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  1. I think the movie looks amusing, even though to me the pairing of Tom w/ John Cusack seems a bit odd upfront, but maybe it'll work. Tom plays it fast 'n' loose 'n' funny based on this preview of Drive Hard. I'm definitely looking foward to his performance at least!



  2. Super-heavy sludge/metal/noise duo Jucifer (Amber Valentine and Ed Livengood) has a new album out with a Russian title that's translated as There Is No Land Beyond The Volga. The most, uhhhh, 'accessible' song may be "Fight Hard Live Free" - Here's the link to audio:




    and here's a link to my review of the album:


    "Bad-ass duo Amber and Ed release a super-heavy beast of an album."







  3. Hmmm, I don't know... I had read that Katee is in this director's film Oculus coming out in April, and that she was going to be in his next film, i.e., Somnia. But the film news is always in flux, so maybe that's not true anymore.


    Anyway, can't wait to see Tom in this one!



  4. If fast 'n' furiously fun, wild tunes that sound cartoon-like (as in Road Runner colliding with a speed metal guitarist who collides with a cheerfully demented Japanese female shouter), look no further than the long-running, much-lauded (now a duo) Melt-Banana:


    "The Hive" video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcqC8LSoBws


    and my review of Yako and Agata's album fetch:





  5. If you need an Interpol fix, try out this NJ band who sound very much like Interpol, in the best ways:


    "Are We the Dining Dead?" is faster and "Sail Away" is slower and dreamier, especially at its end:




    "Sail Away" video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LAqOQDpzs8



    Friend the guys at



    and here's my interview w/ the band:





  6. Jen I did not find your band, but I did find this



    The only other band that I found that kind of fits by discription is Stop The Car. They have a facebook page, and the album is named Crash, but that is the only track you can not listen to. I'm guessing a rights issue. Looking on the net, I did not find any videos but they did have a site.


    As for myself, I have been listening to Fink.

    Thanks for that, JWeb!! When I saw the band name Mephisto Walz, I thought for sure it would be a match, because of the "goth"-like name... Oh, well! I always thought it was spelled "Waltz" too, but I guess not...


    Totally off that, here's some dream-pop for you - "We Are the Dreamers" by The Stargazer Lilies:

    Time to lie back and dream...





  7. 2.jpg


    Whoa! OK, I just tested out if I could find a photo of Tom online, right click it, press "copy", then paste it in here - and it works! Geez, after how many years of being here, I've finally found out how to quickly add some pix to the Forum, instead of saving pix to a site like PhotoBucket and then uploading the pix here! :P



  8. Speaking of trippy, you all have to help me out now to identify an unknown band (at least to me) who does a super (well, I think so) cover of "White Rabbit" originally by Jefferson Airplane.


    I recorded the cover in the mid-1990s on college radio in NJ and I've been wondering ever since then who is singing the song! I uploaded the audio to YouTube with details in the description, including: "The vibe is trippy, drawn-out, gothic and psychedelic, but modern, with alluring, kinda menacing, sly, clear, sing-talking female vocals and a squelchy, sinuous undertow of synth notes, among other instruments."


    If any of you know who's singing, pleeease let me know. I've trawled through most of YouTube and other sites, listening to tons of "White Rabbit" covers and none of them match this one:






    Good gosh, this music thread is gettin' long... :lol:


    Anyway, it looks like The Cult is still going strong with the unmistakable vocals of Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy on guitar and some fast piano playing in there as well! From what I've read, a 10th album is planned for release in 2014.


    Did you know that Ian Astbury married Aimee Nash of The Black Ryder in 2012? I didn't know that til recently. http://loudwire.com/the-cult-singer-ian-astbury-weds-black-ryder-singer-bassist-aimee-nash/


    The Black Ryder is one of my fave newer bands. I probably already posted this, but here's their cool, slow, Western-vibe side:






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