to the list! For Valentine's Day it's The Sweetest Thing, Molly, or Original Sin. Any Time: Deep Blue Sea, The Punisher, Stander. Just FYI, The Thin Red Line has been playing on premium cable these days. Tom has a cameo towards the end of the film, when he's in the fields and Jim Cazieval (?) character meets him. Jen
  10. Nice! Thanks for the link to that video/song. I really like the video-work, and funnily enough, I just did a review of a video that has similar animation effects. I'll list that link here when I can get to it. Jen
  11. Happy B-day Tom!! Those waffles looked yummy in the pic you posted at Facebook... Jen
  12. A lot of vampire movies suck. A couple other ones that have some teeth are Let The Right One In (in a melancholy kinda way) and Thirst (the freaky Asian film; not the one where kids are trapped in the desert and have to drink all sorts of yucky things to survive). Neak Dark was an eye-opener for me and the movie that started me on the Kathryn Bigelow path...at least through Strange Days... Jen
  13. Billy Bob Thornton has posted a scenario synopsis of the movie which Shock Till You Drop has picked up and posted. Love his intro about Tom. Here's the link: http://www.shocktillyoudrop.com/news/172097-grizzly-thriller-red-machine-in-billy-bob-thorntons-words Jen
  14. Eek, now we must all watch the BluRay added stuff and be freaked out even more by that scene!! Yeah, jayesse8, I totally forgot that Shaw programmed it for a Cesarean... and that David told Shaw she was pregnant (although he could have been lying and just saying that to explain why her abdomen was suddenly bulging...). I know I said I loved David (well, you know what I mean), but he did some really not nice things to Shaw and her boyfriend... Jen
  15. Is Tropic Of Cancer the female mirror of Joy Divison? Probably not, since the song below, "Court of Devotion", at least, is not loose 'n' dancey enough and has sustained vocals, but there's that dark bassline and an ominous pull into the unknown... Jen
  16. Of course, I'm all in favor of shirtless pix of Tom too...
  17. I think a different and/or interesting aspect is that this Forum is not just the average "fan forum" where fans gush about their fave artist - their fave artists is actually here on 'n' off - and it's an official Forum. So the tone is different. Not so inane and insane as the typical Forum. Personally, I like it because you get "news you can use" and conversations that don't go *thunk* or *squee*, but that's just my view. Jen
  18. Hey sinn - Check out this article about AMDFASH with lots 'o' quotes from Tom. He says it's going to be a more classic Western with natural locations and not a revisionist Western. Sounds good to me! http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/blogssundanceblog/55695621-50/jane-western-location-ford.html.csp Jen
  19. Just finished watching it. Agreed. I had no expectations, and was actually 'dreading' the scenario, but I was laughing at the TV screen for this one. Jen
  20. Yes, I still enjoyed the movie in an Alien-fan kind way, although I was squirming through the medical pod operation segment! Thanks for the possible explanations for that operation scene, but I'm really hoping that thing was in her stomach, just logic-wise, and well, it's the lesser of 2 awful situations, I think... Love, love, love David. I hope Shaw can put him back together again... Jen
  21. oh, I just remembered my other question. SPOILERS again; you know Finley (?), one of the 2 scientist guys who are in the cave freaking out after the encounter with alien slimy stuff? So, I thought he was dead...but then you see him later on, in "monster" form, attacking crew members, trying to get back on the ship. So, is the idea the the slimy octopus-like "alien" takes over a host form - like a human, and the end result, end product, will be a hybrid of the human and slimy octopus? So does that mean Finley was actually still "alive" in some sense or it was a "rebirth" hybrid with some
  22. Okay, I have 2 main questions about Prometheus. Well, I scribbled down 2 questions in the middle of the night and can only understand one of them, which is SPOILERS AHEAD, how did Shaw get infected and where in her body was the alien form? Now, I ask this because I've been under the impression from all the Alien films that the unfortunate buggers who get infected end up with an alien life form in their digestive system. But in Prometheus it seems like Shaw got infected after she had sex with Logan-Greene's character (Charlie? Sorry, I'm bad w/ names). If so, that's reproductive syst
  23. I just wanna see Tom Hardy... No, actually, I've seen all the other films, so I want to see how this one lines up against the others. Jen
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