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  1. Hold on conspiracy buffs! I was the originator of that thread on Patricia-arquette.com, and I requested that the thread be killed. The administrator complied. The reason I asked for it to be killed is that it went into the weeds of conjecture. There villifying TJ, and as you may notice, here villifying Patricia, at least by implication. None of us, save Tim and maybe Jen, who are actual friends of Thomas and Patricia know what is going on, and it is in really horrendous behavior for us to publicly guess at what must be a terrible time for both of them. I posted the opptimistic note because it was good news in a time period when there isn't much of that to go around. Personally, I hope they pull it off and returned to married life. Hopefully they both return to married life smarter, more mature, more occimidating of each others needs and completely aware of how much better their lives are with each other as opposed to without. I found Thomas' work through being a fan of Patricia, so regardless of affiliation, I don't think that provides me a right to make public wild ass guess about where their marriage is at. When my thread turned into that, it went away. Best regards to all, JoeMess (Same name over there to.)
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    Finishing a third screwdriver made because the blender broke while my daughter tried to make a knock-off recipe of Orange Julius. Watching the beginning of what is supposed to be 9" of snow tonight in my new digs. Joe
  3. These kinds of auctions are great because they always break the trend line of donations being down while the economy is down. If any of the posters here work for a large company, you should check with your HR department to see if they also offer matching. You could easily get a 3 to 1 on a donation combined with the Kraft donation. When I worked at Microsoft the matching had an individual matching ceiling per charity. You could amass a group donation to push the ceiling quite high, and the company was highly supportive of collective donation efforts. It is worth looking into. Based upon family circumstances I have driven across this country four times in the last 7 months. The reality of the desparate state of our economy has been apparent in rural areas since March of this year. This Christmas is already going to be about food rather than presents for the needy. Joe
  4. I think Pippi Longstocking has taken a turn for the male demographic. Joe
  5. Not that I dislike Ozzy, but with the guitar players he has played with, it is the same as watching a porn flick. Do you have any idea what the guy in the last porn flick you saw looked like? Yah, me neither. Gilliam brought out a sincere heaviness in Sabbath. With Ozzy, it has always been more of a schtick. Joe
  6. Saw Sabbath with Gilliam on the Born Again tour. You might want to rethink the Sabbath statement. The fluffy clown shit that Ozzy does wasn't there, and I could finally take them seriously. They also played for close to 3 hours. Joe P.S. Ozzy was only good live with Jake E. Lee on guitar anyway. I don't know how Zakk Wylde stands it.
  7. Deep six this if you don't want to reply. You know you are the only one that can answer your question, right? You have got lead role acting, directing, screen writing, comic writing and innovative film production all under your belt. Which of these do you like the best? If one of them is the winner, and you can practically pull it off as a livelihood, why aren't you chasing it with 100% of your professional effort? You don't have the immediate name recognition of Harrison Ford, but you say Thomas Jane to most people, and they say Punisher and/or Mist. What's the goal here? You are ahead of 99.9% of actors that make a living acting. Your wife is super well known, and in interviews seems to regret the lack of privacy that fame has created. When you take your daughter out for icecream, do you want the same? Could a professional win for you instead be having a career like a Derek Jacobi, recognized for excellence in every role, but not an "in your face" celebrity? Maybe the esoteric flicks are what you are doing, because they are what you like to do. If you can determine what is successful for you, and it works for you and your family, fuck the noise of the rest of the industry, and do that. You are way more productive than most, and you turn out quality results. Don't beat yourself up over people too ignorant to recognize that. Joe
  8. How do you make it cool again like Steve McQueen in Le Mans instead of shit-kicker entertainment like Nascar that won't fill a theatre? Has the gaming industry already commanded the street racing revenue stream? I am sure the pockets behind Indy and F1 would pop backing for the right project that would bring licensing revenue back up. That could be a monster project. Imax release using the camera rigs you used for Dark Country. Nothing life asphalt an inch away going by at 200 mph. First person perspective on a high speed crash. Something more than Bud fueled Nascar fans or a chica on the hood of a souped-up Honda. What would make it step out of the pack? Joe
  9. TL, you have really missed out. Aside from his broad ranging knowledge base and overwhelming intelligence, Henry Rollins is possibly one of the funniest humans alive. He can take the most fucked up tragic things that have happened in his life, and have you still pissing your pants a week later. Do yourself a favor, and dig into his career. As far as Black Flag, you will either love it or hate it. That's on you. Joe
  10. JoeMess


    There is another dynamic that doesn't get discussed in entertainment, attention span. A movie used to be more fulfilling because rather than 7 or 8 minutes of actual character development you get with a TV show, you can get 25-30 minutes of getting to know a character, develop empathy for them and ride the wave of whatever is the conflict of the film. As film has devolved into its current state of blood porn, character-less action and cheeseball schtick comedies that are like SNL sketches that have outlasted their welcome, going to the theatre is rarely satisfying. If we take a look at the current career status of Tom's wife Patricia, she is starring in a well loved TV series in which her character is complex, has real dimension, and real capability of surprises. Yet, the character is still the same character that viewers "know" through the past four seasons. The show and Patricia win awards and she has defeated the Hollywood stereotype that an actresses career ends in their thirties, unless you comeback to play old ladies. This show maybe Tom's vehicle to develop a character with staying power. (No pun intended!) Don't forget that Bruce Willis' dynasty as an action star was built on his success in moonlighting. I don't think anybody holds the monster comedy chops he showed in Moonlighting against him. Joe
  11. No shit, he's up here in my home turf doing the shoot? Joe
  12. Parker Posey has the strange thing that resonates with women to. My daughter was almost called Parker, at my wife's request. I dated a girl in college that was a dead ringer for Parker, but with a little more of those and that. Great times! Joe
  13. There you go! One of those women that own the room, but it doesn't come through on film. Joe
  14. Not alone dude. I wouldn't even pause at Cameron Diaz to wipe my feet on my way to Parker Posey, or Christina Applegate, or Selma Blair, or for that matter, most other women. Seems like a nice girl, but I don't get how she always gets played up as so hot. Maybe she is one of those women that are unbelievable in person, and it just isn't captured by the camera. Joe
  15. Yep, they are eating their own young. It is not like you ever really get the opportunity to re-release anything. How long did it take Spielberg to get the recut Close Encounters out? How long for the Directors Cut of Blade Runner? This isn't like having an instructor review your rough draft. The revenue potential for the UK is probably less than halved by this action and better special effects for the home/DVD/Blu-ray market makes almost no sense. Joe
  16. My God, you guys had to outsource to get that quality! Joe
  17. Maybe Terry Gilliam's animation style? Joe
  18. Thomas, If it is bad form to answer this question, just shine on it. How much work is actually left? Do you guys have the gig bid, and don't have the cap to pull it, or is it still not fully fleshed out? It would seem that a theatrical release is a deeper financial commitment then paying a few 3D artist and a special effects team to wrap a few scenes. (Sorry, I didn't make comicon, and my own revenue experiences keep me from the torrents to see the current state of affairs for the film.) The reason I ask, is that there is a lot of talent out there struggling for gigs. I am up in Seattle, and I can get decent talent for dirt due to the miserable market conditions. (Don't worry, I have huge loyalty to the people who do work for me, so they get multiple gigs from me, and I reference people out the wazoo for other gigs. Nobody ever went hungry working for me.) I have to imagine the market is worse in LA and wrapping the production in earnest is more reasonable today then it was last year at this time. Sorry if this is too personal for a public forum, but the distribution team in the UK sounds like they are tripping over their own dick, and ultimately killing the revenue potential. Best regards, Joe
  19. With the soundtrack in the works, and the film playing a lot of games with first person perspective with extreme changes in elevation and proximity, will you be doing spatial effects with the audio as well? (i.e. 7.1 and 5.1 surround you with 5 or 7 static positions for a very two dimensional experience in reality.) Are you going to step up above that as well? Joe
  20. Jen, Those links were great! I really appreciate your effort. The only things not covered were the custom software they had to have written and the articulated matte for keying. Great articles though that answered the majority of my questions, and I have tagged the sites for future review. Thank you! Joe
  21. Apologies to other forum members, but professional curiosity has the better of me, and I got to ask. Tom, So I watched the press releases coming out of the IBC the week before last assuming that I would see some annoucement about your 3D work from one of the big NLE players. (Sony, Avid, Apple or Adobe) But nothing dropped. I kind of half guessed that tracking announcements of who had native support for the new Red camera models would give a clue, but nothing. So, I got to ask. (Obviously, if you have an interview with Creative Cow or one of the trades coming up, just drop a clue and I will check in with that.) If not, please drop the other shoe. Which NLE are you using to execute your 3D projects? How are you dealing with the shitload of data output from the Red cameras? Are you still shooting and preserving in raw format? (Making question 2 even more important.) What did you have to get written to do these projects? (I assumed that you had to pay to get Red support into whatever tools you are using, but again, only Adobe announced new native Red support at IBC, and Apples support is notoriously crappy.) The last question, totally out of line with the others: This articulated matte work you are doing for chroma key. My only guess is that you seriously overlight from the backside to ensure there are no shadows and you have a consistent color for keying. Willing to give any clues on that? Again, if you have technical trade press happening for these projects, let me know. Joe
  22. Tim, This is an awkward one, as you always have to play the game of trying not to alienate critics, but they could always smile and dial and force retractions. They are, after all, reviewing pirated copies of a copyright protected piece that is not yet complete. In fact, they are doing material harm to a commercial entity by publishing critical reviews of this unfinished work causing grievious harm to its financial potential. Ugly situation for the reviewer and his publisher. Joe
  23. JoeMess


    Placement was actually really solid. Most of the WalMarts look like they have moved to a planogram model. To get into electronics, you have to cross an overtly wide back aisle. (10-12' wide) They setup feature racks that are tall and thin in front of the entry points to the section. Everybody that goes to look at a Blu-Ray player or an HDTV is going to walk upto and passed a display with "The Punisher" starring Thomas Jane fully in their face. The racks also featured Batman product. Again, this display screamed high traffic. Joe
  24. JoeMess


    Mediumfan, Let's be real. For the average person, a television show is a much better option to see their favorite performers than a movie release. I am in Seattle, and there are three theatres that I can go and see something interesting at. If it isn't something super mainstream, I am usually seeing it at a limited run theatre called the Crest, which also plays second runs at $3 a seat. The other two theatres are literally a block away from each other about a mile west of the University of Washington. Seattle is thought of as a cultured town, but this is the reality of boots on the ground in Seattle. You know how much of a fan of Patricia I am, Medium being the only television show I watch in any given week. Having your favorite actress develop a character over multiple years is tremendous. Her skill at weaving a deeper more real, more complex, character are revealed over a long period of time and her skill at constantly making it new show why she is beloved. In the case of Thomas, I would love for him to have that kind of vehicle. I really enjoyed "The Tripper", but the times when TJ wasn't on screen were a bit of a let down, like it was stuck in the mud. Whenever he was on screen it was like, "OK, the movie is going to advance now." This weekend I ended up in WalMart in the middle of the night buying more stuff to get my house ready for open houses. There in the middle of the sales floor was a DVD stand featuring movies centered on comic characters. Top shelf, dead center, "The Punisher". Thomas Jane (Note top billing) and John Travolta. The price was great, $9. The real excitement for me was, that as stupid as anybody thinks a high placement in WalMart might be, this will do a shitload of good for Tom Jane name recognition. Our favorite renaissance man may finally be breaking mainstream. Joe
  25. I am in Pasadena for a wedding, and flying back out tomorrow at 10 AM. I was at Gruaman's yesterday to show my daughter the place and to take pictures of a friends star for Promo T-shirts. I left a manufacturing master burning in a Mac Pro on Friday in Seattle, so can't just bail on the return flight. What is up with my luck? Joe
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