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  1. so does that mean once robert downey jr finishes iron man they're going to reboot that too? it's getting to be like a joke now. how can you enjoy these films and characters when marvel's just going to scrap everything and pretend it didn't happen a few years down the road. even if they were trying to appeal to the tweens, they're shutting out a majority of their fan base. kids don't really read comics. it's the college students and adults that read them. the whole high school trials and tribulations thing has been done before in different mediums and television shows. they're just beating a dead horse. the first spider-man film broke records and caused a lot of people to look at superhero flicks differently because it came out at a really good time and comic book inspired films weren't being cranked out every summer. they're taking a huge dump on everything if they're really rebooting spider-man.
  2. i don't have a problem with keanu reeves being cast as spike but apparently all the anime fans are up in arms about it. i think it really comes down to who writes it. i hope it's great. i'm not much of an anime fan but cowboy bebop was just an awesome show and i'm a little excited about this. they say that Sunrise is actually co producing so things are looking up. http://ifmagazine.com/new.asp?article=7444
  3. wow. is this for real? not too much of a fan of japanimation but cowboy bebop was the most westernized anime i've ever seen and the best show on adult swim when it first aired. i loved the whole new york 70s vibe it had. the story was just well done and it combined bits of sci-fi, western, and 70s noir into something i've never seen before. and the soundtrack was amazing. i would love for this movie to happen. keanu reeves as spike spiegel would be awesome.
  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who found the movie to be really terrible. I did try to give it a chance since I started reading the comics after the 2004 film. and I had an idea what warzone would be like from watching the trailers but I didn't think it would go beyond my expectations of horrible. Was it supposed to be a comedy? I don't have a problem with violence but the visceral and blood were flying happily and freely from the beginning and throughout most of the film that it really got to be BORING and mindless by the time the finale happened. There was no buildup to the final fight as they didn't believe in leaving anything up to the imagination. I don't recall much of a story or any of the supporting characters as much as I recall the exploding heads and faces being caved in like doughnuts. It just gets so cartoonish after a certain point that you can't take the movie seriously anymore and there's nothing else left to do but laugh. By the time the Punisher faces Jigsaw, you just feel so desensitized by the blood and guts that were already being thrown around prior that when it ends you just think: oh. another death by perforation. It felt like most of the film was about Jigsaw and his brother Looney Bin Jim and how stupid they were. I don't understand when they walk in slo-mo toward the widow's house. Was it intended to be cool? Because it was the most ridiculous and cliche thing they could have ever put in the film which was already bad enough. There's a part where Looney Bin Jim breaks and flips into all the mirrors at a hotel while a nu metal track plays in the background because jigsaw felt ugly. I think that scene just sums up how the rest of the film played out. I read that a lot of people claim that Warzone is a lot closer to the origin of the comics. Why? Because it's set in New York? That's fine but if they're going to set the movie in New York, at least have it feel like it's New York. The accents were hard to listen to. They sounded like they were all trying to do their best impressions of a sopranos episode. You'd think the actors who played the villains would research it a little more since you have to listen to them for 90% of the movie. Not all new yorkers have to sound like they're from Staten Island or Brooklyn. The 2004 version only featured one storyline from Garth Ennis and a few of the characters from the same storyline. Warzone features so many characters from the Max comics whose story arcs have nothing to do with the other that I don't see the point they had in including them in the film. There wasn't anything there to make you care for the protagonists. I guess Micro was a likable character but you don't see much of him and he's thrown out at the end. They attempted to make frank castle seem human around the little girl but if you can really kill so many people that the reports would fill up a whole basement in a new york city precinct in the short span of four years, would there be any humanity left to you at all? I'm sorry. I didn't like Detective Soap and he doesn't work on screen. He was a silly character in the Marvel Knights stories and hard to believe. The few stories that I remember of him in the comics is when he gets drunk in a bar and ends up sleeping with a woman that's insinuated to be his mother and then he ends up being a porn star at the end of confederacy of dunces. That alone should prove that the character doesn't belong on film. When he whines his last line out at the end of Warzone it just feels so awkward that you have to accept Punisher Warzone as a parody because it can't be anything else but that. Sorry if I offend anyone.
  5. No. If they had released this type of movie years ago, I would have never taken the punisher character seriously nor have wanted to read any of the comics.
  6. that's actually funny because i think paul rodgers sounds a lot better when he's not with queen. -- some of the stuff i like: humble pie nouvelle vague billie holiday hank mobley
  7. hey. wait TL. you're really leaving the board?
  8. ^ i thought the mist wrapped in early april which was before he decided to walk away from the punisher. so it was most likely a joke because some of the punisher fans who have backed him in his decision would have sh*t on their faces if it wasn't.
  9. well i wouldn't condemn ray stevenson just because he's not thomas jane i've never seen rome, only clips, but the guy looks like he'll do ok for castle. the thing that doesn't excite me about the new film is the story (if what people have been saying is true) and the amount of characters they're going to cram into it.
  10. i liked the 04 punisher. sure, it didn't quite tap into its full potential, but it not being set in new york was not really a big deal. in the comic, the guy is constantly mobile and not defined by one major city like say spider-man. the only thing that really took away from the film, to me at least, was casting a big name to play the villain. changing the villains' names, relocating to tampa, and killing off castle's whole bloodline were all very, very minor compared to that. i saw Howard Saint as more of a distraction then anything else that took me out of the story. by the end of the film there really wasn't anything cathartic or satisfying about Castle killing Saint. because every time i see the film i just think, 'damn. the punisher just fucked up john travolta.' but i don't see how some people are saying that War Zone is going to be closer to the comic then the first one. what do you make of the ending in 2004 with frank writing in his war journal, saying the latin prayer, and wearing the tac vest which was obviously taken from the year one origin. and what about the use of some of the welcome back frank storyline and characters? i suppose war zone would be considered closer to the comics since they're using a whole clusterfuck of characters as opposed to just four from not just one or two story lines of the comic, but several. i guess i can see where it makes it that much more "closer" to its comic book roots.
  11. yeah i went up with my bf and was too scared to talk to him when we finally got in the room because he looked like he was ready to beat the shit outta anyone who said the wrong thing to him hehe. but he signed my bad planet comic though.
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