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  1. mario bava died in 1980. good luck getting him to direct it. Well maybe up, coming, and hungry for human brains.
  2. Use the only guy that has ever re-achieved Noir properly, call Polanski out. (And he can spend any money you put in front of him. ) Seriously, you want the dark decadent claustrophobic feel of noir, Roman could deliver it. It would also be great to see action handled in this style. Not the wide expansive shots where its all splatter on the walls and choreography like you never see on the street, but up close and personal. Think Jack Nicholson's nose with the tension and seat squirming over 90 minutes. He is supposed to be filming "The Ghost", but I can't seem find any proof that the project progressed out of pre-production. Joe
  3. Thomas, Thank you very much! My wife has already started browsing their line at different retailers. Please extend our thank you to your wife as well. Beaty Boop, Thank you for the recommendation, my wife is on that one as well. My wife recommends a place called Fashion Bug that she thinks is up in Canada as well. We are only 100 miles south of the Canadain border and about 115 from central Vancouver, so she has done some shopping up there. (At least before our currencies flipped. ) We are on the three kid plan as well, 13, 3 and 16 months. My wife started "juggie" and things have only gotten better. My wife thinks its the kids, I consider it proof of the power of prayer. She can at least buy a bathingsuit she is happy with at Fashion Bug. Joe
  4. Thomas, I hate to ask a stupid question when you have serious things going on in your life, but I think you are the only clear route to an answer on this question. My wife of fifteen years this monday, is of very similar build to your wife. (5'1", curvy, AKA chesty with a vengence.) As you probably know, if you ever tried to buy clothes for your wife, it is a challenge to find clothes that woman of this body type will find flattering. My wife is always looking for stuff that is somewhere between schoolmarm and "Here are my boobs, I happened to have tagged along with them." Your wife has been wearing a series of blouses this season that my wife has not so subtly identified as flattering and suggested that they would look good on her. (Yes, after years of marriage my density is penetrable.) Based upon the down to earth vibe of the show, I am betting they are off the shelf. I don't want to put your wife in the spot of "endorsing" a product, but could you find out what brand of blouses they are putting her in this season? I am betting it is a product placement deal, but the end credits in Medium are practically non-existent, at least in the Seattle market. There is a brown top with a horizontal divide between tummy and breast line that my wife particularly likes. She is betting it is from a company called "Avenue". The items in their catalog/stores are very similar, but not a perfect match. Again, I would appreciate any direction you could offer. It will save me a lot, "Do you like this one, or this one?" conversations that I am clueless on contributing to. It will also help a woman named Gidget happier about her wardrobe. Best regards, Joe
  5. Hey Thomas, Good luck today in court! Joe
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