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  1. Exclusive photos of Tom from the Space Hamsters and Rilakumma event on November 3rd, 2012 are posted to my Thomas Jane 2 Yahoo Group! :D


    Big thanks to Jennifer of Space Hamsters, who organized this event, for letting me post some choice photos of Tom from this super duper event!


    I didn't know about too-cute Space Hamsters and Rilakumma before now (even though I'm into Hello Kitty stuff), so consider me a new fan.


    The photos are in the Space Hamsters Rilakkuma album in the Photos section. All photo credit to Joanna Miriam.


    Here's more about the event:


    "Celebrity dad Thomas Jane brought his daughter, Harlow, and two of her friends to the Rilakkuma + Space Hamster Launch Party in Los Angeles this week. The adorable Japanese characters are a hit in Japan and are expected to make the same impact here in the United States. Tom, Harlow, and her two friends had a blast at the event, winning Space Hamster & Rilakkuma plush toys, dancing the night away, and supporting a great cause! Event proceeds supported the Best Friends Animal Society."


    Official links:




    SHOP: http://spacehamster.bigcartel.com/



    I've got to buy me some plushies! :D



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